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Starting an a la carte cookware set

Every kitchen needs a cast iron frying pan. You'll learn to use it as the years go by, and it'll last for generations.

Saute pans - first of all I don't really know why they're called "saute" pans. I have a 3-qt Calphalon tri-ply that I use mostly for braising. I use regular tri-ply skillets - 8, 10, and 12 inch - for actual sauteeing and other skillet stuff.

I have a 16qt stainless steel stock pot that I bought at Sears. It was on sale at a cheaper price than I could have gotten for the equivalent on It is stainless with a tri-ply bottom and covered handles for heat protection, and it came with a cover. I won't use aluminum because of all of the problems with its reaction to acid in foods. I like to make bone stock, which requires the use of small amounts of vinegar and/or wine, and I'd rather not have my pot leaching into my food.

I found Le Creuset equivalent made by Lodge at the local WALMART (!!) and picked up an 8 qt Dutch oven for about $40 on sale. True, it's a bit thinner and lighter than the Le Creuset, but for my needs, it works fine.

Dec 16, 2010
vegaswineaux in Cookware

Rivet or Rivetless Cookware - What's you fancy....

I have a very expensive set of skillets that are welded and have discovered the following:
1. The reason most high-end pans are riveted is because they are stronger.
2. The handles on the welded pans get hot quickly, even though the pans themselves (being multiple ply) require very low heat.
3. It is apparently not possible to have a strong welded handle. The handles on these pans are so cheap compared to the handles on my riveted pans that I've decided not to ever get anything that's welded again. I haven't dropped one yet or had one fail, but have been burned enough to not use them much.

My "set" is made up of All Clad, Marcus, Calphalon, and Sur La Table, all tri-ply, all with riveted handles, and all pretty stellar performers. A toothbrush and Bar Keeper's friend keeps everything clean.

Dec 16, 2010
vegaswineaux in Cookware