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Where to find less common/unusual greens in the GTA?

Hi done,
I ordered miner's lettuce, which is called Claytonia, from William Dam Seeds. It's coming up in my garden now. It's very fragile but very unusual in a salad.

I need suggestions for a place to eat downtown Toronto

I had a fantastic Burrito, steak and chorizo combo at the new muchoburrito, 263 Queen St. W. Very authentic ingredients and fresh, fresh, fresh! The tender steak pieces had been rubbed with spice and grilled. Perfect toppings from fresh cilantro to peppers, choice of beans, grilled veg, and what a deal! They have just opened so they were offering all Burritos at 50% off. So 2 of us dined for under $9. They have a coupon deal on as well going on. I had just given up on Burritos after a bad experience at Z-teca on King. They give you a choice too if you don't want it too spicy.

New to Windsor

Try Colasantis nearby in Kingsville. It's very kitchy, but their original Broasted (roasted, then deep fried) Chicken to dip in honey is very addictive. When I lived there, the farmer's market was downtown and had great produce and meats direct from the farmers. Great deals on seafood for some reason. Chinese food used to be surprisingly authentic, some say due to the presence of many Chinese workers in the convention hotels, and there were wonderful Vietnamese places. Lots of local farms selling home made goods, like Cider Mills in Harrow makes amazing apple pies.

Post wedding reception for a group of 30-40

Hi Fran70,
Malaparte, O&B's restaurant at 350 King St. hosts wedding receptions and they have an outside patio with a great view on the 6th floor of the Toronto International Film Fest's HQ. It's only available for events and not open to the public. I'm not sure about what they charge tho.

El Bulli at TIFF

The Tiff Bell Lightbox will be showing the film El Bulli: Cooking in Progress August 5th. I saw it at the Hot Docs Festival and it was a fascinating study of what drives Ferran Adria. They also showed the wonderful film about Florent whose closing I still weep and wail about. Do you think we can encourage them to do a festival about great food, chefs, the best eats around the world?

Jun 06, 2011
mayaishi in Food Media & News


I bought some at the No Frills last week, tossed them in a fry pan with honey, dash of soy sauce and lime. Yum.

Richtree- What the !@#$%^&*

I got lost in the tunnels connecting College Park with the mall under 777 Bay St. and I came across a Richtree selling everything for 50% off or rather 2 for 1. I got a lovely smoked salmon sandwich, an egg salad sandwich, several muffins to take home and a really good freshly squeezed OJ. I would never pay the regular prices however. I thought that the quality was excellent, although seasonings were blander than I prefer. Shared a late lunch with a friend, so it was a good deal. Now if I can just find it again.

best jamaican patties in the gta

Thanks Youngman. I will go and let you know what I think.

best jamaican patties in the gta

Yesterday I took the TTC to Bathurst just to eat patties. I tried a spicy beef in a coco bun from the little Cafe on the Go (Dreadful, dry, the pastry bright yellow and tough from the microwave). Disappointed. Then I spotted the little bakery across the way. Aha! The patties were just coming out of the oven on huge trays. I had one, fragrant, molten hot beef filling, flaky pastry (a pale brown, no food colouring?) without a cc bun. Yummy but a bit dry. I remembered patties having a bit of gravy. Altogether not worth the two tokens.

Smoked meat in Toronto

I see mention of Dunn's pouches at Costco, but how about Dunn's, the deli on King St.? Is it the same/better?

Best Eggbread/Challah in Toronto?

I had been very disappointed with the dry and tasteless (sliced) Hermes challah from Loblaws at almost $5 a loaf. I didn't like the Harbord Bakery challah as it had a very salty wash on the crust. It may not be traditional, but the egg bread available from T&T's bakery is sweet, chewy and extremely more-ish. It was being sold, two large loaves in a bag for $5 a few weeks ago. I had planned to share one loaf and freeze the other, but it was so easy to tear off a huge hunk...

Harbord Bakery
115 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

What to Do With Extra Parsley?

Make a refreshing tabouli salad-add lots of chopped parsley to cooked bulgar, dash of lemon juice, crushed garlic, diced tomatoes and cucumbers, shredded mint. Serve chilled.

