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Vietnamese in NYC

Gross, that's like recommending Outback for Australian food. I have to say there is no uniformly great Vietnamese restaurant in the city. Nam Son is pretty solid as far as NYC Viet restaurants go--get what's offered as a special.

Nam Son
245 Grand St, New York, NY 10002

Aug 10, 2010
nomnommonster in Manhattan

Cambodian food?

I know Cambodian Cuisine closed a few years ago (saddest story ever behind that..) and Kampuchea is definitively nothing like Cambodian food. Southeast asian food in general seems to be a tough find in the NYC area... any suggestions?

Aug 06, 2010
nomnommonster in Manhattan

Vietnamese Supermarket recommendations - looking for Pepper Sa-te Sauce!

Tan Tin Hung definitely has sa-te. It's not like how my mama makes it but what I like to buy is called Maesri ground chilli in soya bean oil---a lot of sa te isn't exactly called that and termed ground chili in oil, but that's what it is. I find maesri to have a lot of fire, which is what i prefer.

Aug 06, 2010
nomnommonster in Manhattan