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Can I get good Mexican food in/near Boston?

Taco-mania. I second Tenoch in medford sq.. killer pork tacos $3...mex beers $4...
The fish tacos at Lone Star are really f-ing tasty...mex beer on draft....guac was exceptional.

Roast Beast, Better Than Kelly's

sandwich wars in boston...oh yeah.cutty's is the champ for now!

Mar 24, 2011
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Snagging Some Silk Road BBQ

last i rd. was on the greenway tuesdays and thursdays...and in kendall sq. on wed and fri...ed(the dude behind the bbq said he is tweeting starting times and locations...mmmmm...i could use a pulled pork sammy right about now,babe

Jan 28, 2011
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Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 7 in Boston [old]

"well...some people try to pick-up girls and get called asshole
this never happened to pablo picasso
he could walk down your street and girls could not resist his stare
and so this never happened to pablo picasso/anthony bourdain.
not in boston"
-j. richman and the modern lovers

i just saw that bellachefa suggested wolfie as co-pilot back in december.good call.i still think mc slim would make us all proud.go for it , i'm nominating bellachefa.anyone who throws in a mick-dis can hang with bourdain.
did you catch the "no reservations" show with david johansen in staten island?tony does have "epic" taste in n.y.c. punk rock.get bourdain out of southie.

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Season 7 in Boston [old]

'the friend's of anthony bourdain"
it just shows how low boston radio has come that bourdain went on howie carr's show.what about " late risers club" on w.m.b.r.?get peter wolf or mc slim jb to ferry him around will be interesting to see where he ends up.
i would suggest mike and patty's or cutty's for lunch(i'd pass on speeds,but silk road bbq on the rose kennedy garden is killer.).the toro/copa/island creek oyster bar/neptune are all winners.
boston has so many really interesting places to eat.
i would send tony to cambridge for some music at toad(wed. has christian mcneil/tim gearan -who is like van morrison in "the last waltz".tuesday at atwoods has jimmy ryan.both no cover charges.killer bands.
last call?trina's starlight?lord hobo?wally's?redbones?the plough?matt murphy's?the druid?

The 2010 CHOW 13

cool article...makes me wanna quit my job and follow my dreams.

Sep 16, 2010
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A line at Drink?! Come on!

barbara lynch has balls...good for her.drink is crowded.great.the mai tai's are mind blowing.stop whining about the lines...and always have a backup plan.cheers.

Food carts coming to Greenway

i'm excited about the idea of food carts on the rose kennedy greenway.i had a silk road bbq pulled pork sandwich last week...killer...reminds me of the take out joint that was part of east coast road could probably put the 1/2 the amount of bar-b-q on 2 buns and sell each for $5 bucks each...i'm a cheap eats kinda guy...but the sammy i had was worth every damn penny.i saw the baked potatoes cart....i'll have to try a dog.where is the clover truck?i have had their chic peas's a winner.