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FYI - Date now fixed for upcoming 'resurrected' O Mei Giant Lobster 5 ways Chowmeet.

LOL you had me super excited until I read your post. Hope this is what you're looking for.


BKH Jerky

Sounds like a project where I need to come up with some judging criteria and a scoring scheme! Thanks for the tip Charles! I'll have to check them out. They also have a groupon $16 for $25 worth of jerky.


BKH Jerky

Heard about this jerky on Dragon's Den. I decided to give it a try since all the dragons loved the taste. And I have to agree, absolutely delicious, moist and flavorful and a little sweet. I ordered 3 pounds. Don't judge me! =P I had to make it worth the shipping.... >.> So 1 lb each of original beef, original pork and spicy beef. I think my least favorite was the pork, texture wise I didn't like it as much. My favorite was the spicy beef but the original beef was a very close second.

The youtube video of the dragon's den pitch....around 9 minutes if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

Question about wontons for Chinese Hot Pot

"Supposed to" means every recipe I've looked at says to rinse in cold water. And personally, I don't want to drink the water the wontons are cooked in....yellow and foamy....ick.... Your tastebuds, your choice.

Jan 31, 2015
normanwolf in Home Cooking

Question about wontons for Chinese Hot Pot

My opinion is to take them raw but boil in a separate pot from the hot pot. When making wontons for wonton soup, you're supposed to rinse the wantons after cooking in cold water and then they are added to the broth. They aren't cooked in the soup. There's a lot of excess flour (starch) in the wrappers that could affect your hot pot.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Lundberg Black Japonica Rice reduced to $5.97 for a 1.8kg bag at E Markham. Rice is firmer than white rice with a nuttier taste.

Canadian treats for delivery to the UK


Some items in the list are very shippable, others not so much. Have fun with your project! Sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! =)

2015 Food Events

Thanks for the info. =)

2015 Food Events

Can I ask what happened? I was contemplating buying tickets but it's so far in advance....

LOL put it in the wrong spot....

2015 Food Events


2015 Food Events

Chinese birthday dinner for 4 (most of us eat twice as much as other peoeple at least)

Emperor has a special on peking duck on Mondays....last I checked. We also did a chowmeet there in 2013. You'd have to ask Charles if there's been a chef change and if things have changed....I'm not as connected. =P

Here's a link with photos:


Purchasing Half an Organic Cow


You can try this farm also. Unfortunately, they don't list prices online but I have a friend who gets his meat here and loves it. =)

Where to source Banh Mi Buns in Toronto?

Steaming is a bad idea....soggy buns.



I found their roadshow calendar. Scroll to bottom for Canada. =)


I don't know if it's the same at other stores, the Markham Costco location has a popcorners road show going on. Four flavours are available: cheesy jalapeno, sea salt, white cheddar and I'm not sure about the fourth. Also available, assorted flavour snack pack cases.

Camp 31 BBQ.....Paris, Ontario (Not So Great)

Camp 31 is also available in the ribfests around town. =) No need for a road trip. Personally, I prefer Bibbs (the purple pig one) with extra sauce. =D And first thing in the morning, I find the ribs are dry later in the evening. =( And no smoke no matter the time of day.... =(

Sonoya Japanese Ramen - First Markham Place

Hey Charles, Stopped by Sonoya because of a ramen craving. Had the king of ramen, delicious! =) My bowl came with 3 thick slices of char sui that was tender. Might have tweaked the toppings since you went... =D Place was also pretty empty at 8PM.

As a curiousity question. Do you know why there are two kenzo ramen restaurant/chains? kenzoramen.com and kenzoramen..ca? I found it a little confusing.....

The Costco Thread (Ontario - 2014 - part 1)

Norwegian Fjord smoked salmon 550g for $10.89....I think it's an unadvertised "sale". I've had it before and it's delish. Found at Markham Road and 14th Ave. Costco.

How to handle uninvited children at a cocktail party

Jello shooters?

Jan 18, 2014
normanwolf in Not About Food

Bad names

Han Dynasty makes sense for a Chinese restaurant. It was the dynasty that reunited China after the collapse of the Qin dynasty and considered by some as a golden age in Chinese history. It's just an unfortunate coincidence that the creative letter spacing gives a completely different meaning. The movie "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is based on this time period.

Jan 05, 2014
normanwolf in Not About Food

Bushels of tomatoes

Don't know if you are still looking but I saw some at the Fruit Market in a plaza located at Burhamthorpe and Dixie. I was driving out the parking lot so don't know the price but they looked like plum tomatoes.

Apple Picking

Here's a list of Apple picking farms from Toronto.com.


Toronto Octoberfest

Any thoughts on the Octoberfest in Toronto? Expect it to be good? bad? Food is by petite thuet so kinda interested in going.


ISO meat pies

The corn is amazing! They have local produce from southwestern Ontario. I'm fond of the molasses crinkle cookies......they also have these coconut raspberry tarts that are so addictive, betcha can't just have one! I think their meat is antibiotic free. I'm not overly fond of the fruit pies....something about the filling I don't like. And I'm not sure if the farm market carries everything that's available at the kitchen......I know for sure kitchen doesn't carry everything at the market. Just so you don't do the drive out and find them closed.....they're closed on Sundays. They also have a facebook page if you want to post questions.

ISO meat pies

Reesor's farm kitchen makes ground beef pies. And while you're there check out the delicious corn! The farm market in Markham is open for the summer so it's a little closer than Stouffville.


" Live BC Wild Spot Prawns " Chowmeet at the Emperor - A quick review

Thanks for organizing Charles! Great chowmeet as usual! My fav is a toss up between the spare ribs and oysters.

good food around midland/sheppard

Too far for me to get there, eat and get back to the office in 30 mins! T_T

good food around midland/sheppard

In no particular order

Dragon Dynasty for dim sum (Brimley and Huntingwood) - the push cart type. I'm not sure how veg friendly they are....but the vast majority of Chinese restaurants will have a tofu option. It just might not be veg ok for dim sum.

Food court at Sheppard and Glen Watford mall - we always go to Silver Fountain so I don't know what the other stalls are like. Cheap and lots of food!

The Roti Hut at McCowan and Pittfield - roti's are good. I am not overly fond of the doubles. Be forewarned I think the sodium content is high.....always thirsty after.

Calabria Bakery on Midland south of Ellesmere - I only get the pizza so don't know what the rest of the food is like. Pizza's are only available Thursday and Friday. Can be cooked a little uneven because it's a wood oven but tastes oh so good!

Ni-Ji - good if you're craving sushi and not too fussy about it....I'd rate them around 6/10.....or 3 star...... Midland and Ellesmere.

Wanton Chai - wanton mein....in a strip mall around Brimley and Sheppard. The wantons are massive....which can be a plus or minus......also serve other noodle in broth varieties and you can order side plates of veg. Not veg friendly if you don't eat seafood.

There is an Asian Legend branch around Brimley and Sheppard.

A previous discussion on Scarborough gems if you can go further afield.

Hope that helps!

Your Bottom Five Vegetables

1. Beets - taste like dirt! Ich!
2. Cooked green peppers - slimy....also ich! Love them raw
3. Cabbage - coleslaw is ok tho
4. Brussel sprouts
5. Tomatoes shipped in and gassed.....local ones are fine.

Apr 18, 2013
normanwolf in General Topics