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Emergency help Brunch Tomorrow

Do me a favor and just go straight to Cafe Chloe for the most incredible brunch stateside! It's as if you've stepped into a French cafe! Order the poached eggs with wild mushrooms and sage-truffle beurre blanc which is TO-DIE-FOR!!!! The Croque Madame runs a close second for me at least. They also serve mimosas - get the lavendar one! Yummm!!!! It's off 9th and G St. in East Village (near Gaslamp). You can thank me later...

Cafe Chloe
721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Aug 08, 2010
sandyliu in San Diego

Closest GOOD Chinese Near Long Beach/Los Alamitos

If you don't mind venturing a bit farther from Long Beach (which is where I live as well), you should head straight to Mas' Chinese Islamic in the Fullerton/Anaheim area. I was raised on this type of food and being full Chinese and raised in a Chinese house, this is by far the best authentic Chinese food outside the country of China. Please do NOT order your regulars like orange chicken and sweet and sour chicken. Do me a favor and go somewhere else. You must get these dishes as they are what sets Mas' apart: Green onion pancake, hot and sour soup (the only place that serves it right), Beef Noodle Soup with homemade noodles (not the thin one but the thick!), roast chicken, sliced fish with asparagus, thin sesame bread (or thin sesame bread with red bean - a great dessert), and spicy eggplant. There's also the House Special Noodle Stir fry which is the same as the noodle soup variety mentioned above but stir fry; beef or chicken or house or vegetarian all are great options! ENJOY!!!!

Aug 07, 2010
sandyliu in Los Angeles Area