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Asheville Coffee

Asheville prides itself on not having a Starbucks in the main downtown area - the scene has some great independents and Counterculture even has a training site in downtown Asheville. I make my own at home but when I want a good coffee The Dripolator definitely gets my vote. Simply put they are the real deal: their espresso drinks rock - perfectly pulled shots, whole milk, latte-art pours, italian ACF cups, everything is done right. They also have solid, strong regular brewed coffee with recently added pour-overs where they use a cone shaped filter and individualize the coffee choice and experience. If you are visiting Asheville and know names like Vivace in Seattle and Blue Bottle in SF and NY - The Dripolator will not disappoint.

Alright hounds - what's your choice for the best place to have coffee in Asheville?

Sep 19, 2010
delizioso in Southeast

The Southern - Asheville

Very nice patio dining downtown Asheville, excellent creative dishes well-described on this thread, the only downer is that smoking is allowed on the patio. Not nice at all to mix a flavor-packed fork-full of braised short ribs, gorgonzola, polenta and arugula with a nose-full of smoke from your neighbor. The tables are pretty close together so the potential is there for some serious second hand smoke. I guess the no smoking law in restaurants does not apply to outdoor seating. We loved the food and ambiance and hope that maybe a compromise with smoking after 10pm could be adopted.

Aug 20, 2010
delizioso in Southeast