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Any farmers markets in toronto east

The following are not within official Scarborough boundaries

Please note that some vendors source their products from Food Terminal.

It's a hike/drive to Whittamore's but I much prefer their produce than Fairview Vendors.


Need North York recommendation for a 50th wedding anniversary dinner

If the anniversary date is late August, I'd recommend Mercatino. A bit north - Hwy 7 & Dufferin. They ONLY open for dinner once/month, i.e. the last Friday of the month. Good food & service. Reservation is required.


ISO: Bunga Kantan (Torched Ginger) and Petai beans

Green Mango Salad (Thai style) - North of the city

The massaman is very tasty with creamy smooth coconut milk sauce (the result of long low heat cooking). I also like the red curry and pad thai.

Parsnips - what do do with them?

Slice into 1/2 inch thick. Toss with olive oil, fresh chopped thyme, salt & pepper. Roast on parchment paper lined baking-sheet at 350F for 20-min or until fork-tender but firm. Serve as is or drizzle a balsamic vinegar.
Roasting brings out the sweetness in parsnips

Have another baking-sheet with sweet potatoes - same cut & seasoning.

I serve these 2 vegs with my Tksgiving or Christmas turkeys. They can be roasted ahead and warmed up in the oven closer to serving time.

Jan 11, 2014
knusprig in Home Cooking

Green Mango Salad (Thai style) - North of the city

Are you craving for the truly green mango salad or Thai mango salad?
Kinnaree's mango salad is using less-ripe yellow mango. The true green mango - absolutely not ripe - could be too sour.

Green Mango Salad (Thai style) - North of the city

good bakery for small white rolls

if distance is not an issue ...

Canadian Study - Lead in Black Tea - Organic Sources?

tea & coffee plantations are always in highland / mountain side / cooler tropic. They are not found in sea level areas unless one plants them as part of landscape.

Where to get great Stollen in Toronto or North of the GTA

Warung Kampung Indonesian food stand

They only opened Oct 17th.

Warung Kampung Indonesian food stand

Their hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am - 8:00 pm. Monday closed.
Phone 416 431 4566.
Remember it is inside JD Market. I don't know JD's business hours. A banner outside says 'Indonesian Street Food'.

Warung Kampung Indonesian food stand

Their standard menu: rendang (beef curry), chicken satay, pepes (steamed shrimp/mushroom/tofu wrapped in banana leaf), grilled spiced chicken or chicken curry. Plus variety of other items, e.g. fried tempeh, fritters, etc.

Although we call it curry, the taste & spices on the beef curry are totally different than the chicken curry.
They toned down the 'heat' on the dishes but the chili sauce on the side will do for those who like hot/spicy. However, the spices and tastes are very good and definitely not canadianized.

The crispy beef jerky is the unique 'balado' from the Padang/south Sumatra region. It is addictive IMHO.

On weekends they add one or two other dishes.

Allergy alert. Indonesian satay/kebab is marinated with peanut sauce. Even if you ask the dish to be served without the peanut sauce the kebabs were in contact with peanuts. They are considering of preparing peanut free satay in the future.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 am - 8:00 pm.

It is own & operated by a family from Central Java on a trial basis. If there are enough customers the business will continue.
Please visit them.

Good apples

I try going to Whittamores farm every weekend. Last week, they carry cortland, jonagold, honey-crisp, mac (of course), gala, ambrosia. Last month they had small yellow variety, very tasty.
I prefer smaller size apples which I can get from farm markets. Store apples are too big and get wasted.

pc plus program

I do not find this program useful for my grocery shopping pattern. I plan my grocery shopping on Thursday evenings and shop early on Friday morning.
PCPlus email me the points info (to load) after 11:00 am Fridays.
I don't have tablet/smartphone either, so by the time I get to my laptop - I've done 70% of my shopping.

Pretzel buns?

If you are looking what in Germany is called Laugen Brotchen then Montmartre is the answer.


