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Perfect Margarita

The Perfect Margarita, as I published in one of my Mexican cooking classes in 1984, after many years of research in Texas, California, and Mexico. I have since changed from lime juice to lemon juice. You will have to taste to see what a difference that can make, IF, you are using Persian Limes (can be bitter). (I admit to being skeptical, when the great folks at Maria's New Mexican Kitchen turned me on to the lemons but they proved you can teach an old dog new tricks) I still use limes to moisten rim of the glass for the "lime" aroma.

Here Goes:
Kosher salt for rimming the glass

1 part lemon Juice, fresh squeezed

1 part Cointreau (you can use NATURAL triple sec if you do not have Cointreau)

2 to 3 parts fine quality silver Tequila (I prefer Herradura). Two parts or three parts- depends on your level of appreciation of the fine Tequila flavor.

Moisten the OUTSIDE of the glass (you want salt on your lips/tongue but NOT in your drink)

Put ingredients in shaker, shake to mix and chill with good quality ice that is very frozen, usually about 20 shakes.

Pour into salted glass and enjoy.

Be sure you and your guests understand the potent nature of these cocktails. Some folks who are used to frozen Margaritas that have low levels of Tequila have a tendency to overdo it with these and suffer the consequences.

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Aug 09, 2010
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