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Hi folks - is there a recommendation on where I might find fresh honeycomb in the D/FW area? I live up in Allen (home of the 5a reigning state champs, sorry had to add that) but am around most of our area quite a bit with work. Perhaps a farmers market? As to type of honeycomb, I was really just pining to memories of my youth when my mom would find chocolate covered fresh honeycomb, unfortunately not here in D/FW. Didn't see a recent post on the board here about it - any thoughts?

Jun 08, 2013
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Ketchup Bar

This thread had me at the word "Ketchup".

Jan 15, 2011
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Restaurants we don't hear much about but are amazing

Love this post, but boy did the discussion fast turn to mostly asian-influenced cuisine! A sign of this board's preferences I'd say. Not being a hater - I have those preferences myself.

Quite good but little play - I might suggest Houston's (both locations). Perhaps because it's a chain, perhaps because it's been around and nothing changes much, not sure why. But try going to Houston's at lunch on pretty much any day, or try going on any weekend evening, and the place just simply always seems packed. We've been going to Houston's for 15+ years, first as our 'splurge' when we were younger, and now on occasion when we decide we'll drive more than 10 miles away. In my view, the restaurant has stayed so fantasticly consistent. The spinach artichoke dip is the best I've had, I personally have always enjoyed the slightly spicy eggless ceaser, they periodically have crab cakes for dinner and these are tremendous (not sure why, but I think it's that they don't use much breading but rather have the crab and kind of a saucy type mix that enhances the flavor but doesn't take away from it just being mostly crabmeat), they have a Hawaiian ribeye that my wife gets every time, and I typically go for the Hickory burger with canadian bacon, cheese, cabbage/lettuce, and hickory sauce. Anyways, funny how you learn to love what you grow up with and often find it just a tad more special. That's Houston's for us! If you all haven't made the trek lately (or ever) I'd definitely give it a try!

Jan 14, 2011
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Live or Fresh Dungeoness Crabs

Right around this time of the year, in me olde San Francisco, the local dungeoness crabs hit the street and they are larger, fresh, and generally plentiful such that the price comes down to under $5 per pound (and the size tends to go up as well).

I love Dungeoness, and it made me wonder whether D/FW has its own staple locations for dungeoness and whether there's an increase in availability this time of year. Doesn't strike me I've focused on this in the past, so thought I'd throw it out there for any takers.

Nov 24, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Whats Your Favorite Salad in DFW

Some of my favorites: a) the Houston's caesar, b) the chop-chop at Palomino, c) Jasper's caesar, d) the Truluck's grilled chicken salad with honey-lime and peanut dressing, and e) countless number of great wedge's at the steakhouses; though my favorite wedge of recent is the bisteca at Brio.

Nov 22, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

AIFW Caesar Contest

UPDATE: Post-attendance

Seriously, what a great event. I agree $70 a bit spendy, but it's actually $550 for a table of 10 so a group could get the cost down. There were 9 chefs this year. There is free champagne on arrival and a silent auction to stroll. It was a lovely evening and we sat just outside as we didn't have a reserved table. We got 9 different colored tickets and we could exchange each ticket for a caesar offering from each chef's station. Almost every chef offered their version of a mini-caesar (think 'bread plate' size) plus what most people attending referred to as a 'bribe'. The 'bribe' was something else accompanying the caesar. At one station it was a dinner roll with pork loin and hoisin, at another it was a parmesan custard, at another it was a lobster shooter, at another it was a bacon wrapped duck breast, etc. There was free paciugo ice cream for dessert. All in all, it was a very fun event and I thought worth the price. The caesar's were all pretty good. I enjoyed Loft 610 the best, but they did not place in Top 3. The traditional caesar from the Pyramid Room won if memory serves. Mansion came in third with a caesar offering of parmesan custard with 3 mini romaine leaves dipped into it (we all joked it was good, but not really a 'caesar' you know). Anyways, next year is the 20th anniversary event and they are only going to have chef's that have won the event in the past, so definitely look for the opportunity if you are interested.

Also, correction to my own title, I believe it's AIWF vs. AIFW.

Loft 610
5760 State Highway 121 Ste 175, Plano, TX 75024

Nov 05, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Prawns with Candied Walnuts many names from my past. Prawns with candied walnuts. Walnut shrimp. Shrimp with walnuts.

I grew up just outside of San Jose, CA and our family has always loved good Chinese food. We are somewhat mainstream (not a big pig trotter fan) but in the SF Bay Area were also always fortunate enough to have a number of excellent authentic Chinese restaurants to choose from. My two favorites from San Francisco are the R&G Lounge (usually for main courses, dinner) and Yank Sing (usually for Dim Sum).

In any event, both of those restaurants, plus several of our other local haunts, serve outstanding versions of "prawns with candied walnuts" or whatever their variation of term. Not fried shrimp with a sweet mayonnaise, but complete and utter goodness. Because I seem to like sweet things in my asian tastes (love me some sweet & sour, peanut sauces, etc.), the prawns with candied walnuts has always been one of my personal absolute favorites.

My question fellow Chow's, is whether there is worthy prawns/shrimp with candided walnuts-ish type dishes here in D/FW. Most of the Chinese places we've tried do not have on the menu. Some of the ones that do (J.S. Chen's in Plano for example) basically just have a 'serve with mayonnaise' style. I've had it at P.F. Chang's, they have like a fried shrimp with candied pecans or something and melon, but it's only passable in comparison. Don't even get me started on Panda Express, which also has shrimp with walnuts. Now my kids do occasionally like them some Panda Express, so sue me if I get the shrimp/walnuts when I'm there. However, I find not having a quality "go-to" place for this dish dissappointing and would love it if the Chowhounds here might have a recommendation we've missed!


Oct 20, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

AIFW Caesar Contest

Hey folks - saw the DMN food blog posting of the upcoming AIFW Caesar Salad contest, which as a lover of caesar's kind of intrigue's me. Has anyone been to this in the past? Would love to hear more about the event particulars (attire, portions, atmosphere, quality of silent auction, etc.). It's kind of spendy for caesar salad's ($70 for non-member) but sounded like there's champagne provided at beginning, and it's a fundraiser so could be worth it!

Sep 19, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

"Top 5" Foie Gras Dishes?

Sounds wonderful. Thanks!

Aug 26, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

"Top 5" Foie Gras Dishes?

Rougie foie with a cinnamon marmalade? Yummers. That's going on the list.

Aug 26, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

"Top 5" Foie Gras Dishes?

Hi everyone, I've lurked for while and really enjoy the board.

My sons are at a pretty cool age, 13 and almost 11, and they are starting to enjoy more and more foods, including some 'foodie' things as we call it. Recently, my oldest boy asked what was the "most foodie" thing there was. This is arguable, of course, but I suggested Foie Gras as this is something my father, two brothers and I seek out regularly. "Double-orders" are not uncommon if we're in the mood.

Anyways, my dad and I were talking (he lives in Denton) and while we travel a lot together, we both realized we've not done much of a "tour of DFW" as it comes to Foie Gras. We have annual trips to S.F., Vegas, and occasionally overseas, but we have not sought out much of the Foie Gras experience here locally. So we thought we might try to compile a "Top 5" with learned folks like you all and then hit them up over the next couple months. We will definitely bring the young padawans with us for at least one or two of the experiences as well so they can be appropriately "foodie-d".

As for starters, based on this great board's buzz & recommendations, I went to a business lunch at Samar recently and we had the potatoes & foie gras dish. I thought it was good, and for value it was incredible as the foie gras piece was nice. Also, I took a recommendation several months back about going to Cadot, which we loved, and remember a nice seared foie gras there. Finally, this was 4 or 5 years ago, but I remember an outstanding dinner at Nana grill and having excellent foie gras, and I even seem to remember then an option to order the whole lobe? Not sure if that is still on the menu.

Anyways, would love to hear everyone's Top 5 Foie Gras dishes or just any recommendations along those lines. As for seared/hot or terrine/cold, we are open to all and in fact probably need both experiences. Thanks!

Cadot Restaurant
18111 Preston Rd # 120, Dallas, TX 75252

Aug 22, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

New to the Chowhound DFW board. Have enjoyed lurking for a little while.

The family and I live up north and went to Square Burger in McKinney for the first time today. It's definitely worth the trip and I'll second some of the previously favorable comments that this place is for real. The SP-Fries were as good as I've had.

Aug 07, 2010
allenchow in Dallas - Fort Worth