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[old] Cookbooks you covet - which cookbooks are on your holiday wish-list this year? Which books are just too expensive to buy for yourself without feeling guilty?

Own 'em all, have cooked from 'em all, and could not agree more. Also, his new restaurant, XOCO's a bit of a dud in my book. Dude needs to do less, better.

Nov 19, 2011
porkpiehat in Home Cooking

Best Diana Kennedy cookbook?

This is probably way to late, but just in case anyone browses through, start with either Essential Cuisines or Art of Mexican. Either of these books will cover the basics of Mexican cuisine (Essentials a bit moreso) and provide interesting regional variations and oddities. My Mexico is a lovely book, but like much of DK's later output, it is as much travel writing as it is a cookbook, and it's filled with fascinating, but often odd-ball recipes. If I had to suggest an order for the Kennedy ouevre, I'd actually go:

1. Essential Cuisines
2. Art
3. My Mexico
4. Mexican Kitchen (which is almost like an index to her earlier works)
5. Oaxaca al Gusta (a focused, regional book)

Hope this helps someone. :-)

Nov 19, 2011
porkpiehat in Home Cooking

Salsa Negra

I LOVE this recipe. The resulting salsa is possibly the most amazing thing ever concocted by humanity: spice and sugar and carbon sear pile one atop the next and play out a celebrity death match style facedown on one's tongue, but its the sultry aromatics that underpin it all that I really love. Simultaneously overwhelming and surprisingly versatile.

Dec 07, 2010
porkpiehat in General Topics