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Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Tried the wild estufarian says, not worth the price and stick to the non exotics.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

I think comparison to Pho Metro (which I also think is very very good) is fair. It may not be worth a trip from Richmond Hill, but I live at Yonge/Eg and its definitely worth a trip to FMNC for me. There's nothing closer that I've found to be better for Vietnamese.

Looking to buy chorizo and spanish sausage for paella

I buy mine at Butcher's Son on Yonge near Eglinton. They are nicely made in-house, are frozen but have clearly marked packing dates.

Ask and you shall receive - I am coming to Paris!! :)

We have the Eiffel Tower tickets booked at 8pm on Sun and I've been searching unsuccessfully for a place for a decent early dinner around the Tower that is open on Sun. Would anyone be able to help? Thanks again.

Mar 02, 2015
1moreround in France

Ask and you shall receive - I am coming to Paris!! :)

Merci beaucoup for all the suggestions so far (practicing my French :)). Yes, I wanted to add a few restaurants in the list that are walking distance from my stay for backup purpose.

Ok, striking out TP and Les Papilles.

Pardon me, Claude should be Clande :

Bistrot du Périgord, I found by looking at highly rated French restaurants close to Ile de la Cit on Yelp (sorry, I was desperate :)


I'm adding Le BAT, Zébulon, Pirouette, A.Nost, Les Pipos, Moissonnier, Au Bougnat.
Please feel free to continue suggestions. This is great! So excited for the trip.

Mar 01, 2015
1moreround in France

Ask and you shall receive - I am coming to Paris!! :)

Bonjour, I have been doing a lot of searches on chowhound board and Paris by Mouth in preparation of our first time in Paris for a week in March. Will be staying on Ile de la Cite and have got a list of places to hit. Trying to find reasonably priced (say 30-60 euros/person) places. Would be ok to go higher once or twice. Here are the restaurants that made our finals.

Terroir Parisien
Restaurant AG
Restaurant Tempero
Les Papilles
Le Porte Port
le Bistrol du Perigod

We are all very adventurous foodies (me, wife and 15 year old daughter) and coming from Toronto, Canada. Any other suggestions? Haven't started looking at bakeries yet, so any help there would be good as well. Thanks so much in advance!

Mar 01, 2015
1moreround in France

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Has anyone seen Brome Lake duck breast in any stores? Billy Bishop and Warden used to carry them and I can't find them anywhere now. I thought they were great and very cheap compared to any stores in GTA (T&T carries them as well).

'Yang's', Richmond Hill - A quick ' ultra positive' update.

I can't recall if a private room was offered. It was two years ago and at the Bayview location. I had upgraded the shark fin hence the cost. I have not been back since because it was such a disappointment. I'm very glad Yang has been good for you. Just a warning for Chinese New Year dinner because I hope Chowhounders do not experience the same disappointing event that I had.

'Yang's', Richmond Hill - A quick ' ultra positive' update.

Slight off topic, but I think its worth a warning. DO NOT go to Yang for Chinese New Year eve dinner. I ordered their most expensive banquet (>$1k for 10) and it was a horrible experience. They set up their tables so close together your chairs will be touching neigbours. And the dishes were far from their usual standard. I guess I should know better than going on the busiest night of the year. Never again.

Surprisingly different food at Forget Me Not Vietnamese Restaurant

Our family has been going to Forget Me Not every week for about a month now. We've tried different noodle soups (sorry, forget all the Vietnamese names) and they are all excellent. What I like about it is they are very authentic to me. For example, their fish broth noodle has hint of shrimp paste and they put pig blood and pork hock in their Bun Bo holding back. They are never overly busy, maybe 1/4 full on Sunday lunches. I hope they get enough support to stay in business. If you are not satisfy with Pho 88, etc...this is the real deal!!

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

They had samples of the half popped corn and it was actually really good and I bought a box home. Nice crunch and doesn't stick between your teeth :). And have to think these are much healthier than the usual (deep fried) chips.

Help me out with my Markham Food Tour

Can I ask you guys when was the last time you were at Casa Imperial? Reason is we were there two weeks ago for dim sum and it was not up to their usual standard at all. Cheung fun had really thick wrappings, har gow's wrappings were broken in pieces upon arrival, and to make it worst, service was non-existence. Other dishes were ok to fine. Now we used to go to Casa Imperial all the time, but haven't been in last two years until two weeks ago. Not sure if it was just an off day for us or if something had changed.

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

That sushi place is called Sho Sushi. Went there two weeks ago on Friday evening. We were only one of two tables occupied, sadly. BUT..the sushi was great! Much better than the usual sushi joints around here (ie, Sushi Rock, etc). This place is Korean run, and the fish is fresh, and presented expertly. Prices are slightly higher than the others, but very reasonable considering the quality. I will return, and hope this place survives. We need a decent sushi place around here.

Braised Short Ribs?

We were at Le Select last night and every Sunday, they have a braised short rib special, "braised for 72 hours". I thought it was really really amazing. You have to get there early though. They had ran out by 7:30pm last night and the server tells me that's normal.

Black Hoof..what happened??

They may not have a grill, but I think they do have frying pans, as "most regulars would know". Man..tough crowd here.

It was our fault for not asking, I'm not blaming the restaurant for that at all. If I wasn't clear in my post, it was the over kill in salts, the questionable value, and the awkward (to me) combinations that put me off.

It does sound like many folks continue to enjoy the restaurant and find them decent value though.

Spring Villa - Seldomly mentioned, Surprisingly good!

