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Simple food failures

I feel for you both! I don't know what I would do if I had trouble with tea. :(

Have you tried buying loose leaf tea, bringing the water to 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit, and then steeping for 2 to 4 minutes? Any longer than that (or hotter!), and the bitter compounds in green tea are brought out, and that can be very unpleasant. I've never had any trouble brewing green tea when following those guidelines, and once you get used to seeing what the water looks like at that temperature (bubbles just starting to form on the bottom, but not rising to the top), you shouldn't have any trouble at all. :)

Just my two cents; my apologies about butting in!

Dec 07, 2010
korewahimitsu in Home Cooking

Indian grocery?

Fantastic, thanks! I will certainly drop by there. :)

Indian grocery?

I've been looking for things like fresh fenugreek leaves, whole urad dal, amchoor powder, jaggery, kala namak, Kashmiri chilies, etc. I've been shopping at the other places (especially the Asian markets) for some time, but thank you for the advice! I do very much appreciate the time you took to respond. :)

I will certainly check Patel's, thanks for the suggestion! That sounds like it may be promising.

Indian grocery?

Hello all! I have been on a mission to find a (reasonably well-stocked) Indian grocer in the Saint Paul area. At present, the closest one I can find is in Woodbury (about 15 miles away) and was wondering if there was one closer? Additionally, Google has been less than helpful in terms of reviews and letting me know whether these places still exist. I would be willing to drive slightly further out of my way if I knew these places would still be open. ;)

So. If anybody happens to know of an Indian grocer in the Ramsey County area, that would be wonderful, and I'd be indebted to anyone who could point me in its direction. Otherwise, reviews of other such places in the Saint Paul area would be excellent as well.