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Wonton Noodle Soup

Funny you should bring this up, Plateaumaman! I also tried a wonton noodle soup rather randomly yesterday at Lyla on Jean Talon (not sure of the exact address but it's between Hutchinson and Durocher). I'm certainly no expert, never been to Hong Kong, but I thought it was great - very flavourful broth, little delicate wontons, noodles in the bottom, some ultrathin slices of pork, and a few lengths of spring onion. Bean sprouts and chili served on a separate plate in case you want them. I had the large size, which was about $8 I believe, and it was certainly enough to keep me going all day. Lyla is packed at lunch any day of the week, which is always a good sign in my opinion.

Where to buy Shiro Miso paste in Montreal?

I buy shiro miso paste at Épicerie Eden in the mini-mall at Galeries du Parc (3575 ave du Parc). That shop is a great source of ingredients for all kinds of asian food - lots of organic stuff too!

Quartier General?

I went last month with five friends, and thought it was very good. We all went for the main course, plus first course and dessert for an extra $12. As others have said, very good QPR. I had the rabbit, which was described as the restaurant's signature dish. I can't honestly say I loved it - though it tasted lovely, it was rolled and wrapped in a tough rubbery bit of skin. That was my only complaint, food-wise. I also had a beautiful short rib, bison I believe. Others at the table had the steak (excellent) and the grilled octopus (also very good). I'm sorry my memory's a little hazy on the food - we were more about the company and conversation. I do remember the simple salad being really good (a small thing, but a great gauge of a restaurant kitchen as far as I'm concerned) and the creme brulee was the favourite dessert of the table. Service was fine, unobtrusive, but slow. There was a long wait between each course (we arrived at 9pm and didn't get out until 4 hours later). This was not a problem for us but thought it was important to mention here. Perhaps they adjust the pace of service to suit the table - not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. The room is chic and comfortable, but not 'cosy'. It being a Saturday night, and the restaurant hosting one table of 10 plus our table of 6, and every other table full, it was also pretty NOISY. Again, this didn't bother us at all (and the noise tapered off as tables cleared out). I noticed quite a few couples at tables by the windows having a romantic time of it, so they didn't seem bothered either. Unless you're hard of hearing a bit of noise in a restaurant just adds to the feeling of liveliness I think!

Xmas provisions - where can I find...

Thanks everyone! Great suggestions - I'll try the Bay (and would never have thought of Holt Renfrew!)

How to Clean Super Dirty Le Creuset

A good soak is really the key to getting it clean again. After getting all the gunk out of it you can, fill it with plain water (or crumble in some powder soap if you've got any but it's not really necessary) and leave it for hours, even overnight. Then just scrub it as usual, but don't use anything too abrasive (like steel wool). This has worked for me through many very dirty, burned-on disasters. One thing though - the ceramic finish may be a bit stained once it's clean. This doesn't bother me at all. Those Le Creusets are tough! I think of them more as useful than pretty, but thought I'd best warn you.

Dec 11, 2010
GreyPoupon in Cookware

Xmas provisions - where can I find...

I'm searching for two things:

1) A really good tourtiere for Christmas Eve, preferably downtown or near a metro station (no car, me!) Anyone have any recommendations or favourites? I don't know much about tourtiere, so not sure what to look for, but I'm up for any kind of game or meat.

2) A christmas pudding. I normally steam my own, but I've left it too late this year. Is this available anywhere in Montreal? I only need a small one. I tried Ogilvy, thinking that their tartan branding meant shortbread and puddings, but alas no food shop.

I'd be grateful for any pointers on either or both. Thanks, Montrealers!

Holts Cafe?

I've got to agree with the previous posters. I took a staff intern there for lunch to celebrate her first 'real job' offer, and to thank her for her work with us. The location was very handy and I was hoping it would be a bit special - it's more upscale than my usual lunch spots in the area. We each had a tartine. I remember thinking the dishes were very expensive for the meals we were served, and they weren't all that memorable. The room is bright and the tables are arranged in long lines giving it a bit of a 'cafeteria' vibe (albeit a slick, designer one). My overriding memory is of slight discomfort - snooty waiters, hard chairs, those absurdly large plates (I don't mean the food was large, just the plates). All in all, not a particularly relaxing place, nor is the food wonderful, so its strong point is really just the location in my opinion.

Buvette Chez Simone

It appears so!
I think the address is the only link between the two, though.
Skala predates me by a little bit. It certainly sounds interesting, if a little scary!

Buvette Chez Simone

I've been four or five times and really enjoyed it. It's snack-y food that lends itself to sharing and conversation: tasty rillettes, charcuterie (I remember a lovely duck carpaccio), olives, some great Quebec cheeses, a bit of smoked fish and ceviche - that sort of thing. I have not tried the roast chicken because I make a mean one at home. Your selection comes composed on a wooden board with a few nuts, some membrillo, or juicy apricots or something. Lots of interesting wines by the glass, and they'll help you find something that complements your food if you're a bit of a wine-dunce, like me.
Staff are helpful and friendly. The eponymous Simone is usually behind the bar. I have not experienced the pretension that the pp has.
I can't remember menu prices, and it depends on how much you order of course, but I do recall our table of four getting out of there perfectly satisfied for less than $75 one evening - that was a good deal, perhaps one of us wasn't drinking that night.
Yes, it does get loud later in the evening. The music volume goes up and then you have to talk louder to be heard. The crowd is pretty young (younger than me anyway!) - probably late-20s, early-30s. If you want to have a meaningful conversation it's best to go earlier in the evening, but if you're happy to let loose in a louder, more buzzy room then by all means stay late!

Au Pied de Cochon with kid

Oh, the kitchen bar is definitely a great place to sit, particularly if you're on your own or going as a pair (difficult to have much of a conversation if there are more of you). It's great fun to see the dishes being prepared. Every night at a certain time (think it's 9 or 10pm) someone rings a bell and the kitchen staff has a couple minutes' break and a beer. It's the kind of thing that's fun to observe and that you'd miss if you were sitting at a table. The drinks bar is good too, though there's less action on that side. Of course, if you want to really pay attention to your dinner companion then a table is best. Hope you have fun!

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Whoops, my bad - Delices d'Orient is still there, and Amelio's has just moved in underneath. And another thing - unlike the original location, this place is not BYO.

First visit Chez Vito

I'm so glad you liked Vito's, Oniverse. I've certainly always found it to be good value as well, and the owners/staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Besides fresh meat I usually pick up some coffee (they have a nice selection of beans ground to order) and bacon. They'll slice rashers as thick or as thin as you like, and it is MUCH tastier than the watery packaged stuff.

Restaurant Openings - 2010

Not really a new restaurant but a new location - just noticed last night that Amelio's has opened a second restaurant on Bernard at Bloomfield. It's slightly below street level (I believe this is the old Delices d'Orient location). I didn't stop in, but it looks bigger than the resto in the McGill Ghetto, and there are tables outside in the little courtyard. I also noticed that it closes at 22h most nights, welcome news for those of us who always seem to make it to the Ghetto location too late (they close at 8:45pm for some reason). It's not fancy, but I love an Amelio's pizza every once in a while - hope to be able to report back that the new place is just as good as the original.

201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA