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Young Chow vs Hunan Dynasty

Reviving this thread for a question - does anyone know if Hunan Dynasty has a secret authentic menu (in English)? I'm going there for lunch today with a work group and it would be nice to be able to forego the Americanized stuff.

Ben's Chili Bowl, Clarendon (where Ray's Hellburger used to was) and Guajillo's

I assume you mean their assessed value, not their property tax.

DC tax records show the land and improvements as being worth 1.7 million, and I seriously doubt DC is charging almost 100% in property tax rates.

Even at $1.7 million, the yearly taxes would only be about $15K.

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

You're in luck - a Sri Lankan restaurant opened recently in Alexandria. And yes, they have hoppers!


good eats on the drive from DC to Rehoboth Beach, DE?

My family tradition was to always stop at Holly's right after you get off the Bay Bridge. (Or before you get on on your way back.) It's absolutely nothing fancy, just plain solid Maryland and Southern food. Crab cakes, softshell sandwiches, fried chicken, meatloaf...that kind of thing. They also have amazing milkshakes.

Honestly my favorite part isn't even the food, it's the atmosphere. The whole place is totally frozen in time in the 50's and 60's. My parents, aunts and uncles all swear it hasn't changed a bit since they were kids and their house a mile north of Bethany was surrounded by nothing but dunes as far as you could see.

Any stores in DC that sell Naga Jolokia peppers?

My Safeway has decent peppers (Georgetown Safeway.) Jalepenos and serranos are as hot as they are supposed to be, (look for ones with more brown "stretch marks" and those will be hotter) and they also have thai hot peppers and habaneros. Rocklands in Glover Park has a great hot sauce selection, as I found out after my Uncle Brutha's disappointment, probably 75-100 different bottles of varying spiciness. California Tortilla locations also have a ton of hot sauces, but I don't know if they are for sale or just for putting on your burrito.

Any stores in DC that sell Naga Jolokia peppers?

I went down to Uncle Bruthas. Apparently he closed his shop, but still sells his house brand hot sauce at the eastern market flea market.

Any stores in DC that sell Naga Jolokia peppers?

I'm looking to make some ultra spicy wings for the super bowl, but habaneros just won't cut it. Does anybody know of stores that sell fresh or dry naga jolokia peppers? Worst case scenario, no peppers, what is a store that sells ultra spicy hot sauces or extracts?

Italian in Bethesda Md - need help

I used to go to pines of rome as a teenager, and I remember it having OK, fairly cheap food. If you can make it into DC, Luigi's is a really good fairly reasonably priced very classic Italian joint, and when I say classic I mean checkered tablecloth, candles in the Chianti, two dogs sharing a plate of spaghetti and meatballs classic. It's on 19th between L and M and is close to the Farragut North metro.

Non authentic pizza in dc

Well if you have spent any time in Burlington, Big Daddy's there is what she is trying to emulate. I have never heard of Vermont Greek pizza, but when I lived there I pretty much stayed in Burlington. I had no idea Vermont even had its own style.

Non authentic pizza in dc

Nope, that's exactly what I am looking for, I wanted to put it in pretty much the exact same words but I knew the charlatans would just say HUR HUR THEN GO TO PAPA JOHNS!

Non authentic pizza in dc

The fact that Sbarro and Jerry's are made with hobo piss notwithstanding, neither of them deliver. I know it doesn't sound like it, but I'm looking for something of decent quality, just not fancy italian style. I'm not looking for bad pizza, just not authentic pizza. Review sites don't really help because everything that gets good ratings is 2amys/red rocks/pizza paradiso style, which is awesome, just not what I'm looking for.

Goody's sounds promising, but I'm in Columbia Heights, so it's a little far for a friday night carryout.

Non authentic pizza in dc

So I just moved back to DC with my girlfriend, who is from Vermont. She is looking for a pizza place that has the kind of pizza she liked back there, namely non authentic, american as hell, puffy crust, drenched in cheese goodness. And you know what? I'm starting to agree with her. To hell with this authentic margherita DOC approved pizza. I want some American pizza. Where in DC has some good pizza with puffy (not thick chicago or sicilian style) crust? None of this coal or wood fired charred crust pizza. I want massive amounts of shredded mozzerella and grease everywhere. Dominos and papa john's won't cut it. I tried ordering her angelicos and pizza movers. Both times she said not enough crust, not enough cheese.

Flavacol in DC

Thanks, but I can't pay $10 shipping for a $2 carton. I'm really looking for a store I can actually go to to buy the stuff.

wheres the food at in DC?

24 hours places in dc:

Steak and egg: chesapeake and wisconsin, NW
The Diner: 18th st. Adams Morgan
American City Diner: Connecticut Ave and Fessenden or Garrison st or one of those.
Georgetown Cafe: Wisconsin and P
Not quite 24hr, but they are open late and will sell beer after last call: Jackey Cafe, 7th
and H

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them.

American City Diner
5532 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

Jackey Cafe
611 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Flavacol in DC

Does anybody know where to buy individual cartons of Flavacol in the DC area? I need that buttery yellow goodness, but not enough to buy a pallet's worth, as it seems you have to to get it online.