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Sausage Making

I'm looking for a sausage making cookbook. Any suggestions?

Mar 13, 2014
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Storing Spices in the Fridge or Freezer

When I first started ordering from Penzeys many years ago, they recommended freezer storage for your main pkg of spices and keeping a smaller amount out for every day use. I have done that for years with great success. We are now fortunate to have a Penzey's in our town, so I don't have to order via mail, but I still tend to buy the things I use most often in larger quantities and keep them in the freezer

May 07, 2013
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What did you have for lunch today Part 4

left over homemade Porcini mushroom pasta with a mushroom cream and wine sauce........It's one of the few meatless meals I can get the men of the house to eat!

Nov 27, 2012
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Recs for downtown Buffalo?

Washington market has some nice sandwhiches and wraps if you are looking for something light....skip any salad they try to give you tho, they lack any flavor. Some of the food trucks are pretty good too, some not so much. Lloyds taco truck is supposed to be great, but I haven't tried them. The Cheesey Chick is good. Here's a website to track them down http://www.buffalofoodtruck.com/......We just moved down to the medical Corridor and the selection in that part of down town is limited. I disagree with the suggestion of Ulrichs....the ambiance is nice......the food....not so much. We found it to be pretty mediocre and greasy, but only tried it twice, perhaps we missed something? Betty's on Virginia, you would have to drive to, but we love them for lunch. I hear dinners are good, and that they have an outstanding brunch on the weekend's, but have never partaken of either. We recently had sushi at Kuni's (http://kunisbuffalo.com/) with a Japanese friend, who says it's the best in Buffalo, and he has lived here 5 years and tried them all. I second Left Bank and Shengo as well! I have lived here my whole life and definately do NOT get the thing with Chefs....it's ok, but I wouldn't pick it over many other places, but I do know lots of people who think its' fantastic....I make WAY better pasta, at home, from scratch LOL. I haven't tried out Nickel City cheese yet, but I am anxious to. I have heard good things.........I am just excited that there is now a cheesemonger in Buffalo! LOL.......and Penzeys........now if we could just get a Trader Joes, I would be a truly happy woman!

dried mushrooms

I currently buy these little .5 ounce pkgs put out by Melissa's for either $3.49 or 3.99 each. That works out to $7 an ounce! or $112 a pound! REALLY. I went back to the Italian market and bought the one pound bad of porcini’s The one pound bag was $26.95, which works out to $1.68 an ounce.....I'd be crazy not to. They are imported from Italy and are beautiful huge slices of mushroom, where the ones from Melissa's are bits and chunks. I am not sure where Melissa's come from, I think their company is on the west coast somewhere ( but they obviously are making a WHOLE lot of money in mushrooms LOL). If I am spending the time to make something, I want the best ingredients I can get at the best price. $7 an ounce is just ridiculous! The "forest blend" of mushrooms, were also from Italy, but it didn't list the types of mushrooms that were in there so I just decided to go for the porcini’s. The forest blend was only $18.95 a pound. They didn't look as nice as the porcini’s either.
I have a dehydrator and would love to dry my own, but finding good quality unusual mushrooms is a bit of a challenge. Since they aren’t necessarily a big turn over item, you don’t know how long they have been sitting there. I have never seen a fresh porcini anywhere. I make mushroom risotto and mushroom pasta with porcini’s a lot. I never thought of adding them powdered to stock and I am looking forward to trying that! Thanks everyone for your impute!

May 03, 2012
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dried mushrooms

I was at a little local italian market today and they had a bag of assorted woodland mushrooms, for what seemed like a really reasonable price (when you consider those tiny packets in the grocery store work out to about $7 an ounce!. I use dried porcini alot, but I am not sure what you would use assorted woodland mushrooms in? I know dried mushrooms keep a long time and I am intrigued by them, so I was wondering if any one had any experience with these and what they might be used for, and whether they would have a similar fllavor to porcinis or if they are very different.

Apr 28, 2012
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cheese and fruit plate advice

We are invited to a dinner party this month and I was asked to bring dessert.....I know that half the guests have given up sweets for Lent, so I thought I would bring a cheese and fruit plate to finish the meal and some short bread cookies for those who still indulge during Lent.

