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Which grocery stores has the best sniker doodle cookies in Fort Worth?

I am looking for some good sniker doodle cookies. Does anyone know where I can buy some in Fort Worth?

Dec 22, 2011
happymeal in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas / Fort Worth Restaurants

Hello Ron how was Chef Pointe Cafe? Looking to try it out next week.

Aug 15, 2010
happymeal in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Peking Duck resturant in Fort Worth

Hello new to CH, like this concept. I like the idea of having different views on resturants before I spend my hard earned bucks. I am the kind of guy that looks up the resturant onling to look at the menu so I can have some idea of what the have to offer.

Looking for the best Peking Duck resturant in Fort Worth. Saw the reviews for the Dallas area did not see anything in Fort Worth? As a matter of fact are there any CH in Fort Worth? From the Dallas area reviews I am trying to see what is the difference between BBQ duck vs Peking Duck? If there is a difference please explain in detail if you can.

My next question is do any CH members have get to gathers at resturants in or near to Fort Worth?

My next question is have anyone tried Chef Point in Wuataga? It's the gas station five star resturant that was on DDD and also the Paula Dean show?

Chef Point
5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148

Aug 15, 2010
happymeal in Dallas - Fort Worth