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Roberto's or Persimmon for dinner in Bristol?

Roberto's is fine - Very good food, nice atmosphere and a great staff BUT...........Have to say that Persimmon is probably one of the two or three best places I have ever been in my 60 odd years. Been there many time and have never had anything that was not way beyond expectations. Can't recomend it highly enough!

New on the Mid-Cape this Fall

Hey Cape Cod Guy! Had great hopes for Mooncusser's. Always liked the space but after the review in the CC Times today don't think I'll be going any time soon! Hope you've been to Fin though.

Not what it was

Debated posting this review but after some thought, here goes: No idea what happened to the "old" Rosina's but the "new" one, well, too bad. Stopped there a few weeks ago when they were without a liquor license - Passed on it that night but went back last week. Yes, they could serve but I should have been a little more aware of early signs. A 4 -5 minute wait at the hostess station before anyone came by - only three tables occupied at 7:00. Went ahead anyway and sat. A great martini to start. A good sign! Then the bread basket - three slices of supermarket quality "Tuscan" bread. Despite a very nice dipping oil, not a good sign. Both ordered the chicken parm. (what happened to all the good seafood specialties??) Maybe its my Rhode Island backround with Italian places that a eally Sicillian but this dish, when I have ordered it before, is a boneless breast, slightly pounded, browned then baked with a marinara sauce and cheeses. What arrived a very thin (and small) piece of chicken more suited to a picata style which had been sauteed then had sauce poured over and cheese sprinkeled and broiled. On the side, little more than a tablespoon of gemelli pasta cooked so al dente as to be nearly raw. On it the same sauce as the chicken. And that sauce! Not sure what they were going for but it remeinded me of a salsa fresca early on in the cooking process. Fresh tomato taste but nothing else! Garlic?? Herbs?? Wine?? Nahhhh. Capped the evening off with a cappucinno that was nothing more than ordinary and could have been hotter. The service was only OK. Price was not bad but I have to consider that I left still hungry. I guess to avaid that one would have to order apps, soup, salad, entree and desert. None of the portions I saw being served were what I would call more than lunchon size.
Bottom line: I miss the old Rosina's and really can't recommend the new one.

Rosina's Cafe
15 Cove Rd, Orleans, MA 02653

Seeking fabulous restaurant in Bristol,RI

Have to second Persimmon. Not only the best in Bristol or Rhode Island. Probably the best resturant meals I've had anywhere! Enjoy!

Good Italian on the Cape?

I'm still missing the old LaCippolina - Shows you how ancient I am! No mentions of Rosina's in Orleans?? Perhaps not 100% authentic Italian, but IMHO, good food at reasonable prices. And the staff, at least last time I was there, is charming. The lovely young lady serving your martini may be a third year medical student from Romania!

3 Steeple St. Restaurant - Another landmark Closed

Heard this past week that 3 Steeple has been bought by one of the local sandwich shops. Can't recall what the name was but it appears that the location won't be vacant for long. 3 Steeple's facebook page seems to paint the landlord as pretty evil. Too bad, it was a nice little place.

RI - Wharf Tavern has closed

Oliver - Check out the story in the Warren Times from last week. The Wharf has re-opened now being run by the business partner of the former manager. According to the story the menu has been simplified to more resemble what the place was like years ago. Some renovations and cleanup have been done and there was a big staffing shakeup. I've not been in since the re-opening but they seem to be doing pretty good business based on the number of cars in the parking lot.

RI - Wharf Tavern has closed

Lots of stories circulating about the Wharf. There were tax troubles which prompted the town to pull the food and liquor licences. Also, in the really bad wind and rain storm a couple of weeks ago there was some pretty bad flooding in the building which, I've heard, led to some health department problems. The local paper here had a story that the financial backer of the place for the last few years has stepped in to run the day to day operations. I doubt that it would be the original owners as they are either dead or well into their eighties. Whoever it is, I wish them luck! I've long thought that the ideal thing to do with The Wharf would be to get the old concept and menu back. Nothing fancy - just good steaks, chops and seafood. It seems that in the last few years they have tried to do everything and wound up with and all around awful place. I mean really! - Frozen seafood and canned lobster in a location like that??? Also wish them luck if they are trying to re-open tonight with the storm forecast the way it is. As to the Nat Porter - There is a gentleman from from Bristol who is working with Jamie D'Oliviera to re-open Nat's. Can't wait for that to happen!!!

