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Silver Spring Chow (near AFI)

I went to Da Marco before a movie in SS and had horrible service. We told them we were going to a movie, but they were so slow that we ended up scarfing down our food and having to run to make the movie. The food was ok, what I remember of it. Had to eat it so fast I could barely tell what it tasted like. It might be better after the movie, when there are no time constraints.

Eggspectations is solid and has some interesting things on the menu. Ceviche is ok, but not worth the hype. I would say go to Mandalay, 930 Bonifant St., which is Burmese food. Tasty food, low prices, quick service, about 5 blocks from AFI. Very good for groups and vegetarians/fish eaters.

Food/Restaurant Books [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Lately, I've been reading a number of food/resturant oriented books and I want to go buy another one, so I'm looking for suggestions. I've read Kitchen Confidential, Julie & Julia, and Heat (my favorite). Any thoughts?

Aug 17, 2007
nikaplan in Food Media & News

Cheap ethnic food in the DC area?

Go to Wheaton! There are a ton of places within just a couple of minutes walk from the Metro. In May, you can attend the Taste of Wheaton and discover even more places. Two of my favorites:

Sergio's Place- Fantastic Pan Latin food, 11324 Fern St.
Sabang-Indonesian, a little more expensive, get the resistaffel, 2504 Ennalls Ave

And then in Silver Spring, less than a 10 minute walk from the Metro is Mandalay. It's Burmese food at a very good price. My husband describes Burmese food as the bastard child of Chinese, Indian, and Thai food. Everything I have had there is excellent.

Addie's- Rockville

I have a reservation at Addie's in Rockville for Friday night. I'm bringing the in-laws and am a bit nervous about how it'll go, I've never been there. They're pretty much meat and potatos types and not very formal, so it seemed like a good place to take them from the reviews. Any thoughts on the food or atmosphere or suggestions on what to order?

Any Polish Restaurants?

you could also try Cafe Mozart on H Street. It's got your basic Eastern European fare (kielbasa, schnitzel). My mother is Hungarian and I've taken her there a couple of times and enjoyed it.