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Madrona Manor lately? [Healdsburg]

This place is Great! Classy. Amazing Food in a 120 year old mansion. That doesnt suck. They are one of the few restaurants in the Sonoma County to have achieved a Michelin star. Well worth the cash. Did I mention tableside ice cream made with liquid nitrogen?

2008 Michelin Guide San Francisco

Madrona Manor in Healdsburg is wonderful. Im glad to see that they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. However Im afraid now that the word is out, it might more difficult to get a reservation!

Oct 25, 2007
swillbill in Food Media & News

Pepe's Sebastopol Ave & Stony Pt (Santa Rosa)

I've been going to Pepe's for years. Love it, always have. It's on Sebastopol Rd. ( not Sebastopol Ave, that's a different street). Try their Menudo and Birria on the weekends

Best Berkeley/Oakland fishmonger?

Tokyo Fish. Period. on San Pablo just north of Gilman st. Everything you will need and fresh. And how! Tuna , scallops, sea urchin, monkfish, everything. excellent quality

Thanksgiving Dinner in Santa Rosa

A year ago I went to Madrona Manor in Healdsburg. It was tremendous. Words cant describe.. One of my top five meals of all time... Highly reccomend

Santa Rosa restaurants

The best restaurant in Santa Rosa is Syrah. Lucky for you, it is in Railroad square! If Josh has foie on the menu, ORDER IT!

Bubble Up


Bubble Up

Does anyone know where in the bay area to find the soda Bubble Up? Its still available in other parts of the country, and its actually the precursor to sprite and 7up. If this is the wrong place for this message Im sorry; you can move somewhere else if you tell me where. thanks

Santa Rosa - Fine dining?

Syrah on 5th st in Old Railroad Square. Chef Silvers has consistenly put out some of the best food in Sonoma Co. for 7 years. If he has foie gras on the menu order it without delay. They have a small wine retail shop next door called Petite Syrah where you can pick up a bottle (that isnt on their list) for your meal without paying corkage.

the new Cesar on Piedmont

Is it open yet? anyone been?

Juanita Juanita, Sonoma - disappointed

Juanita Juanita has been there for years (at least 12), and is well established with a very loyal following. You owe it to yourself and to Juanita to try it again. When I used to work in Sonoma, we would send out weekly for dozens of tacos and they were amazing! It was such a treat. But to be fair, I havent been been there in 5 or 6 years so I hope they arent slipping. Even though you were complaining, your description made my mouth water!