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Home made jam for wedding

My parents' garden is full of plum trees, damsons, apples etc... and we thought that making jam or chutney for wedding favours would be a good idea.

If we make it now (now that the fruit is ripe) - how long will the jam / chutney last? We have jars already and could do with an experienced jam maker to tell us what the idea way of making it and storing it till July 2011 will be? Any advice greatly appreciated.

Aug 20, 2010
mattpenn in Home Cooking

Anodised pan rescue remedy?

We recently bought 6 anodised pans which were not supposed to be put in the dishwasher - However, 2 of them found their way in and now the outside of the pan is patchily discoloured and looks a bit tatty.

(it should look like the pan on the right - the patchy one is on the left)

Is there anything we can buy to restore them? - or is it just tough luck...we should have read the label sooner!?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Aug 19, 2010
mattpenn in Cookware