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What New York food could you not live without? A Q from CHOW

RESTAURANTS I MISS...............GARFIELD's in Brooklyn, (out of business for years........BRING IT BACK!), and MAZUR'S MARKETPLACE & RESTAURANT, (a GEM in Queens.....given 4 stars by Zigat' business for over 50 years, and STILL going strong! Delightful!)

I moved to Denver, (sometimes called "The New York of the West", a few years ago. Worst mistake I ever made. Many other ex-NYers live here too, and most of them, I've heard, also think they never should have moved from NY. I miss Waldbaum's supermarkets, (and their wonderful, unpackaged "lox", (smoked salmon). All the lox in Denver is TOO SALTY!) Those wonderful, "Please Mr. D'Agastino -- Move Closer Me!" radio ads! Just KNOWING that luxury grocer, "Gristedes" was somewhere nearby, (Manhattan -- though I lived in Queens. Never ordered from them....but at least they were There!) Peapod, FreshDirect, and YourGrocer online stores. I miss Farmland Milk. I miss Black & White cookies, (they have some in Denver -- little tiny ones, sold in a box -- that DON"T taste like NY B&Ws at all, and DON'T allow one to create indentations on the back of the cookie. I used to call these "craters on the moon". Not in Denver, sadly.) I miss NY bagels...nothing has the taste of a NY bagel, I'll agree. No other kosher tongue-meat sandwiches taste likeNew York kosher tongue tastes! When I was in the hospital in NY, I had chicken parmigana -- and even this Hospital food tasted better than the chicken parm. they have here! I REALLY miss New York MEAT....especially chop-meat, (ground)! Kosher or not, New York meat is available FRESH! Cut by butchers ON PREMISES! Here -- and in most of the rest of the country, (believe it or not!), meat is either frozen, or "gassed", (kept fresh by manufacturers putting a gas in the package!) The chop-meat packages look weird -- meat surrounded by air! I called up my old kosher butcher in NY....and he informed me there are NO BUTCHERS IN DENVER! I looked in the phone book -- and he was right! NO butchers! Only "Butcher Equipment" is listed! Totally unbelievable to me! And -- knishes! NY knishes are fried -- the ones in Denver are baked. But they are wrapped with BREAD....and have less stuffing, (and, because of the bread), probably more calories, than the fried ones in NY! Unfair to knish lovers!!!!! : (
There's even a restaurant in Denver called "The New York Deli" -- nice people, good atmosphere -- even a miniature Statue of Liberty at the door! Only -- the food is NOT N.Y. food! What a disapointment!

Guess I AM lucky, though in that I always had Domino's, (or Frachetta or DiGorno) pizza in NY -- & I can get the same taste in Denver : ) By the way..doesn't anyone know.there's a FORTUNE to be made for anyone who brings back the Brooklyn Dodgers? (To separate the team from the (boo!) LA. Dodgers, the ORIGINAL name of the team, "The Brooklyn Trolley-Dodgers" should be used!)......Bring it back, somebody.....and quick! Oh, if I only had enough money to start that team now............ Well, that's my "gift" to those lucky enough to still be in NY. (Please remember me if you decide to start the team again!) I hope one day to be able to return to NY.....I think every ex-NYer dreams this! : )

Dec 07, 2010
nycisBEST in Outer Boroughs

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

To menton1:

Well, when my mom and I went shopping at the Douglaston store in 2005, I DID help out other customers, (telling one little old lady she could go to the "10 items or less" line (she had very few items), when she obviously wasn't aware such a line existed, and employees helping my mom & I get items from the higher shelves we couldnt' reach. Etc. Common courtesy between civilized people. And -- wonder of wonder of wonders -- WALDBAUMS NOW DELIVERS FOOD! I remember calling up the main office in Islip, NY, and literally begging them to have home delivery, (like Gristedes did), several times. I even called them during a snow-storm, to make my case even more emphatic. Finally, the lady said they wanted to -- but they couldn't, because of the high cost of insuring the delivery vans. Now -- I'm NOT someone who gives up easily, (I STILL believe there will someday be time-machines, and ways to live to be 200 or more, etc.) -- but when she said they couldn't do home delivery because of the increased insurance cost for the delivery vans, I just gave up, and didn't call the
again. (How can you fight against THAT type of statement?) Lo and behold....aboout a year later, they began home delivery! : ) I know it's 99.99% about money -- but it still seems to me that Waldbaums, (and parent company A&P....which has been around as long, or longer than Waldbaums;), really DO care about their customers. I mean,they have
to, don't they -- or people will go elsewhere to buy things -- even for
delivery. Places like, -- even!