I am looking for help on what to put on the cheese plate. Probably nothing too far out taste wise as these folks tend to be less adventurous eaters (but we still love them dearly!) Although when it's our turn to host, we probably push their envelopes considerably LOL. Suffestions please!

Mar 04, 2012
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What else can I use tahini for?

And that is exactly what i bought it for! I LOVE smittenkitchen!

Feb 08, 2012
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What else can I use tahini for?

I purchased a jar of tahini yesterday to use in a recipe. It's a good sized jar, and it was pricey, so I was trying to think of other things I could use it for (besides hummus LOL) Any suggestions?

Feb 08, 2012
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Chowhound in Buffalo - what not to miss

Did you try Wegmans? Their city store on Amherst st might carry it. They have a lot of different ethnic food items and the selection varies from store to store. Or possibly the Preimier gourmet store. I found the beer from the brewery in the little town in Germany where my hubby was stationed there. Some times both they and Wegmans will order things in for you too.

Ideas for Home Made Holiday Presents in a Bottle

How about home made cordials or digestif? There were some recipes on chow last year.

Nov 13, 2011
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Progressive dinner for New Year's eve

We are having a progressive dinner on New Year's eve. Since I'm the one who "likes to cook" I got the main course. We will have three other courses before our house. Any suggestions as to what I could make that wouldn't be ruined if no one was there to tend it? My hubby suggested coq au vin....any other suggestions?

Nov 13, 2011
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need help finding specific Italian resto in Buffalo

Chef's? Franks Sunny Italy?

Tips in Toronto restaurants: 15% before tax? 10% after tax? or, 15% after tax? (moved from Ontario)

Interesting.....we live on the US side of the border that is very popular with Canadians from Toronto. They are nortoriously poor tippers and often dont tip at all. Servers are often told that they don't have to tip in Canada. We don't frequent the Canadaian side much any more due to the hassle of the passport requirement, so we have dined there in years, so we just assumed that was indeed the fact!

Aug 04, 2011
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How much does brands change outcomes?

I think of chocolate and that can be very different depending on the brand. I only use Penzey's cocoa because it makes such a huge taste flavor wise compared to others. I would say it depends on what it is and how you are using it. Somethings you can cut corners on. Wegmans' has a salad dressing that is very similar to Miracle Whip and cheaper, so why not (not a big fan of either but my hubby is and he thinks it tastes the same)

Feb 16, 2011
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Chowhound in Buffalo - what not to miss

The Elmwood village (elmwood ave) has lots of great foodie destinations., The Globe Market, Lexington Coop, Penzey's Spices, The new olive oil store(if you google olive oil store, buffalo, NY you should get the Buffalo Rising article) Delish, lots of neat boutiques, a bit farther down on Sat am is the Bidwell Farmers market, farther down still the Burchfield Penny gallery has a great little lunch place,

Gurceios on Grant street is a nice little Italian market

The North Tonawanda City Market is a great farmers market. There is one in Williamville too by the Mill, not very big but some interesting venders, There is also a store by the mill that sells all local artisian foods....I am blanking on the name of it, but you might find it on ediblebuffalo,com

Betty's is awesome (bettysbuffalo.com) for breakfast and lunch, I have heard they do a nice dinner as well, but haven't been

other good restaurants - Harry's Harbor place, The Left Bank, Shengo (they are supposed to have an awesome Sunday brunch too, but I haven't beeen

Ohhhh and you have to go to the big Wegman's on Sheridan (unless you have been in one before, it's one awesome grocery store

Thesausageguys.com make the best fresh sausage in town, they are at alot of the farmers markets (i know they are at the one in Tonawanda and Williamsville, but I don't know if they go to Bidwell) the Avenue boys are at Tonawanda too and they make delish smoked sausages.

Duffs beat out the Anchor Bar in a big wing challenage last year (AB is where they originated)

I will probably think of a ton more places once I hit send, but thats all for now! I hope you have a great trip, Buffalo is a fun city to visit

Left Bank
511 Rhode Island St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Globe Market
762 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222