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where for lunch in Pleasanton or San Ramon area?

Stacey's is horrible. Expensive and you might as well throw Stouffer's in the microwave. I've never gotten the attraction to her place(s) aside from the Gary Larson connection(apparently he's never eaten her food.)

Downtown Oakland Lunchtime Tripe Alert

I'm not a tripe kind of guy, but I am a big (literally and figuratively) fan of Cafe 15. Arash is very talented and I have yet to find disappointment in anything I've eaten there. Fortunately I work close to 15 and eat there often.

Cafe 15
597 15th St, Oakland, CA 94612

TC Just Desserts: Finale [spoiler]

"Morgan was both homophobic and mysogynistic"

Welcome to the world of the professional kitchen. Believe me, I know.

Nov 20, 2010
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

TC Just Desserts: Finale [spoiler]

Now that's funny.

Nov 18, 2010
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

TC Just Desserts: Finale [spoiler]

Well as an openly gay man I find Zac very, very offensive and feel he's probably set the LGBT movement back 20 or 30 years with his cliche gay man persona. That ridiculous and immature GoDiva B.S. - his "pissy queen" B.S. and the fact that he just wasn't good enough and lasted much longer then he should have. Morgan is far from perfect, but he has the credentials and the talent to back up his behavior AND he's really no different then any chef/cook/pastry diva I've worked with.

Nov 18, 2010
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Bought too much plain yogurt.. What do you make with it?

When I am in the mood to make Marion Cunningham's Scones (really basic and delicious) and I don't have buttermilk on hand I have used yogurt in place of it. This recipe is incredibly forgiving. I've used a variety of flavorings too (vanilla, lemon, orange, almond) and throw in walnuts occassionally.

Jul 24, 2010
Brioche57 in Home Cooking

Heaven's Dog - UGH

Moderate expectations at those prices?

Top Chef Las Vegas Ep. 6 - 09/23/09 (Spoilers)

Bernstein, born and raised in Miami by an Argentinean mother

and a Minnesotan father,......

Sep 24, 2009
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Las Vegas Ep. 6 - 09/23/09 (Spoilers)

It's called Google.

Bernstein, born and raised in Miami by an Argentinean mother and a Minnesotan father,......

Sep 23, 2009
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Brian Boitano starring in Food Network show, "What Would Brian Boitano Make"

What the hell does Tai Babilonia have to do with Brian Boitano and/or a pigs head and Born Free? If you're going to make fun, get your decades straight in terms of skaters.

Sep 02, 2009
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Calling all Powellphiles...

Hooray for this thread!!! Read the blog, it is so much more entertaining then then book.

And really, if there were no Powell blog and book, would there be a movie featuring Julia Child? The showing I went to had 3 youngish (20's?) girls sitting in front of me. My God, they now know who Child is and what she brought to us. HOORAY!!!

Aug 20, 2009
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

What Julia ACTUALLY THOUGHT about Julie's Blog

So let's all turn to page 316 of the tenth printing of "The Art of Mastering French Cooking" regarding the recipe for BOEUF BOURGUIGNON, We are instructed to use:

2 to 3 cups of brown beef stock OR CANNED beef bouillon

In the 3 DVD set of The French Chef she gives the same instruction, with the provision not to use consomme as it is "too sweet."

Bon Appetit

Aug 14, 2009
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Batali, Paltrow & Bittman in Spain...

Painful to say the least. Give me Jose Andres any day.

Oct 05, 2008
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Miami-Ep: 2

From the Oceanaire website:

Executive Chef
Brian Malarkey
Chef Brian Malarkey of San Diego is a native of Oregon, and cooking seafood is like breathing air for Brian. A graduate of Western Culinary Institute, Le Cordon Bleu Program, in Portland, he then apprenticed under Executive Chef Michael Richard at Citrus, before taking time to travel Europe and Northern Africa to sample the cuisines firsthand. Brian joined the Oceanaire in 2001 working his way through Minneapolis and Seattle before settling in San Diego. His work at The Oceanaire has garnered local awards for his restaurant including Best New restaurant, Best Seafood, and Best Fine Dining among scores of others. Two invitations to cook at the James Beard House and he was recently named 2007's Best Chef in San Diego. He will bring his high intensity and competitiveness to “Top Chef” this season.

Jun 22, 2007
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Season 3

"Classical training isn't for Lee, either. Back in 1998, she took a two-week course at the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, Canada."

Quoted from this link at:

Jun 16, 2007
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

Nigella Lawson's Cocoa

Terrific! It is wonderful cocoa!

Feb 13, 2007
Brioche57 in General Topics

Nigella Lawson's Cocoa

I think it is Bensdorp cocoa.

Dean and DeLuca sells it.

I have it and the tin looks the same to me from that episode!

Feb 13, 2007
Brioche57 in General Topics

Top Chef Backlash [Spoilers in Post]

I just found this online:


From the Emmy-Nominated Producers of

Bravo is once again giving a group of talented chefs the opportunity to show America their talent and creativity! Do you think you have what it takes to become a star of the culinary world and compete to become the next "TOP CHEF?"

We are looking for trained and self-taught professional chefs. You do not need years of experience but you do need to be creative, highly skilled and ready to compete for $100,000!


To schedule an interview and to find out more information about becoming the next top chef, please email us at with your picture, resume, and why you should be the NEXT TOP CHEF.


Monday, February 5th
12pm to 4pm
545 Post Street
Between Taylor and Mason
San Francisco, CA 94102

To find out more information, please go to

Feb 01, 2007
Brioche57 in Food Media & News

East Bay Wedding Cakes?

Masse's in Berkeley please!

What Chow do you ship to yourself??

Saw this featured on the Foodnetwork last year. Great stuff!

Dec 19, 2006
Brioche57 in General Topics

Hollister Mexican - Progresso Tamale

Wow, interesting posts. A friend and I were in Hollister on Sunday and had a terrific meal at Progresso's. I don't mind that kind of salsa so much, especially when the chips are prepared on site - almost souffle like. We shared a chile verde tamale, quite good with the masa tender and delicious. My friend had the chicken pozole, nice kick to it and very fresh and I had the shredded beef enchilada. The service was wonderful and the restaurant itself is quite charming and has a long family history. Next door is a mexican bakery and for only $2.60 we walked out with a nice bag full of delicious goodies.

Hollister itself is quite charming. There is mention of a large cookware store there elsewhere on this site. I'd love to go back and explore.

Happy holidays!

Dec 13, 2006
Brioche57 in California


Just so NO to Citizen Cake. My suggestion is Masse's and/or Crixa in Berkeley.

Have fun!