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Hurricane Jelly Shots

I haven't made this but saw your comment - how about peach or apricot nectar? Maybe that might be available in your rural location :)

Feb 17, 2012
caquark in Recipes

English tourist..first time in US...visiting San Francisco...after advice of good places to eat

Yes, Memphis.

10 Best Things to Eat in San Diego

Haven't had 10 things in San Diego that are the best IMHO, although I do have a few.

Jonah Crab sandwich (The Veranda at Rancho Bernardo Inn) - one of the best things I've tasted in the world, yes, the world.

Beef carpaccio - Cafe Luna.

Noodle-based stir fry (Stir Fresh Mongolian Grill)

Burger - however you want to build it (Che Che Burger)

Aug 15, 2010
caquark in San Diego

English tourist..first time in US...visiting San Francisco...after advice of good places to eat

If you are lookinig for American then I hope you visit falls during our Thanksgiving holiday. Turkey, the U.S. does well as it is a native bird. Unless you find Native American cooking good luck on finding "American" food. Better to opt for regional specialities. For Califiornia, it's Mediterranean influences as stated, as well as Spanish/Mexican and Chinese/Vietnamese influences and of course the wine. And lots of greens. Save the soul food for the south,. Tex-Mex and BBQ for Texas. Although I've had good BBQ in Tennessee as well. Steak and chops from Chicago or even better Nebraska. Southwest (maize, chiles, flank steak) for Arizona and new Mexico. Cuban food for Southern Florida. Crab - Maryland. New England clam chowder Maine/Massachusettes/Rhode Island. America is huge, young and a melting pot, meaning a lot of food and all kinds of variety. I grew up in middle American (from German immigrants) and I no of no place in San Francisco that serves the kind of food from my childhood. Although most restaurants I've eaten in San Francisco have decent food.

Visiting SF for the 1st Time over Labor Day Weekend

The Slanted Door (Embarcadero) - reservations required; for the nice dinner. A bit noisy but one entire wall the gives you views of the Bay. Citizen Cake (Mission) - pastries, cookies, etc, and sandwiches.

Haven't yet eaten at a bad restaurant in North Beach. Actually most places I've tried anywhere in San Francisco have been decent. No reason to do the chains and no reason to do one place twice. Enjoy the City.

Slanted Door
Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111