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Boon Lay Metro Station

Hi! My husband is in Singapore for work for 2 weeks, living in a rental near Boon Lay Metro Station. Can anybody recommend a good grocery store and some good eats (simple good food) nearby? It's not his first time, but he normally stays at an Hotel near Orchard Road, and seems to be at a loss regarding his new whereabouts (and the fact that he needs to provide for himself ;) ... Thanks!

Lopez Island

I will be spending 10 days on Lopez starting next Sunday. Any suggestions where to get fresh produce before leaving for the island and where to get good seafood once we are there? (we are landing in Seattle Sunday at noon, so we won't see the Farmers Market for a week...) I am travelling with 2 toddlers under 4 years of age, so I will be doing a lot of the cooking myself. Hence good ingredients would really make my day(s). Thank you!

LA to SB Eats

Had the Italian Combo Sandwich from Panino for lunch today and it was really bland :(

Jul 07, 2012
Blumenstrauss in California

Ceviche Tostada

I just had an AWESOME Ceviche Tostada from Los Agaves in Santa Barbara. My husband had the Beef Fajitas (which where OK, but not AWESOME), and we had some Quesadillas which where very good (not much science behind that, is it?. But the Ceviche was the best I had since Playa del Carmen in 1998. Just wanted to share!

Jul 07, 2012
Blumenstrauss in California

Tipps for La Pedrera, Rocha, URUGUAY


I will be spending a mini-honeymoon in La Pedrera, and am looking for Tipps on where to eat!
I know Punta, and I was in La Paloma about 10 years ago, so I will be happy to hear ANY kind of recommendations, in a radius of 1 hour driving time!

Thank you very much :)

First time in Madrid

Hi everybody! I am going to be in Madrid next week for the first time in my life, and wanted to ask if someone has (more) tipps for cheapish tapas, and also ask all of you the following question:

If you could have one (1) expensive dinner (or whole evening) in Madrid, where would you take your money to?

I speak spanish and are willig & able to go to the "outskirts" of Madrid if necessary!

Thank you so much 4 your help!


Oct 06, 2007
Blumenstrauss in Spain/Portugal

Food in Passau?

I also went to University in Passau, and also loved the Bouillabaisse!

Going to Buenos Aires, AR [Moved from International Board]

A Tip - Thai-fusion kitchen called "Sudestada". I know it is in SoHo, I dont remember the name of the street. They are quite pricey (for the locals) in the evenings and also have a great midday-menu. And the food is GREAT!

You should try it out, the combination of excellent Latin American produce with a "different" kitchen style just works (imho). I am uruguayian, and I allways eat sushi when I am at home.

Leipzig, Germany

No please,

Falco and Stadtpfeiffer are the classic touristic restaurants!!! I lived in LEJ for half a year and loved it!

Visit "Die Drogerie" you can go there from the center of the city by tram, I´m not sure which line, but I think the Number 4 (station Menckestr.). Daily changing Menu, very good open wines, and Leipzig is relatively cheap.

I just found it on the Net: Tel: 0341 - 5906309

You will need a reservation. A very good Greek in a wonderfull old house, is across the street!

Good Luck!