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Gluten free cake?

I haven't seen her for a while, but there was a woman at the SOWA market who made amazing vegan and gluten free desserts. The name of her company was Baked By Trizmo. Her stuff was delicious.

Jan 15, 2013
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

How's the pizza in Boston?

a thin crust slice from Armando's is the best in the area (they recently started selling sicilian but not a real difference between theirs and Pinnichio's). StriperGuy, please keep not going to Armando's; more slices for me.

Mar 07, 2011
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

Super Bowl; Were to watch?!

good place to watch the game that fits all of that is trina's starlite in inman square. they have projection screen, def not a college-crowd, good cocktails and food.

Feb 04, 2011
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

LA transplant looking for the Best Mexican Food /Markets in the Area (ESPECIALLY MOLE!!!)

Try Emiliano'z in West Medford on Boston Ave. Really good food. Run by a father and his family. The chef is the father/owner. Great Pozole on certain days. Non-greas and lots of love/care put into the food.

Jan 18, 2011
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

Best fries around?

In search of great fries. Have a few places I already enjoy (Highland Kitchen, Druid). Where else?

Dec 13, 2010
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

Korean Cooking Class

Anyone ever seen/heard of a class that teaches how to cook Korean food?

Oct 08, 2010
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

pizza help -- STAT !

If you are on Huron Ave, why would you ever go to The Village Kitchen when Armando's is right up the block!?

Village Kitchen
359 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Oct 05, 2010
jpepin in Greater Boston Area

Flora, meh!

Always heard good things about this place but unfortunately will never go again.

The only thing that was good about the entire evening was the corn/bacon chowder.

My salad was over-dressed and I could only eat a few bites. Entrees were mushroom spaetzle and striped bass. Neither dish had even a hint of salt, any other spice, or flavor. I am not the type to complain and I appreciate healthy food (low salt and/or butter) but this was just plain bland and boring.

For $100.00 plus, (had a few drinks) I would really expect a lot more than what we got. Maybe I'm missing something, or not getting the philosophy behind the food but I was completely underwhelmed.

Aug 15, 2010
jpepin in Greater Boston Area