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In Search of NYC Style pork fried rice american style

Generally all over NYC .... I am heading there next week , and might just have to take a picture of it while I am there. There used to be a Shanghai restaurant on Clement Street that had some amazing fried rice , but I think they went out of business . . .

It's a funny search , I know... but I am determined to demystify this most untraditional non Chinese Chinese dish. Pictures to follow soon.

Great points about the molasses , and thick sauce. I've tried before , but didn't get it to work.

The search continues !


more to come soon .

In Search of NYC Style pork fried rice american style

I grew up in NYC, I know that the fried rice I am searching for is NOT authentic Chinese style, but because I grew up with it... I love it, and I would love to find a place around Berkeley or SF that makes it like this.

You know what I'm talking about right ? Made with dark soy sauce, has green onions in it, pretty salty with nice sized chunks of pork. The call it small town fried rice some places, and then they call it american style other places.

Does anyone else enjoy this as much as I do ? ? ? ? If so , please let me know where to find it.