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Frontera Grill...where can I bring my kids?

I am a Chicago native but moved away 10 years ago and am now coming back for the first time next week with husband and kids (5 and 3). Since I could never afford to eat at a decent restaurant when I last lived in Chicago, I'd really like to hit some good places (but not Charlie Trotter level) while we're in town. For better or worse, we'll have our kids with us. They are pretty well behaved, but I just am not one of those people who risks other patrons' meals at 5 star restaurants by bringing my kids there :)

We are staying at the DoubleTree off Mag Mile but will go anywhere to eat. I want to avoid the Ed Debevics and Rain Forest Cafes of the world. Would love to try Frontera Grill but not sure if it's okay with kids - maybe for lunch? Any other suggestions? I am considering Greektown as well.....

Is Cafe Iberico around and is it still any good? How about a good Italian place????

Jul 11, 2008
gigi927 in Chicago Area

Best up-scale in Austin [Moved from Texas board]

It depends if you are looking for upscale atmosphere or upscale food. they can be mutually exclusive :). Wink has been my favorite restaurant in Austin; Starlite is pretty high up there also. starlite has a better atmosphere, but coming from San Francisco, I'll take the little hole in the wall next to the dry cleaners (Wink) any day of the week!

Sep 01, 2007
gigi927 in Austin

austin eats with playscapes?

joe's crab shack off 183 also has a playscape. If you're up Steiner Ranch way there is a new Italian restaurant within Steiner called Tutto Gusto that has a small playground as well.

Aug 13, 2007
gigi927 in Austin