Mar 28, 2011
mayaishi in Home Cooking

Best Sandwich in the World

Would you fly to Portugal for Francesinha? Now that's the Queen of Sandwiches-that mysterious pale tower rising from its steaming orange lake of sauce. A slice through the melted cheese covering reveals the inner glory - layers of steak, sausage, shrimp, bacon separated by white bread. And the secret savoury sauce/gravy. It is said that it is only served in Porto. Some intel on what one should look for:

Here's a photo of the Francesinha that I enjoyed in Porto.

Where to buy Le Creuset in Toronto - Not Peppermill @ Hazelton Lanes

Huge Le Creuset display at the Bay on Queen St.


I ate one from Kingsway Meat products and Deli at 2342 Bloor St. W. There was a big tray of them in the window. It was huge, very fresh, yeasty, but I agree about the plum filling-very sweet, but I think that is what it is. Anything else would be a jelly donut. I saw them yesterday at the Loblaws at Bathurst and St. Clair but they didn't look as good as the ones on Bloor W.

Kingsway Restaurant
510 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, ON P0J1K0, CA

Best dim sum or pho in Hamilton?

I have friends driving up from Michigan this week and they have asked me for good dim sum or pho places in Hamilton. I haven't been there for a few years, so I need your help as they have very discerning palates! Help please!

Opinion: Best Sushi In Vancouver List..

For fresh, I have always gone to Tojo's. On one occasion, I asked how fresh the Odori (dancing) shrimp were, and the chef threw down several local spot prawns onto the counter where they did the watusi - "Very odori" we both agreed.

Passion-Fruit Juice


Passion-Fruit Juice

I just bought some tinned Passion Fruit drink by FOCO at NoFrills but it's really watered down and tastes more like weak iced tea. I didn't see the Sumol brand. Where did you see it?

Passion-Fruit Juice

Trying to recreate Hamura's Saimin's famous Lilikoi Chiffon Pie, but I haven't been able to find Passion-Fruit concentrate. I am looking for the pure stuff, not mixed with other fruit juices.

Best or Favorite Pies?

Having eaten pies all over the world, my fav is Lililkoi Chiffon Pie as well- that creamy tart/sweet filling, and airy sky high topping, from Hamura's Saimin in Lihue, Kaui! I don't know if you can get anything like it on the continent. Anyone?

Feb 15, 2011
mayaishi in General Topics

Where to buy sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes)?

If you put some tubers in the ground you will have them forever! In mild climes sunchokes can be very invasive but their flowers are nice in bouquets.

Feb 12, 2011
mayaishi in Greater Seattle

Looking for In-Home Chef for Breakfast - party of 2

I have been to several parties in Rosedale that were catered by Foods Only Natural. The chef/owner is very personable and I heard that his prices are very reasonable. He uses only natural, locally sourced food. I can attest that everything from his appies to his desserts are scrumptious.He brings everything and even tidies up afterwards. His email is

Decent Food Options around Scoitalbank Theatre?

Walk up to Ginger on Queen St. W - rice dishes, noodles, mains $7-9 for cheap and cheerful, not too authentic but tasty and quick. Just south at TiffBell Lightbox is Canteen on King St. W for hot sammies and reasonably priced salads. Upstairs is O&B's Luma - some mains under $20. There are several takeout burrito places nearby on the side streets too.

330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA

Goose in the GTA?

I've seen goose for sale at the St. Lawrence Mkt.

Coffee Bowls in Toronto

Williams-Sonoma has a white one with the ridges on their website but i don't know if the Toronto store carries them. Perhaps if you get white ones you can paint your own stripe on with ceramic paint? And yes, millygirl, you are not the only one cradling your cafe au lait bowl in a pair of oven mitts. I got my bowls in a patisserie in Montreal, handpainted, but sans ridges.

Lovage anyone?

Kagemusha-I couldn't find any lovage seeds in the TM catalogue. I was surprised as they are quite comprehensive. Do you know anything about Chinese Celery as a substitute, or are they the same thing?

Afternoon tea for a bridal shower - help!

I went to several catered parties in Rosedale last season and they had been catered by "foods only Natural". The food was very original, fun and scrumptious. The chef/owner brings everything and even cleans up afterwards! His email is

Lovage anyone?

Thanks everyone. I'm waiting for a reply from Daniel, an herb supplier who has lovage on their product list. I notice that Richter's will be offering Lovage plants in the spring! I saw a photo of chinese celery and was wondering if it was the same thing?

Lovage anyone?

I fell in love with the subtle flavour of the herb, Lovage this summer and I am looking to find a source, pref. organic.