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Best chili in NOVA/DC?

I like Red, Hot and Blue's chili. Much better than their BBQ.

Feb 10, 2014
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Soul Food at the Grocery Store

The Giant by the Rhode Island Avenue metro or the one near Columbia Heights metro (or just about any Giant for that matter) would have collards and ham hocks. The Rhode Island Avenue store even have a "soul food" oriented hot bar, which is not bad, considering it's a grocery store.

Sep 06, 2011
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Food Terminology that makes you CRAZY!!

"Nice" and "balance" --- as in "nice balance of saltiness and sweetness" ... "crunchy and softness" etc.

Oct 25, 2010
Jay in Not About Food

Chinese food - the dreaded Americanized kind

I've had good luck with Jenny's on the SW waterfront. I haven't been in a while but think they're still open. For full disclosure, I only like the Americanized Chinese food. I've chased down some of the frequent Chowhound recommended "authentic" places (Joe's, Bob's, Mark's, China Star-- you name it) and while I appreciate the freshness, I apparently don't have the stomach or taste for the spicy or gamey real deal.

China Star Restaurant
6717 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215

Aug 29, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Dickson Wine Bar?

The pork belly banh mi was very good. Spicy and decadent. Large enough for two. We also had salads and flatbread pizza thingies, which were OK.

Jul 24, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Fresh Grill, new in Bethesda

I tried the fish sandwhich too. I thought it was fine-- but it could have used more seasoning. (Hey, I southern). I do like the panko-like breading, and yes it wasn't very greasy.

Jun 15, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Rogue States - And Yet Another Burger Place

Wow, how many 10 dollar burger joints can this town support? This one caught me by surprise, literally, as I discovered it on my way the Chop’t next door.

Here’s my first take:

1.The bread- some kind of eggy challah-like deal. Fine enough but could have been fresher
2. The Fries - Two days later and I can’t remember anything about them.
3.The meat – Pink vs. Not-pink makes it easy to order. The not pink was juicy with that flame-grilled taste. The not-pink was just what you’d expect—charred and dry.
4. The cutesy burger names – Tolerable, but I just wanted a simple burger and couldn’t easily figure out which version was the ‘simple’ one.
5. The value - Good. A basic burger starts at 7 for 1/3 pounder.
6. Major plus – the place stays open until 5 a.m.

Jun 14, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

BGR vs. RHB, The Showdown.

Ray's burgers are too greasy for meat. They give me a nasty stomach ache halfway through. I've had good luck at the particular BGR mentioned. The tuna option at BGRs is great too. I skip all the specialty burgers.

Jun 06, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best Pizza in DC?

"Gabbagool" -- hahahahaa.... Excellent monkeyrotica.... lmao here. You need to do a similar condensation of the Chinese food in DC discussion, the Mexican food in DC discussion, the Bagel discussion

Jun 04, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

sugar - soul food - dc

Nice find. Will have to check out the croaker-- you don't see it much on restaurant menus. More flavorful than the ubiquitous whiting you find in these parts. Funny, being from the South the mac and cheese of the bechamel sauce variety was always foreign and "inauthentic" to me. I've complained often that I've found no place in DC that serves a classic custard-like mac and cheese I grew up with in South Georgia.

I see on their menu they have a drink called "Tiger Woods"--- cute.

Apr 05, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Any Decent Pizza Options in U St., 14th St. Logan Area Yet?

With all the new places popping up, was wondering if anybody is serving up a half-way decent pizza in the U St., 14th St. and Logan Circle area (let's throw in Shaw for good measure too). I'm no pizza snob by any stretch, but for a reference point my favorite in the DC area is Vace.

Based on the boxes in see in my apt. building, Pizza Boli and Alberto's and Domino's are the go-to places. Got to be something better. Also, I've tried Homemade Pizza Co. too. Nearly twenty bucks for the equivalent of a frozen CPK? Never again!

Homemade Pizza Co
4857 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016

3315 Connecticut Avenue NW, DC 20008

Mar 28, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Classy After Dinner Piano Bar/Lounge in DC?

The Madison Hotel at 15th and M has a jazz night. There's a cover, but the scene is as you described.

Feb 15, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Soul Food

You'd think DC would be a 'soul food' mecca, eh, but this Georgia born and bred boy finds most of the places mentioned just OK. Oohs and Aahs does do a nice job with some if it's meats but their greens are a chewy tough mess and their mac and cheese is of the saucy soupy Kraft variety. Saint's has that home style quality but I'm suspecting most of their veggies come from cans. Levi's is just a hospital cafeteria steam table. Does anybody in the DMV know how to make tender greens and real custard-like southern mac and cheese?