Spring Villa is really good, but its also a bit pricier than average. Their dinner is also excellent. We've also had a banquet there and I thought their dishes were a notch above most, but again, at a higher price point.

Black Hoof..what happened??

Just came back from dinner at the Black Hoof. Black Hoof was always one of our fav. We've been there 4 or 5 times in the past, but not in the last year. But unfortunately, today's meal was a mess. We had the charcuterie board as usual, and it was good. Everything else was downhill from there. here's what we had.

Liver and Onion: Given the name, I thought it was grilled liver, but it was actually a duck pate when it arrived. Oh well. It had lots of flavour, but was really really salty. And it didn't come with any bread, as you would expect.

Tendon and Grit. This was a big disappointment. Four small bite size tendon deep fried croquet style. The tendon was cooked to almost liquid. Grilled rapini and lots of hot sauce on top. The tendon really had no flavour or texture. All we can taste was the hot sauce. Again, too salty and not a good value at $16.

Duck and black bean. This was the dish that crossed the line. For $19, one duck leg with Chinese black bean sauce and pickled cabbage. The combination did not work at all. And way over salty, as you would expect with a thick black bean sauce.

I wonder if anyone had a better experience lately. For us, we don't think we will return to the Hoof again. We could not stop drinking water after the meal from all the salt.

Kopi Luwak coffee in GTA ?

Thank you for the write-up elvisahmed. As I mentioned, I also had a cup of kopi luwark in Bali at a coffee distribution place. They actually had a civet cat in a cage there. The whole thing actually gave me a bad feeling of "tourist trap", but anyhow, I felt the same about their kopi luwark - nothing special.

I'd want to try luwark again if I can find a source of coffee I can trust. I keep thinking all the meh experiences have to do with questionable source of coffee.

Bison meat in Toronto?

I do not marinate them at all. Just grilled them on the bbq to rare. I usually like my steak medium rare, but a butcher once told me bison has to be cooked rare because they have less fat content then beef (hence healthier). I did not find them tough at all cooked this way.

Kopi Luwak coffee in GTA ?

This price appears too low to be genuine. I was in Bali last summer and there were luwak coffee for sale ranging from $40 to $500/lb. As you can imagine, it is impossible to tell what is fake. I had a cup of kopi luwak at a coffee farm there for $15 and it was nothing impressive but then I could have been given fake or heavily diluted luwak as well.

I believe kopi luwak goes for more than $200/lb, so the one in Longos is very suspect.

Bison meat in Toronto?

I have purchased bison steak at the fresh meat counter at Whole Food several times. I remember they were around $27/lb and were very good.

South China Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant Ave. in Toronto. Have you tried their take-out?

My dad was the head cook there in the 70' and early 80's. I used to hang around the kitchen while he worked when I was a kid.

It was a typical chop suey house, not really authentic Chinese food. I used to smirk at the people who eat there, knowing it was such fake "Chinese" food. But now I realize these chop suey houses were iconic restaurants for the Chinese immigrant in the 70's and were vastly more important than I knew. Brings back a lot of memory for me :)

For coffee snobs - a clever French press on Kickstarter!

I think most, if not all, home drip coffee makers have plastic baskets. My Zojirushi coffee maker does.

My double-walled stainless steel Bodum Columbia has a stainless steel filter but filter is mounted on a plastic frame. And my beloved Costco stainless steel coffee thermal mug has a plastic cap and sprout. Mmm...

Jan 13, 2012
1moreround in Cookware

For coffee snobs - a clever French press on Kickstarter!

I'm a bit of a coffee geek, buying green beans and roasting them at home. While I really like my Bodum French press, I've always had mixed feeling about the sediment that's in French press coffee - not sure whether the sediment adds to the taste or distracts it.

Well yesterday, I came across this new French Press on Kickstarter that addresses exactly my concern about French Press. I was impressed enough to order one:

I have no affiliation whatsoever with these guys, but I thought coffee lovers on this board may be interested in this clever product.

Jan 13, 2012
1moreround in Cookware

Chicken Pot Pie that I can pass off as my own

Pasta Pantry on Yonge, N of Davisville has many great frozen home made entree's including a chicken pie that is much better than Costco, IMHO. I thought Costco's very way over-salted. Also try Pasta Pantry's amazing sheppard pie. They put truffle oil in the potatoe!

Best Whole Bean Coffee available in supermarkets?

I second that. I started roasting my own bean 1.5 years ago. Its actually quite easy - after the initial cash outlay on the roaster ;), but it beats all the beans I had bought before hands down. And in my (and my wife's) opinion, beats Second Cup, Starbucks, etc.

roast goose chinese style

Inside Market Village, near the food court, is a bbq place that sells bbq roast goose. Sorry, I forget the name of the place. This place looks like a food court vendor, and only sells HK style bbq meat (pig, pork, chicken, etc) or you can order them with steam rice.

I've bought whole bbq goose from them a couple of times to take home. I thought they were excellent. I find the goose have less fat than the duck, and more flavour.

Sushi Couture: Get over there!

Went to Sushi Couture for dinner. Had soft shell crab, sushi combo (deluxe $5 extra) , sashimi combo, uni sushi and eel maki between me, wife and 11yr old daughter. We were totally impressed with the quality of the fish given the price they charge.

I'd say the quality is on par with places like Yuzu and Takesushi (two downtown places we like), but cost 30% less!

Restaurant was only half full on a Sat night, while other lower quality sushi joints on Bloor had line-ups outside. I don't get it. But really hope that Sushi Couture survive.

I may have had better sushi elsewhere, but not at the low price this place charge. It's a gem!