Family party in Chatham November 14 and 15th

Ah yes! The Christopher Ryder song........Or how about "Hey, where ya goin? I'm goin to Thompson's Clam Bar cause that's where the tastiest clams are......." Good God I'm getting old! Agree with loving the story about CBI and the bathing suits - also with the recomendation of Vinings. You might also consider Academy Ocean Grille in Orleans for your Friday night dinner. Not quite what it was when Chris Schulz ran the kitchen but still very good. I adore Nauset Beach Club but it might be a little small for your group. Maybe with enough notice they can reserve one of the two rooms for you. I've been there many times and think that it is one of the best on the Cape. You sound like a great person - Mom must have been a terriffic lady! Hope your trip is a good one!

dinner at Chinese Laundry, Pvd

Heard the other night from someone in a position to know that this location will be re-opening as a "burger joint". Elkay is nothing if not tuned into the market place (if a little late). A good burger at a good price and he could have another hit.

Obscenely Cheap in RI?

One gets what one pays for but.......Newhavener07 mentioned cheap (or should that be cheep?) chicken places. There is always Wright Farm in, I think, North Smithfield. Salad, pasta with an unimpressive red sauce, french fries and chicken all served family style for around $11 a person all you can eat. The place has all the atmosphere of the Port Authority bus terminal in New York and is about as big. Have to laugh at the sign in the loby saying that occupancy by more than 1,100 people is against the law. Yes it is that big and is full most nights. I go once a year with a bunch of friends just for the fun of it. Great place to people watch though certainly not my first choice for dinner! You did ask for cheap, though.

Caterers in East Bay RI

Have to agree. Blackstone's service and food is superb!

Barrington, RI recommendations?

Beulah - The pizza place I think you are talking about was Feast or Famine. It closed about three months ago. The owner is working on opening a new place nearby.

Barrington, RI recommendations?

Not much in Barrington for lunch but you can drive five minutes into Warren and try Stella Blues on Water St. Great people, comfortable place and good food at reasonable prices. And no, I don't work there or own the place - Just a fan! Happy house hunting!!

"3 Rivers" in Warren, RI - closed?

Oliver - Glad you enjoyed Three Rivers (which, just for the sake of correctness was on Water St., not Market) but I can assure you that we are not regretting her departure here at what you, somewhat unkindly, refer to as the "tired" end of the street. I wish Ms O'Connell well should she decide to relocate as long as it is not in Warren.

"3 Rivers" in Warren, RI - closed?

The lease on the space that Three Rivers occupied is due to expire on the first of March. The owner of the building, who runs his own restaurant in another part of the space, had made the decision to continue a similar business once Three Rivers moved out. At the same time he decided to re-confiure the spaces within the building. He started that construction some two weeks ago. When she discovered the construction work and changes to the spaces in the building, Three Rivers owner Nancy O'Connell abruptly closed the restaurant saying that with the space she had left she could not make enough money to keep the place open.
Three Rivers and Ms O'Connell and the Town of Warren have been through a difficult six months - Many plans, never fully developed. Many questions left unanswered. Many meetings with town boards, sometimes contentious. Several possible relocations, none realized. A lawsuit brought by neighbors. All quite unfortunate and quite un-necessary. Three Rivers may have been very good. As it was well above my budget for breakfast or lunch I can not speak to that issue. I can, however, say that as a neighbor it and it's owner will NOT be missed.

Cape Cod....Orleans to P'town weekend after Thanksgiving

Try The Beacon Room in Orleans - Just off rte. 6A behind the Shaws shopping center. Good food, nice people and a reasonable price. Have a good time!!

horrible eperience Wharf Tavern, Bristol, RI

The Wharf Tavern is an embarressment to all of us who live here in Warren. It was never what you'd call a great place but at least used to be good for what it did. Now, well, you found out the hard way. Next time you are in the area go right across Water Street to Stella Blues. MUCH better! Just don't park in the Wharf parking lot - they'll have your car towed, good neighbors that they are!

Barking Crab Newport

Have not been myself but over the past few days there have been some comment posted on RI Craigs List that say The Barking Crab in Newport is terrible. No idea, of course, if the people making the comments know what they are talking about but they were none too kind!

Looking for good lobster around Providence, RI


Hope you have a great time here in RI. Lots of places do a nice job with lobster but in my never-to-be-humble opinion the best is The Lobster Pot in Bristol. It is about 20 - 25 minutes outside of Providence, right on Rte. 114. It has been there forever and while not exactly jeans and flip-flops it is not jacket and tie either. Lounge side of the restuarant is casual and there is even an outdoor patio, right on the water. Not exactly low priced, either but you get what you pay for. Recomend the simple boiled critter. Best way to eat them and they do a super job with them that way. Enjoy your stay here!!!

The Riverway on Cape Cod

Wow! What a flock of memories!! My family vacationed on the Cape for 2 weeks every summer now going back 50 some odd years. I remember that visits to the Riverway were a high point of our stay there. Went back there a few years ago trying to book some Murder Mystery Theater dates and was shocked at how shabby the place had become. Makes me happy to hear that there are new owners trying to bring the old place back. I still get out to the Cape every now and then - maybe I'll give it a try.

favorite farm stands in Rhode Island?

