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ISO Oreo Marshmallow Crispy?

Yes, it's a wacky thing but Looking for them as part of a
gag "care package." Anywhere in the Montgomery, Bucks, Philadelphia area. I'm trying NOT to buy them on-line but will if I have to.
Have tried Giant, Acme, Walmart, Bottom Dollar.
Many thanks for any local leads!

Jul 29, 2014
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Good King Tavern

Has anyone been there yet? We looked in the window after dinner at Nomad. And while we had a great time and pizza at Nomad, it looked really nice in the tavern.

Dec 06, 2013
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Nueske's bacon?

Looking for Nueske's in Philadelphia, Montgomery or Bucks County. I'm a true fan of Rieker's on Oxford Ave but I just want to try Nueske's.
Any ideas? (I tried diBruno's - no luck.)
Thanks for your help!

Jun 25, 2013
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Upscale BYO in suburbs -- need recs

Another vote for Majolica. We've eaten there three times and always had wonderful meals. Seafood is perfectly cooked, foie gras, sweetbreads...all simply but interestingly prepared. Very attentive service, good glassware and nice atmosphere, also.

Jan 04, 2013
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Soft shell crabs in Philly

Roller's in Chestnut Hill has them and, happily, doesn't deep fry them. Sauteed with butter, garlic, white wine and a few other good things. Pretty simple and delicious. Always good to call ahead to make sure they have them!

May 01, 2012
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Fort Washington Exit?

Hi - we've decided on Zake's.
Thanks for all your help!

Apr 07, 2011
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Fort Washington Exit?

Anything new, good, not terribly expensive in Ft. Washington? Meeting a friend who's passing through and will get off at the Ft. Washington exit of the turnpike to meet for dinner on a weeknight. Don't want to stray more than ten minutes (ideally less) from the exit. Less opportunity to get lost.
Thanks for your help!

Apr 05, 2011
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Shad - Lambertville / New Hope

Sorry - to be clear, looking for a restaurant, not the raw materials, so to speak!
But thanks for the seafood tip!

Mar 15, 2011
caitlinhc in New Jersey

Shad - Lambertville / New Hope

I hate to say it, because we used to love Hamilton Grill, but the last two times we went it was just plain bad food. Still lovely service, nice place but really slacked off on the food. Even wrote a letter to the management after the second off meal and got no response. Too bad.

Mar 15, 2011
caitlinhc in New Jersey

Shad - Lambertville / New Hope

Anyone know a place where they do wonderful shad / roe in this area? We want to miss the festival but still get a taste of the local goods.

Mar 15, 2011
caitlinhc in New Jersey

corned beef without nitrites?

Yes, nitrAtes but not nitrItes. No doubt I've been eating them all my life (bacon, anyone?!) but a friend just went on a rant and so I have a new food quest!
Thanks for the ideas...I should have thought of Whole Foods.

Mar 15, 2011
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

corned beef without nitrites?

Anyone know of a source for corned beef without nitrites? Or can you recommend a good producer/purveyor you like? I'm north of Philadelphia (Willow Grove area) but will travel!
Thank you.

Mar 14, 2011
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Smuggler's Notch

Reporting back after our stay...
We loved 158 Main. Nice people, good food. Avoid the nachos unless you're sharing with three or four friends. It will ruin your appetite for the rest of the delicious menu. The Jeffersonville Pizza Depot next door is reported to have the best pizza in the area though we didn't get to try it.
Three Mountain Lodge was okay, not great. Very ski chalet atmosphere and basic menu. Good beer selection.
We had dinner at the resort at the Hearth and Candle, the highend restaurant there and it was quite good, though a little pricey. But what you'd expect for a captive audience.
Yes, the road to Waterbury and Stowe is closed in the winter so no no joy there.
But we did, as demifast suggested, bring a cooler and stocked up on local goodies and enjoyed ourselves.

Three Mountain Lodge
RR 108, Jeffersonville, VT 05464

Smuggler's Notch

Thank you. I think we'll take your advice. After skiing all day, I don't think I'll be able to convince the hub to travel 45 minutes to an hour to and (especially) from a restaurant.

Smuggler's Notch

Looking for suggestions near the resort for a couple weeks from now.
Am I missing something that there are no entries?
I'm taking the beau, who likes to ski, for a getaway. My consolation (not a skiier!) will be at least one good dinner while we're there.
Can you help?
Thank you and Happy New Year!

Reading near Miller Center?

Thank you!

Oct 25, 2010
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Reading near Miller Center?

We'll be traveling from the Philadelphia area to the Miller Center for a concert in early November. Looking for a nice place for an early dinner before the show. Looking for nice atmosphere (not too loud - traveling with the parents) and good food. Close to the Miller Center would be ideal.
Thank you for any suggestions!

Oct 13, 2010
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Rehoboth in October

The family (seven adults) gathering in Rehoboth for a mini reunion. Need help with sources for cheese, wine, good bread (and breakfast goodies?). Also, any don't-miss places for one special dinner?
We haven't been there in ten years so I'm sure many things have changed. We look forward to trying new things. Thanks for your help!

