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Where to stay/eat near Uxbridge

I implore you not to dine or stay for that matter in West Drayton. I worked there for 10 years the array of lunch options aren't exactly inspiring!! I usually resorted to bringing in sandwiches. I was always faced with the dilemma of where to take clients, and whilst there is a passable Chinese, Go Sing, it really is passable, and not worth the detour. So, my go-to option for dining with clients that was reasonably priced, a 10 minute drive from West Drayton is The Swan Inn, located in chocolate box, picture postcard Denham Village - think Miss Marple and you aren't far off. In fact I believe they have used the village as a film location before. Anyway, I digress. The Swan Inn is what you might typically call a gastropub, but they serve lots of local meat, traditional English fare, with a modern twist I guess. You might well get your bangers there! They usually always have local rabbit, some good fish options (from Cornwall, so ok not that local!) and a good pudding selection and cheese plates. Here is the link

You'll need a car to get there for sure, so a taxi from the Crowne Plaza wouldn't be extortionate, since it's not that far from West Drayton.

Also, since I see you are now considering hiring a car, Windsor - which has of course the castle, plus Eton school etc, might make a nice day trip on the Sunday. I can recommend the Two Brewers pub there, again for decent pub food, 17th century old inn. It backs onto Windsor Great Park, so you can walk off lunch afterwards. It is popular, so you should book (same goes for Swan inn) but it is located in a out of the way part of Windsor, so less likely to stumble across it. The link is Just realised though if you are staying nr Heathrow, then Windsor is easily reached either by train (head to West Drayton, change at Slough I believe!?) or grab a cab and whizz down the M4 (20 mins tops!). I think both of those options would be cheaper than car hire for the day.

Let me know if you need anymore info!

Apr 27, 2011
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland

Creme Fraiche

Yes my local Sobeys on Broadview Ave stocks it. I was expecting to find it amongst the sour cream/milk/cream section, but when I asked they directed me to the deli counters where you can find it usually in small glass jars amongst the packaged french, italian soft cheeses.

BFI Southbank / Waterloo tube stop [London]

There's only one place I'm going if I am in that area and it is the Anchor & Hope. As you are local take advantage of the fact you can get there early or go on a less popular night, so you don't have a long wait for a table. Every time I have been the wait has been at least an hour, but it has been worth it.

Jan 28, 2011
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland

american abroad: critique my list [London]

I've never been to St.John, but it's on my ever growing list. The chef is Fergus Henderson, he of 'nose to tail eating', so you'll get an offal lot of offal (sorry I couldn't resist the pun), pig trotters, ears etc, so if you are pretty much game for anything, then it has been rated the best example of its kind. I don't know if you have ever seen Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations when he visited London & Edinburgh, but he visited Henderson's place and he was v. enthusiastic about his meal and what this guy does.
So that's the Bar & Restaurant, but he has another place on Commercial Road - the Bread & Wine place for breakfast, lunch as previously mentioned. If you do pop by there consider heading to a nearby pub The Ten Bells (No. 84 I think, and just a short 30 second walk). It's grotty sure! But it's a proper boozer with original Victorian tiles, and is rumoured to be one of the pubs that many a Jack the Ripper victim drank before meeting their deaths. You won't want to stay longer than a drink (or two) but if you like a bit of history, then it's worth popping in.

Jan 26, 2011
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland

Emergency Dublin help!

Not strictly Irish at all, and it is stuck down one end of Temple Bar, but would be a great spot for breakfast/brunch or lunch. My last visit was about 4 years ago, so cannot vouch for what it is like now, but have recommended it to friends and they have liked it. Certainly a great place for a Sunday morning, post-Guiness brunch before you head home. The buffalo chicken wings are the best I have ever had!

Jan 23, 2011
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland

american abroad: critique my list [London]

I won't weigh in on the Tayyabs argument, but just to say 32 Great Queen St, is an excellent choice. I've not had the pot pie, and as the menu changes daily you may not be guaranteed it. I can vouch for the rib of beef (for 2) if it is on the menu, but to be honest, anything there is good. Unlike their sister restaurant (Anchor & Hope, The Cut @ Waterloo) you can book a table here, so I recommend making a reservation as soon as you know your plans.

As for Rocket restaurants, I have eaten at the one in Mayfair, but only because it was convenient for a working lunch. It was pleasant and a decent place to entertain clients, but I wouldn't say it warrants a place on your list - I certainly wouldn't pass up a meal at St.John in favour of Rocket!

Jan 23, 2011
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland

Prop on St. Clair West

Pleasant enough looking place with a modern feel to it. We were a party of three just out for a quick meal, and we only ordered mains, so granted I maybe did not get the full experience. I ordered the seafood linguine, and my companions both had the Buccantini. There was nothing wrong with any of the dishes, but I suppose they just weren't spectacular. My linguine had a good amount of fresh seafood in the dish, which was great, but it lacked any kind of sauce. I thought maybe it would be a tomato based sauce but the pasta had simply been tossed in olive oil and white wine, which again is fine, but not really what I go out to dinner for. My companions meals were flavoursome, but the one thing that we all agreed on is that the portions were small. So if I were to sum this place up, there is nothing wrong with it, service was fine etc, but there was nothing that made me crave a return visit.

770 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C, CA

First time in London for 5 days in August

one more for consideration! 32 Great Queen Street located in Covent Garden - the address is the name of the restaurant. They don't have a website, but this is gastropub fare at its best. Menu changes every day, all seasonal stuff. Budget wise I think £30per head should be fine. Check out this review, as they aren't on line. Book ahead!

Aug 17, 2010
Victorfoxtrot in U.K./Ireland