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Homemade Grenadine

Where do you get pomegranate juice from? If I use POM, will it turn out ok? I assume they already put sure in it and process....

Dec 09, 2011
bugarka in Recipes

Is Five Guys Really the Best Fast-Food Chain?

I agree, I don't understand the hype about 5 guys. The burgers are mediocre and even though I know how much grease is on the fries, I still don't want to SEE it on the paper bag....The best burgers for me come from SmashBurger which are a chain but am not sure if they spread beyond north Jersey. And they have the best herb sweet potato fries you will ever taste!

Sep 06, 2011
bugarka in Features

Bulgarian restaurants in the Tristate region?

This is exactly what happens to a dying restaurant (info courtesy of Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential) - they start with cutting hours, reducing staff, reducing menu items....
The reason Bulgara died is because of their ridiculous location. No matter how cheap it is and how great your food is, only few would go in the middle of LIC's dumpest area for a meal. I've taken people there and they were a bit scared and taken aback by the location. And also, that we were usually the one of the 2-3 full tables there.

I wish it were still open though. Just moved to North Jersey from Queens and am unpleasantly surprised there is not a single Eastern European place around here.

Aug 20, 2010
bugarka in New Jersey

Any Balkan restaurants / food stores / cafes in North Jersey?

Hello, I am moving to Montclair from Queens and I am already missing the eclectic Balkan cafes and food from there. Does anyone know of any such place in North Jersey? I heard of Djerdan in Clifton but from their website it mostly seem like a takeout place. I can find the occasional Greek place...I am more interested in Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, Romanian, even Russian etc. Also, delis and food stores that carry South European food.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Aug 11, 2010
bugarka in New Jersey

New to Montclair area: sushi, produce, burritos

Hi, we are just moving to Montclair too (me from Queens!) and have the same desire to find fresh local food and good restaurants. I am very used to all kinds of ethnic food in Queens and wonder what good places are in town and around, preferably that are not on the main ave (those I know already). Any ideas? We can share experiences and observations....


Aug 11, 2010
bugarka in New Jersey