Jan 14, 2010
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Eatonville: U Street

Wow-- PoFolks. Thanks for the memories. I forgot/didn't know that chain still existed... looks like a slimmed down version of it's former self though They used to be all over the south ahd had the best commercials.... to stay on topic, Eatonville doesn't have attitude as such-- just trying to be too cute. We get it-- it's a theme. Now focus on improving the food.

Dec 30, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Mexican/Savadorean Places in "14th Street Heights"

Driving up 14th St, NW above Columbia Heights, near an area where the lamp post signs proclaim the neighborhood "14th Street Heights", I noticed a a string of Mexican or Savadorean places and what looks like a new pollo a la brasa. Are any of them notable? I've never heard any mention of them.

Dec 04, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Looking for Bao

There is, indeed, a Chinese restaurant called "Bao" on Vermont Ave.

Dec 04, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

DC Area - Lunch for one. Ideas?

Bar Pillar
Creme Cafe

Nov 30, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Anyone tried the newly opened BGR the Burger Joint in Dupont Circle?

Extremely inconsistent operation, but when they are on they are good. The tuna "burger" is very good too.

Nov 16, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best bread pudding in DC?

Circa in DuPont circle has a good croissant based one. Menu is otherwise just OK.

Nov 14, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Cupcakes or Pastries to Send to Vendor

Went with kara's. it was a hit. Thanks.

Nov 02, 2009
Jay in San Francisco Bay Area

Cupcakes or Pastries to Send to Vendor

DC hound looking to send a “thank-you” gift to one of my vendors based in SF. Was thinking cupcakes or pastries from a local bakery. Any suggestions?

Oct 28, 2009
Jay in San Francisco Bay Area

Where Is Your Food Find This Week in DC? Do Tell ...

The croissant bread pudding with really nice gelato at Circa.

Oct 20, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Bethesda brunch and cheap eats

Here are some of my go to places for 'cheapish' eats in Bethesda proper:

1. Raku
2. Bacchus (Lebanese)
3. Pollo Chicken place on Wisconsin
4. Vace for slices and subs
5. Javan (persian)

Persimmons does a decent brunch, but may veer out of the 'cheap' category.

Aug 29, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Eatonville: U Street

The verdict was somewhat mixed from my group--- ranging from so-so to really good. Some of the pricing seems odd too, in terms of portion sizes (e.g. the pork chop is huge--- while the catfish portion seemed slim).

Agree on the pork chop--- mine was perfectly pan fried with a unique crunchy corn meal crust. FGT's were just so-so, especially considering you get two small slices for about 8 bucks. (Georgia Brown does a version with a lot more crunch and kick). The black eye pea salad was fresh and earthy, but nothing extraordinary. Cobbler needs some work.

They seem to be working on the service. The night I was there they actually seemed to have been over-staffed

Jun 20, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Soft Shells - DC

Raku in Bethesda has a nice soft shell bento box.

Jun 16, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

cha @ the donovan house hotel?

I overheard the bartender mention that they are still in "soft open" mode. They are still finishing the decor and rounding out the cocktail menu. Hotel guests and office workers nearby are giving them a steady flow for now and they've done no advertising and don't even have a sign up. It feels like a typical hotel bar and for now, there's only a sushi bar-- no kitchen. Sushi was good but pricey.

Mar 24, 2009
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

New to Cleveland Park

Sorriso's pizza is flavorless... the crust is like cardboard. Vace's always the better option-- fresh and hot when they are not crushed (as they will sometimes undercook the pies during the dinner rush)

Jul 24, 2008
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Bad Experience w/Indique Heights

I had the red sauce. It tasted like a mild version of the Huy Fong chili sauce-- pretty good accompaniment to the dumplings which were fine, but somewhat bland.

Jul 06, 2008
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Burger Joint in Bethesda

I had the same experience yesterday.It took them about 20 minutes to get me a burger and fries and they completely skipped over one poor couple's order. The bun was a little dry and the burger had a pre-fab toughness to it and the fries were tasteless and greasy. Overall I was unimpressed. The place by Chipotle in DT Bethesda does a better homestyle burger.

May 14, 2008
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore

Brown Curry (Thai)

For the first time, I had a "brown curry" dish at a nondescript Thai restaurant in Bethesda (Thai Corner?). I've had red, yellow, and green, but never ever heard of brown. It was pretty darn good and complex (cinnamon? Cardamom? What the heck is in there?). But it was a little tame, hinting that a more Chowhoundish Thai place might be taking this color curry to whole 'nother level. Any other places in DC/MD/VA to try the brown curry?

Sep 06, 2007
Jay in Washington DC & Baltimore