Johnsons in Warren!!! On Rte. 136. Family owned and run - Their own veggies (in season), home made salad dressings, pickles and other goodies - Pies, cakes, breads, etc. etc. baked right there AND a nice little plant stand. Nice people, nice prices. Give it a try!!


Fellow foodies!
Just back from the first trip to Cattails in East Providence. Drop everything!! Go!! Do not hesititate!! Went there on a chance tonight because another place (LaCamilia) was either closed or out of business. What a happy chance happening. Had the BEST meal starting with the perfect martini. A perfect aruggala salad with grilled mushrooms and carmelized whole baby onions with a bit of thin provelone. Followed by an evening special of Grouper over a bed of risotto with Andoullie sausage and baby spinach. Perfect!! A beautiful Chocolate/Hazelnut cake with fresh rasberry sauce and whipped cream (fresh) with Limmoncello to cap it all off. Our server, Derek, was amazing. Attentive, friendly and professional. And, we agreed, more than usually attractive! The dining room is attractive and simple - sort of a Southwest flavor. If there is anything wrong it is the fact that the room is a bit noisy - Plaster walls, large windows, no drapes. But for the superb food, service and overall quality I can forgive that. Do NOT hesitate!! Get there and support this great new place. Probably not a problem as it was busy on a Thursday night, but a fine place like this needs full tables every night. They do not, I heard, take reservations for less than six, but if you have to wait there is a very nice bar. Get there!!

nat porter in warren

Have been to the Porter once since it re-opened. Certainly NOT what it was. Small steak, poorly cooked and full of fat and gristle for $19. All side dishes are New York style - $5 each. One was ordered and never came. Also tried a pork dish which contined well prepared meat but so much Madeira reduction sauce it could have been a stew. Overall impression is that they are after the BMW diving funny color martini drinking under 25 crowd. If you know the old Nats chances are you won't like this one.

Restaurants in Chatham, MA

Have a great time in Chatham! Saw the recomendations for Wequasset and Christians - Wequasset is great, but closed for the winter. Christians closed for good several months ago. I would suggest a 15 minute drive to Orleans to Rosina's for great casual Italian or The Nausett Beach Club for the best of everything. Enjoy!

Best Storemade Italian Sausage in Providence?

Thanks for the correction!! Always get those two mixed up. Agree though that everything there is the best - including the folks behind the counter!

Best Storemade Italian Sausage in Providence?

Best by far, sweet or hot is at The Italian Corner Deli on Waterman Ave. in East Prov. All fresh ingredients, no fillers, just the right amount of spices. Cook an entire pound of it and there won't be a tablespoon of fat in the pan. The best there is!!!!

Feast Or Famine in Warren RI

I've posted about Feast or Famine before - How we used to go once a week then it got so awful we stopped. Have been back and it does seem to have gotten better again. Think there is a member of the owner's family on site now keeping an eye on things. Service is better and food seems to arrive in less time than when it had hit the skids. I feel bad for hard working owners who can't weem to find staff capable of maintaing standards when "the cats away" but I guess that is the nature of the business. Hope the new trend continues!

Chatham - Help Please

Agree that the Oyster is good but about twenty minutes away in Orleans is the Nauset Beach Club. Small, comfortable place, excellent sevrice and truly superb food. Not exactly low priced, but well worth the money and the drive. And if you're in the mood try a Raspberry Grappa after dinner. Amazing

Nat Porter Reopening

Went to the Nat Porter last Friday night with a friend. Might be because they are just getting going, or might be that we were "regulars" when the past staff was running it but I was not impressed. I had a grilled pork loin in a Madeira reduction sauce served over mashed sweet potato. Presentation seemed a bit off as it was served in a bowl with so much sauce it was more like a stew. The pork was cooked properly and the sauce wasn't bad, just a bit off-putting in the ammount and presentation. My companion ordered what was billed as a strip steak. I'm not sure what cut arrived but it didn't look like any strip steak I have ever seen. He pronounced it tough and full of gristle and left most of it on the plate. Mashed potatoes he ordered, at $5.00 for a side order never arrived. Seems odd that with some of the entrees any veg. or potato must be orderd as a side a 5 bucks each. Reminds me of NYC steak houses where if you order a steak, you get a steak. Nothing else. We were told that the sides wre "big enough for two". As it never arrived I don't know if that is true or not. The bar seems well stocked, though all we ordered was Pino Grigio by the glass - Eco Domani in a rather small pour but the price was not bad. The bartender seemed to be having problems keeping up with orders. Not a good sign on a not too busy night but again, it is still new. Did not care for the atmosphere. Techno music playing a little too loud, one too many tables in the bar area. Not like the Nat I loved. Seems like the new owners are aiming for a different crowd than the old - more the twenty-something funny color martini gang. I've spoken with friends who were also regulars previously. Most have been back and share my impressions. I wish the new crew luck and may go back and try it again in a few weeks but I know it is never going to be the old "Nats".