ISO champagne grapes

You must have missed them at York Mills/Leslie the past 2 years since I bought there. They grapes were not packaged. They were in open tray and patrons could take whatever quantity which could lead to improper handling.
I have not seen the grapes at this location this year but I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the new shelf set-up or produce placements.

Organic Homo Milk - Spoilage Issues

I brought the spoiled item (food) back with the receipt. My thought perhaps they may want to investigate the item itself, the package or whatever.

Even if you no longer have the milk, a letter to the store about your experiences would make them aware.

ISO champagne grapes

I've bought them every year at Longo's.
However, I stumbled upon them at Walmart (in Maple) for $2.50/container. Don't remember the container size, we finished all within 10-min.

Organic Homo Milk - Spoilage Issues

The current wacky weather is affecting the product. How long does the milk (and other products) are in transit. How is the controlled temperature monitored?
The producers do their best to preserve the product quality. The middlemen (transportation) care not. The retails lose money if they don't take care of the products.

Please notify the stores where you bought the milk from of this situation. Hopefully they will address the situation with the transport companies. I found Longo's is receptive to complaint about spoiled food and gave me refunds with no questions.

ISO Pastries & Bake Goods in Eastern Township

We are visiting Eastern Township and staying in Ayer's Cliff for 2 weeks. We're looking for buttery croissants, almond croissants, French pastries and unique Quebec/local bake goods.
Have a car and enjoy country driving but rather nervous driving in large towns.
I've read the threads about this area but some discussions are older than 3 years old.
Your help is appreciated - thanks

"Lesser Galangal" (Kencur); Water Spinach; Unripe Jackfruit: Where can they be purchased in Toronto?

Hello 'T',
My recipes call kafir lime as the 'must' ingredient for lotek dish and kencur for karedok dish.

"Lesser Galangal" (Kencur); Water Spinach; Unripe Jackfruit: Where can they be purchased in Toronto?

That's good news if fresh kencur is available. It has a distinct pleasant aroma, and should feel moist.
Recipes don't require much, 1 or 3 'finger' of this root. Wash and peel/scrape. It is often ground with other spices: shallot, garlic, chili pepper, etc. However, in spinach soup recipe it is cooked whole.

"Lesser Galangal" (Kencur); Water Spinach; Unripe Jackfruit: Where can they be purchased in Toronto?

I use the canned unripe jackfruit. Perhaps caribbean/island grocers may have unripe jackfruit - that is if we know their season.

Fresh kencur is non existent in Toronto, use the powder.

Good luck

Can't believe it has come to this

uh oh .. a designer hybrid gmo steak .. creative indeed
I'm curious what price tag it has and if there's expiry date

Jun 15, 2013
knusprig in General Topics

Health Food Store in Scarborough?

I'd recommend getting tempeh from Oey Trading, made by the owner

Are candlenuts available in Toronto?

JJB - you're absolutely correct.
If I ever saw them (once in a bluemoon) at asian supermarket in the burb area - they are from Indonesia supplied by Oey Trading. Therefore, I go straight to the importer (they have small retail store)

There is little demand of candlenuts. It's only used for certain dishes and if you omit it your recipe still turn out alright. There's no other use of these nuts in baking or as snacks.

Are candlenuts available in Toronto?

Indeed they are.

Happy cooking!

Cheap Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk in Toronto (Downtown)

This past January Loblaws Bayview Village had them at $1.29.
Most of the time I use the frozen coconut milk (less sweet) from the Phillipines. Package of 454g or 16oz is $1.49 - $1.99 at T&T.

What's your opinion on Rooster brand? The cooking class at Loblaws recommends them. They go on sale periodically at No Frills.

Digital Temperature Reader uses, comments...

I too was looking for less expensive one that ended wasting money on other products. I finally bought thermapen from Degrees Kitchen store and regretted not buying it sooner.

Mar 08, 2013
knusprig in Cookware