To bobjbkin: Thank you SO much for the link to the picture of GARFIELD's! I've been searching all over the web for a picture of Garfield's Restaurant -- only found unfamilar looking Garfield's restaurants in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, (I think that's where they were). Maybe I just should have looked for "Garfield" -- without the S? (I notice there is NO "S" on the name of the restaurnt "marquee' in the picture.). I used to LIVE on Flatbush Avenue, right near Church I went to Garfield(S?) Restaurant once or twice. But I was very little then, and my parents hardly ever went out to ANY restaurants, cause my mom was, (and is), a great cook, so why go out to eat a lot when you can save money? (My "thank you" hint for giving the link to the pic: When we DID go out to eat, we had our meal at home, then went out for drinks and dessert! Still saved money that way!) ....................Now, If I can only find some links to pics of the INTERIOUR of Garfield(S?). I remember it was all done in medium red colour, with huge circles recessed into the ceiling, to hold light-bulbs. Dont recall much else. If anyone has a link to the INTERIOUR of Garfield(S?) restaurants, please list! You know, bring back an old-fashioned cafeteria might just be a truly big hit, in the 2000s! One that LOOKS like Garfield(S?) on Flatbush & Church Avenue, inside and out...............but which also features Horn & Hardart Automat type "window foods"? : )

Aug 07, 2010
nycisBEST in Outer Boroughs

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

I just spoke to a supervisor at one of the Waldbaums stores. She gave me the customer service number, which, (and I disguise it a BIT here -- but you can get the real one by calling up any Waldbaum's store and asking for it): 800 -223 -7374 (That's 800 -22FRESH!) Even when Waldbaum's became part of A&P, I still felt at home there. A & P was very kind to let all of its new affiliates keep their original names, (unlike Office Depot, which swallowed up one of my favourite stationers, Viking Office Products.) This "still feeling at home at Waldbaum's, even when it became part of A& P, was quite UNLIKE my experience when the Brooklyn Savings Bank became the Crossland Savings Bank -- Weird -- but, in the same building, with the same furniture and SAME staff -- it felt HOSTILE when it changed to the Crossland Bank.....which also ultimately failed as well.) But I've always felt at home in Waldbaums.
Customers and employees CARE about each other! As I mentioned, I went to my neighbourhood, Douglaston Waldbaums' -- in BOTH of it's locations -- for 51 years. Then I very stupidly moved to Denver Co, to be with my sister. (One of THE worst decisions of my life), This was 5 years ago, so I haven't been to a Waldbaum's recently. I cannot believe that everything you say against Waldbaums is true -- but even if only parts of it are true, I can only sincerely hope that Waldbaum's becomes again at LEAST the store I knew and loved in 2005! Waldbaums' was the store my parents shopped in, BEFORE we moved to Queens from Brooklyn! It is THE store I always knew, throughout my entire life, (before moving to Co in 2005, that is). I F anything is wrong, I'm sure Waldbaum's knowledgeable supervisors and officers will change it. Waldbaums' is not only a store -- it is part of SO many people's past and present lives! It is a cherished New York City landmark and proud institution to so many! I, personally, am absolutely sure that, " If Anything Is Wrong, WAKDBAUM's Will Make It Right!" (under the kindly aegis of A&P!)

waldbaums supermarkets on Long Island

I decided to check on how my used-to-be neighbourhood supermarket was faring. I lived in the LN-Douglaston area for (gasp!) 51 years.....then, (really stupidly), moved to be near my Colorado! (DON"T move to Co -- the highways are like a mini-Californian multiple-track highway coming at all directions, the post-offices are 3 miles apart (!).....and there are NO butcher shops....all meat is either frozen or gassed! (Unbelievable.....and, (sigh!) I'm not near the center of where it all happens any more!) Anway, I was totally shocked to find out, yesterday, that the Waldbaum's my parents and I had gone to all these years, (it moved its location about 10-15 years ago), was closing!!!!! Today, I find out about something called "Fairways". (At first, I thought it was an extention of the Douglaston Golf Course!) SOME old things are good -- and having Waldbaums, (and Stop & Shop, Pathmark, Stop & Shop, etc.), to be "behind the times" gives me, at least, a feeling of stability and reassurance. (The supermarket in Co that I go to -- notice I write Co, nad not CO -- is nice, but not nearly as nice as Waldbaum's and the other "behind the timers". Why is Wegman's( a store I never heard of before), better? Are check-out lines faster and more rushed? Do they use more plastic than paper bags? Are they SO huge you feel you are getting a free gym-class-like excercise, as you try to "shop and not plop"? : ) Give me the relatively smaller stores, (I know Waldbaum's enlarged its store in Douglaston....but it's NOTHING like the triple-football-stadium-size stores we have in Co!) More packaged foods? Less ethnic food selection? Well, some may like it -- but as for me, steer me to the nearest time-machine, so I can go back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s.....even the early 2000s.....when things were saner and calmer and nicer! (Am saving up -- maybe I can come back to NY in a few years. Douglaston-- not Manhattan! : )

Manhattan to Douglaston

Yes! I lived in Douglaston-Little Neck from 1954-2005, when I made the stupid mistake of deciding to move nearer my Colorado! Worst mistake of my entire life!
Anyway, one place to eat very well is MAZUR'S MARKETPLACE & RESTAURANT. You can eat there--- and also do a lot of food-shopping there, (in a separated area). The food is Jewish-Kosher, and it is VERY good! (If you want coffee, you will get an artificial creamer, because you can't mix meat & dairy at a kosher restaurant.) My choice is the "knishes", (if you like baked potatoes, you'll LOVE knishes!) For a main course, try hamburgers, or anything you usually have. MAZURS was reviewed favourably by ZAGAT'S restaurant guides, so you know it's great! In the supermarket meat department, they GRIND THE MEAT FRESH DAILY! (It sure was a shock to me in Co --they have only frozen or gassed meat here!) In the restaurant, if you're not sure of a dish, ask -- the staff is VERY FRIENDLY! It's a nice little "secret hideaway" that most people outside of Queens don't know about! Enjoy!

Aug 06, 2010
nycisBEST in Outer Boroughs