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Baltimore restaurant

I'm going to second the vote for Tapas Teatro.

Coffee in the Baltimore Area?

The best coffee, imo, in the Baltimore area is at Spro in Hampden. It is small though, so sometimes it's hard to snag a table. Atwaters has great coffee and you can loaf for as long as you'd like. Red Canoe can be hit or miss with their coffee, and they use a Zeke's blend made especially for them.

Hampden Cafe
4800 Hampden Ln Ste 103, Bethesda, MD 20814

Help with dinner in New Hope/Lambertville!

Lily's is best for lunch. They make an excellent burger and tuna melt. No. 9 is fantastic! What it lakes in ambiance, it more than makes up for with the food. Manon is small and quite good, but not a standout in my opinion. Sergeantsville Inn is about a 15 minute drive from Lambertville and it is very romantic (warm, cozy, big fireplace) and the food is excellent. The tomato bisque is to die for. That would be my first choice, but No. 9 would be second on my list (they make a great pork chop).

Jan 27, 2009
2greyrooms in Pennsylvania

Best place to buy fresh fish in Philly?

Hi Philly Chowhounds!

I am visiting friends in Philadelphia for the weekend and we have decided to make bouillabaisse. I am wondering where I can find the freshest fish in the area. Is there a great fish market or should I stick to Whole Foods? What about H-Mart?

My friends live in Elkins Park, so anywhere within a 45 minute drive would be fine.


Jan 27, 2009
2greyrooms in Pennsylvania

Cafe Normandie in Annapolis

Did you enjoy your evening? I haven't been there in a few years, but I remember enjoying the Bouillabaisse quite a bit. The atmosphere is underwhelming, but the food is better than decent.

Heritage Turkey in the Baltimore metro area?

Anyone know where I can find a heritage turkey for Thanksgiving? I live in Baltimore City, but am willing to go out to DC/NoVa if necessary.

Also, does anyone have any experience with heritage turkeys? Is the roasting method the same or do they require something different due to their unique flavor profile? Usually I brine and roast according to Cooks Illustrated.

Thanks for the help, Chowheads!

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?


Are the potatoes fried or sauteed or what? Definitely sounds interesting...where if Lucy's located? I think I'll have to give those a try.

Thank you all for your great suggestions. I think I am going to swing by Midtown Yacht Club this weekend to check out their nachos...will report back!

Where can I find great nachos in Baltimore?

I've been having a hankering for nachos lately, but don't want to end up just going to my neighborhood bar and getting stuck with stale chips and cheese whiz.

I'm looking for fresh whole chips, chopped tomato, real cheese (cheddar or a combo of cheddar & jack) evely distributed throughout, real sour cream, chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, fresh guacamole, and a bonus would be some really great refried beans or black beans.

Sort of new to town, so any help is appreciated. I live in Charles Village, so the closer the better.

Weekend in B'more-please comment on restaurant choices

For Sunday brunch, you can't beat Miss Shirley's. I also often take out of town guests to Gertrude's for Sunday brunch. It's nice to be outside in the sculpture garden and the food is better than average brunch fare. For something quirky, I'd suggest Golden West Cafe in Hampden, then walking down the Avenue and checking out the shops before leaving town.

Where is the best place to get strawberry shortcacke in the Baltimore area?

Don't know if they got a new pastry chef or what, but I scored a piece of Strawberry Shortcake from City Cafe just yesterday, and it was as good as ever.

Baltimore- wireless and good food?

I'm going to second CityCafe. Good vibe, VERY LGBT friendly, great burger, decent breakfast (although I mourn the loss of their old hasbrowns), reliable WiFi, and I'm absolutely hooked on the frozen cappucino.

Blue Moon Cafe

I was there just yesterday for breakfast. I had eggs benedict, which were not great. The eggs were undercooked and the whites were still runny. The canadian bacon was VERY salty-- it tasted more like country ham. GF had a scramble dish, which she enjoyed, but looked underwhelming. We split a cinnamon bun, which was hot and fresh. The service was lackluster, to say the least. It seemed like there was only one waitress working and she had a bad attitude. They definitely need more and better help. Would go again, but certainly wouldn't wait to eat here. I agree that Miss Shirley's is better-- in my opinion, the best breakfast in Baltimore.

Where is Baltimore's best mojito

I just relocated from Nashville and I am craving a mojito. Anyone know where I can get a really good one?

Visiting Atlanta: where should I go?


I'll be visiting Atlanta for three days in a few weeks and am looking for some inside advice on where to eat. I'd prefer to stay away from the chains and the ordinary. Any local, quirky kind of place would be great. Breakfast, lunch, dinner...I'll need to know about it all. Expensive is fine, but I generally don't like to get dressed up to go out to eat. A great Indian restaurant would be a real plus.

Best Burger in Nashville?

I am new to the Nashville area and am DESPERATELY craving a great burger. I'm tried Bobbie's Dairy Dip and Rotiers and was underwhelmed and disappointed. I'm looking for a fresh, thick, well-seasoned patty that hasn't been charred to death and comes on a fresh bun. I can even live with so-so fries if only I could find a great burger in this town. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!