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Looking for a good patty melt

I had a Patty Melt, Fries, and a Fribble just the other day. The Friendly's on Rte 1 in Saugus was mobbed. It was 85 degrees out, though..

And here's a fine photo to burn into your retinas.
(Patty Melt visits Canton Elementary)

Aug 06, 2014
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Is anyone going to boycott Market Basket?

i'll stand with my friends and family. They work(ed) there, and its their fight. They've always had my back and i certainly have theirs. ATD ! ATD !

Jul 31, 2014
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Guy Fieri filming in allston

Casa Razdora about noon. picture in that thread. ~sob~

May 30, 2014
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Casa Razdora...Are You Kidding Me???

DDD is at Casa Razdora right now. Another place to be even more overrun... Sob

May 30, 2014
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

When did you last go to the Hilltop in Saugus?

About a month ago. Mrs Moose and I had been regulars before the sale, (anyone remember the $5 lobster pies at lunch on Fridays ??) and it holds (held?) sentimental value to us, so we sucked it up and went in once in a while. Food was even smaller than the last time (except the potato). You had to pay extra for a full size salad that was kinda browning in places. And the prices were even higher. Again.

Bought two bottles of dressing from the front desk on the way out, only to notice when we got home that they expired in three weeks.

On the plus side of the ledger, there was no wait, and the dining room wasn't anywhere near as deafeningly noisy as back in the day...

Ok, can anyone hook me up with a cow for my front yard??

Oct 10, 2013
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

November 2012 Openings and Closings

never again to enjoy my treasured slab o' crispy skin.
this day just keeps getting worse.

Nov 06, 2012
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Hot Dogs: the Definitive List.

Huzzah ! I'll visit Carl on Saturday. Shnurble up !

Mar 22, 2012
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Eat Kitchen - 260 Washington St - Downtown

Is apparently having a really hush hush, super soft trial opening or the like. As I was walking by about a half an hour ago, a woman standing in front of the still papered over windows and door asked me, in almost a whisper, "Would you like a free sandwich ?" I stopped and said, "excuse me ?" and she repeated "Would you like a free sandwich ? Just go in through these doors." I went in and there the full staff was turning out sandwiches and salads for the chosen few. I selected a turkey with avocado, and they made it in front of me, wrapped it and handed it to me. I thanked everyone I could, and went on my way. Sandwich was good, and even better for free and totally out of the blue. She wasnt asking everyone, and I guess I looked hungry or capable of handling the truth.

Go gentle, and have some dignity, don;t beg, she's really nice people, (actually they all were). and thank you to the nice folks at Eat Kitchen. You've got my business.

Aug 11, 2011
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

March 2011 Openings and Closings

hey now !!

Apr 01, 2011
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Five Guys Burgers coming to Station Landing in Medford

in case no one has mentioned it, they are going into Kmart Plaza in Saugus too. Between these two, and the oft discussed, and hopefully soon to open Stoneham location, i just may be able to eat every meal at one or the other... lol

Jan 17, 2011
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Best Italian sub in Boston Financial District ... EVER

hey, i was "that customer" !! Damn good Italiano, and just in time to replace Pace. Pizza was excellent, and my daughter thought the pasta was pretty good too. people behind the counter were super nice too... we'll be regulars. so few really good options in this area with any variety at all.

Dec 29, 2010
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

Where's the Best Fried Chicken in Boston Area?

here's a vote for CnD'S Barbeque in Wakefield. Now I'll have to get some for dinner. Again. Call ahead, it takes 30-45 minutes usually to get it cooked to order.

(honorary second place goes to Popeye's, I wish they could just figure out how to get people in and out of there without the 20 minute agonizing and sweltering wait...)

Oct 07, 2010
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

September Openings and Closings

there was a sign for a while that Cafe Dino was moving to 2 Oliver St. (the old Pressed Sandwiches location). i haven;t been in, but the word is that there's a lot less seating than the old basement, and no pizza anymore...

it was kind of an odd move, i used to get breakfast from there a lot, and no one ever mentioned the move was imminent, and then one day it was just closed.

Pressed Sandwiches
2 Oliver St, Boston, MA 02109

Cafe Dino
45 Milk St, Boston, MA 02109

Sep 27, 2010
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area

August Openings and Closings

D'Guru opened on Devonshire yesterday. I just stopped in on my way back to work, and it smelled delicious.

Aug 13, 2010
ajmoose in Greater Boston Area