Oct 01, 2010
caitlinhc in Mid-Atlantic

Manayunk Sunday Night?

Looking for a reasonable place to dine for people meeting from North, South, East and West this Sunday. Manayunk is central but none of us has been there for a while. One of us is unemployed so please keep prices in mind! And how IS the parking, if you know? Was in Chestnut Hill today and it was CRAZY trying to park on the street with snow piled everywhere. Thank you!

Feb 23, 2010
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

Buttermilk ??????? ( NOT LITE )

There IS a difference and both regular and low fat are (or should be) available. Whole Foods is the only place I've found both offered recently. And check the packaging carefully. The low fat on the packaging is not in very large print! It's an ugly product but it make a delicious cake! And fried chicken And salad dressing...

Hyde Park / Rhinebeck

Heading to the Hudson River Valley for a much needed two night getaway. Looking for good food in nice atmosphere. Creativity without foam (emulsion?) please!
Tell me your secret places - I won't tell anyone!
Thank you,

Where to get the Best Burgers in Montgomery County PA?

Glenside Pub makes a mighty fine hamburger. Their menu hasn't changed in years though they do offer nightly specials if you're looking for something "different." Nice, crowded, friendly neighborhood bar atmosphere. Excellent place for a burger and a beer.

Jun 15, 2009
caitlinhc in Philadelphia

What happened to Search?

Oh good, I thought it was me!
I'm sure they'll fix it ASAP.

Jun 12, 2009
caitlinhc in Site Talk

Gwynedd, Ambler Pub Grub

PUs moved into Foulkeways and are in search of a pub in the area. Have tried a few but been put off by waitresses in hot pants, dirty silverware and/or loud music. Any place you can think of that caters to a more mature diner looking for a good meal and a glass of wine or beer?

Jun 05, 2009
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Say "Cheese!" in Montco?

Thanks for all the good ideas. How could I have forgotten Chestnut Hill? And Sam's is my go-to place for the best bread and other Italian goodies. Arancini - yummm! Trader Joe's is excellent value for good quality standard stuff. Hendricks is a place I've been meaning to go but it's a serious road trip. Perhaps a nice spring Saturday soon. Someone also just told me that there is a new cheese stall at the Chestnut Hill Market. AND there's cheese at the Flourtown Farmer's Market. So if I can't find good cheese at one of these places it's my own fault! Thanks again.

May 13, 2009
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Say "Cheese!" in Montco?

Love DiBruno Brothers and the Reading Terminal Market when I can BUT there are times when it's just too much of a schlep. Anywhere, besides Whole Foods, that offers a nice selection of good quality cheeses in Montgomery County? Really hoping for something independent with perhaps some local cheeses. I'm in the Jenkintown (work) / Huntingdon Valley (home) area. Wegmans is lovely, but again a bit of a road trip. I know we must sacrifice for the good stuff but not ALL the time!
Thanks for your help.

May 12, 2009
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Need Advice on NY from Philly hounds [Moved from PA board]

Happy Birthday! My 50th just passed so I feel for you.

Blue Hill Restaurant - A nice special occasion destination. Food and atmosphere are well suited to a special birthday!

A place I've only read about but has gotten good buzz is Dovetail
Looks like an attractive room and the menu has a nice but not daunting variety.

Jean Georges has a $98 prix fixe which, is a great value. Ate here last year and had possibly the best meal and nicest dining experience of my life.
Good luck finding just the right spot!

May 12, 2009
caitlinhc in Manhattan

Help with dinner in New Hope/Lambertville!

Another vote for Tastebuds. Relaxed atmosphere, wonderful food, friendly people. We go there for our romantic dinners - Valentine's, birthdays, etc. You are never rushed and the food is always wonderful. We bring a couple bottles of wine and take our time. Do save room for dessert!

Feb 04, 2009
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Sunday Dinner in New Hope

Sorry to be tardy but wanted to weigh in with a recommendation for Tastebuds in New Hope. BYOB so you'll need to bring your own but I believe that's what help keeps the prices down. Always a good meal, always a freindly greeting and wonderful, unobtrusive service. The menu changes seasonally and is creative without being over the top. The mussels when we went last Sunday were perfectly cooked and seasoned. In the winter there's a room with a fireplace and it's so cozy. If you haven't been there, treat yourself!

Nov 11, 2008
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania

Italian in the Burbs

Perhaps a bit of a hike from Lower Gwynedd but Hatboro has two good Italian restaurants.Venezia on the border of Willow Grove and Hatboro, and Cafe La Fontana in the heart of Hatboro. Fontana is very friendly with our favorite mussels in red sauce. Ask for a spoon. Venezia (BYOB) offers specials like whole bronzino baked in a salt crust that even people who dislike seafood really enjoy. (That would be me!)
Allegro Grill in Maple Glen also has a pleasant atmosphere and good food. Don't get me wrong...these are not great restaurants but each of them has something to commend them and are definitely worth checking out. When you don't want to make it yourself they are very good alternatives.

May 06, 2008
caitlinhc in Pennsylvania