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Take No Prisoners Hot Sauce

Great recipe,I find myself making hot sauce all the time. My 14 year old twins go thru a 10 oz bottle of habanero sauce a week. I grow my own(indors in winter) to keep up but always looking for new recipes they'll like.Thanx!

Jan 18, 2011
Tinojr100 in Recipes

Asian Sweet Red Bean Paste

I use this for making "Moon Cakes",my sons 4th grade class (6 yrs ago) were told to bring a traditional dish that pertained to their family heritage. My sons Asian friend brought them and his mother was kind enough to give me their family recipe. My children have and continue to ask me to make them & as a single father of 3 for the last 8 yrs it's a wonderfully simple dish they cannot get enough of. I always bought the red bean paste at an Asian market but with this recipe I can be assured of what exactly is in it and can control or adjust the sweetness to our taste. Thank~You for the recipe, it WILL be used.

Aug 06, 2010
Tinojr100 in Recipes