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Dried corn, posole, chicos... Help me understand the difference & how to use them

Mikecq - What do you mean "Chicos....slowly becoming popular in New Mexico"? They've been eaten here for thousands of years! And it's not "claimed" to originate with Native Americans, it did. Corn is one of the "Three Sisters", along with squash and beans, which date back to the Anaasází (Diné spelling since it's a Diné word).

mgent1 - I was born, raised, and have lived my whole life in New Mexico and have never seen it spelled "pozole". We spell it "posole" and we pronounce it "poe-so-lay".

Aug 25, 2013
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Chiles Rellenos

NMChileProducts - I don't what you're talking about. Born, raised, and lived my whole life in New Mexico and this is *exactly* the way I've always seen chiles rellenos made. From Las Cruces to ABQ to Santa Fe to Taos and many other places in-between.

May 08, 2013
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Green Chile Deviled Eggs

mahidave548 - *Canned* chiles for chile rellenos? Blech.

You are sooooo off-base. "Hatch chile" only refers to chile grown in the Hatch Valley. The only canned chile that is from Hatch is "Hatch Brand Chile". Old El Paso, Ortega, and *especially* Wal-Mart Great Value are *not* Hatch chile!

Also, there's not just one cultivar of chile grown in Hatch. There are many, ranging from mild to hot. So saying "use Hatch chile" doen't really tell you anything. Is it a Big Jim, NuMex 6-4, a Sandia?

Might I suggest you check out the Chili Pepper Institute at New Mexcio State University to learn more?

(By the way, I'm a native New Mexican. Born and raised in Las Cruces, NMSU graduate, and currently live in Albuquerque.)

Mar 26, 2013
Pagan in Recipes

i know you're not supposed to ________, but i do it any way.

Those aren't expiration dates. The only thing that has to have an expiration date is baby formula. What you're seeing are "best by", "use by", and "sell by" dates, which have nothing to do with food safety and everything to do with freshness. The food doesn't magically go bad at midnight at the end of that day.

Mar 16, 2013
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i know you're not supposed to ________, but i do it any way.

Alton Brown disproved that 13 years ago. "Good Eats" Season 2, Episode 5, "The Fungal Gourmet".

Mar 15, 2013
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Classic BLT Sandwich

@ eatdallas - They did that a while back....and told us that we were doing it wrong at that!

Aug 28, 2012
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Julia Child Turns 100, Amateurs Still Rule

Cattivo_Nome - Congratulations on completely missing the point!

How do you know what her health was like? Have you somehow come into possession of her medical records?

And doesn't it rather point out that you *can* eat those foods and still live a full, long, and healthy life? Which points to genetics having a *lot* to determine your life-span. You also are probably amazed that George Burns lived to be 100, considering he drank alcohol and smoked cigars every day.

As others have pointed out, moderation in all things, including moderation. I would also like to add that, in and of itself, there is no *bad* food.

It's sad that there's the group like you that takes absolutely no joy in your food whatsoever.

Aug 03, 2012
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The End of "Ethnic"

I find it amusing to find enchilada sauce in the "Ethnic" section at my local Whole Foods. It's smack in the center of New Mexico.

Jun 08, 2012
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10 Spicy Snacks

I can go all of these recipes one better. There's a brownie mix you can get from the Chili Pepper Institute at NMSU in Las Cruces, NM. It's got Bhut Jolokia chile in it and they are *amazing*! If you're not used to the heat, keep some milk handy. Or better yet, top it with some ice cream!

May 25, 2012
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After Oniongate, Can We All Stop Timing Recipes?

I've always added "-ish" to any cooking time when making something. Given that the person that wrote any given recipe doesn't live with me and doesn't cook in my kitchen, times vary. It's just logical. The recipe might have been written and tested at sea level, the altitude (Albuquerque) where I live is 1 mile, it's gonna make a difference.

May 12, 2012
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Working Man's Brews

I wondered about this commercial, too.

I don't drink coffee, but, from what I understand from friends that do, a french press gives you the best coffee. The water doesn't get enough contact with the coffee in a gravity-type filtered maker. In that way, it's a lot like brewing a proper cup of tea....which is what I use my french press for.

Apr 20, 2012
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Are Manners Getting Worse?

@ Azizeh - I know what you mean. Several years ago, though, I turned it around and look at the jerk and say, "The words you're looking for are, 'Excuse me.'" Like I did to the ass that practically had his head in my armpit (as I had lifted my arm to pay for my purchase) in his impatience to get a sample at Fiery Foods this past weekend.

Mar 09, 2012
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Ladyspeak for Selling Booze to Ladies

@ noramunro - I'm not your typical average chick drinker, either. I prefer reds, the heavier, the better. One of the guys I went to school with, big guy. Weighed about 2.5 times my 125lbs and almost a foot taller than me. He was not able to handle Mackeson Triple XXX Stout. I have no problem with it.
The Brazilian balloon crew I worked with this last October was impressed that I can handle cachaça, until they found out that I drink a lot of single malt. The girliest think I drink may be Guinness!

Guinness tried to market a lighter version "for the ladies" in the late '70s. Failed miserably.

@ heinousmojo - She probably hasn't. I haven't. But we've tasted enough. Not to mention the fact that the marketing leaves such a bad taste in the mouth, you don't even want to try it.

Mar 02, 2012
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"Worst Cooks in America": Extreme TV

@ MrsJTW - Exactly. We were *all* in their shoes at one point. None of us were born knowing how to cook.

Mar 02, 2012
Pagan in Features

Do Food Freaks Have Pickier Kids?

@ tinnywatty - You have to remember these are the palates of little kids, they're not fully developed yet. And I have a "general American palate", but I can't *stand* Pad Thai, too fishy for me.

But then, what is the "general American palate"? Where I grew up and live (NEW Mexico), we eat a lot of food that other Americans would find way too spicy.

I would be willing to bet, too, there is a big swath of the country that *would* find Pad Thi, miso soup, and tikka masala *very* adventurous.

@ rockfish42 - Remember, we're talking about *American* kids here. Then you need to take the area of the US into consideration. What we eat here, on a daily basis, some in other parts of the country would consider "weird".

Mar 02, 2012
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Apple Brown Betty, a Race-Based Dessert

@Blitherypoop - *snerk* I was thinking the same thing!

Feb 24, 2012
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White or Red, Which Would You Jettison ?

I don't know that gender, climate, or food selection really does make that much of a difference. I'm a woman, live in the middle of New Mexico, eat a lot of different cuisines (obviously a *lot* of chile), but I'd keep the reds. Can't make a decent sangria without them. Besides, I'd still have my tequila, Guinness, Scotch, Dos Equis....

Yes, I'd miss my sparkling wines, but I could manage.

Feb 03, 2012
Pagan in Wine

Eating in the Age of Shame

Ikrier, I'm right with you on the Carl's Jr Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger! And I just adore KFC mashed potatoes and gravy. In fact, I crave KFC when I've had a migraine. If my body apparently needs something from it, who am I to turn my nose up at it?

I long ago quit apologizing for liking "crap" food. I find the people that poo-poo it and claim *never* to eat it, to be a dull, boring pretentious lot....who are lying through their teeth. They just haven't gotten caught with a Taco Bell chili-cheese burrito....yet.

Jan 13, 2012
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Holiday Party Dress Codes

You've also got to look at what part of the country you're in. I live in the Southwest, Albuquerque to be exact. Here, denim is perfectly acceptable as formal wear, as long as it's clean and not worn. Dress cowboy boots. Bolo ties. Even for the women. There's even a "Denim & Diamonds" ball every year.

Dec 09, 2011
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