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Mulitcolored Tapioca Pearls

I've never tried it but maybe you can cook and serve it like couscous..I can't really think of anything else not pudding related.

Aug 13, 2010
Sweet Gourmet in Home Cooking

"Glee" party

You could do Jewish food for Rachel and Puck; maybe some small bagels with various toppings or blintzes. For Tina, maybe spring rolls or something along those lines. Football shaped sandwiches..

Aug 12, 2010
Sweet Gourmet in Home Cooking

King Arthur Gluten Free Flour

I wouldn't trust it unless its labeled 100% gluten free and be manufactured in a gluten free facility. That's just asking for trouble. Just like I'm skeptical about gluten free Bisquick..

Cheese on Seafood?

I'm surprised no one has ever mentioned an alfredo dish. I mean, I can't think of a better way to enjoy grilled shrimp than resting upon a soft pile of fettuccine with a blanket of a light b├ęchamel. If that's a sacrilege then shame on the Italians for inventing that one. I do recall the topic occurring once or twice in my home when we sat down to dine. My grandfather was 100% purebred Sicilian - and he would still sprinkle grated parma upon shrimp and spaghetti. Not overdo it, just lightly.

He stated that it is uncommon to have cheese on seafood, but, some dishes it can be considered acceptable. I agree. I mean I wouldn't go melting cheddar on a gorgeous filet of grilled salmon. I wouldn't because simplicity is perfection on its own. Now, enjoying a fresh uncanned version of a tuna melt is a totally different experience. Swiss cheese on top of juicy fresh tuna..yum.

Aug 12, 2010
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