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Near B & H Photo

Will be in the city, need some recs around that area around 12.Dn't care what the place looks like, just want good food.

May 28, 2015
Rhody Rogue in Manhattan

Great Little find

Great food and lively entertainment. The Main Street Café. Located in Groton MA. Worth the drive from Rhode Island.

Day Trippin, Need recs.

One day only this week. Beef and Fish. It can be a hole in the wall as long as the food taste good. Ambiance is just for show.

Jun 02, 2013
Rhody Rogue in Manhattan

Day Tripping

Will be hanging out Wed. Done Katz's, atmosphere does noy matter as long as the food is good.thanks.

Jun 10, 2012
Rhody Rogue in Manhattan

Provincetown dinners

You might want to try Bubalas. My wife and I had a wonderful dinner there a couple of weeks a go.

Best Chinese in Providence RI

Very worthy of a vist. Will be returning soon.

Best Chinese in Providence RI

Had to try it, and was very pleased. A must vist.

amici bar & grille; providence review (stupid long)

Why noy try Tina's.Great goat when she has it. Oh, does anyone know the price for a bottle of Anne Greenspings or Ripple, or Boons Farm.

Unique Eateries in Providence, RI...

For Pizza or an Italian Grinder, I perfer them could try Catanzaro's. They just opened on Park Ave in cranston, just up from the shell gas station.

Cheap Eats, Rhode Island

Good food and cheap. The Beef Barn.

Bad experience Legal Seafood King of Prussia

Like I say, "One mans steak is another mans hamburger".

Sep 05, 2010
Rhody Rogue in Philadelphia

Bad experience Legal Seafood King of Prussia

Well, what can I say, not all tongues tast the same.

Sep 04, 2010
Rhody Rogue in Philadelphia

Bad experience Legal Seafood King of Prussia

The only place to get whole-bellynot fried, is Laesens' on Marthas Vineyard.

Sep 04, 2010
Rhody Rogue in Philadelphia

Bad experience Legal Seafood King of Prussia

Lol, the only real place you can get "Chowda", is in R.I., you just have to search the places out

Sep 04, 2010
Rhody Rogue in Philadelphia

RI female owned restaurants

Tinas', on the hill. Her goat soup is the best.

Bad experience at Crazy Burger/Narragansett

Stopped ther Friday, people were waiting outside, about 12:30, stepped inside and asked how long the wait was. it was going to be awhile , and they asked how many in my party, and i said "just me". Was seated right away, enjoyed an awsome lunch.

Martha's Vineyard suggestions

Awsome experince, one has to try it.

romantic dinner outside Providence: Blackington Inn, DeWolfe Tavern, Little Inn?

You might try The Remington Inn, in Warwick.

All-you-can-eat crab restaurant in region?

Charlestown, RI. Google it and it will give you all the info you need.

All-you-can-eat crab restaurant in region?

You might want to try the Nordic Lodge.

Favorite restaurants in South County, RI?

You might be interested in the Nordic Lodge? Expensive, but worth it. Just Google it.

Oak Bluffs Restaurants

Try The Fat on Skinnys, there sandwhiches are great. Also if you like shellfish, give Larsans a try.

Mother's Day lunch in or near Providence

Check out The Rue de l'espoir on Hope St They should be open on Sunday. Also, but you have to be into this kind of food, is Tina's on Atwells Ave. I would call ahead to make sure that she is open.

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant

I like the Curried Goat, can't get it any where else in RI that I know of.

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant

She was located on Broard St.

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant

If you would like something differant this is a place to try, you will not be let down, she is now located at 223 Atwells Avenue on the hill, enjoy.

Much uncharted territory, R.I. Hounds

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean resturant.
223 Atwells ave.

Went to a party there today, had the Curried Goat, awsome, had three bowls.Enjoy

Watch Hill/Charleston/Naragansett Food Recs?

Have you ever thought of The Nordic Lodge, its in Charlestown.