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Crossroads Kitchen - Pasta Bolognese

ooohh i am a vegetarian and i've been to crossroads and haven't had that, but must try it when i'm back. i've always ignored the section at the bottom with the lasagne and all that nonsense.

thanks for sharing. i would love to hear more about the rest of your experience there.

and while not pasta bolognese, have you tried that handkerchief pasta with almond pesto at the factory kitchen? that was one of the best pastas i've had since italy.

Saint Martha

ooohhh that tomato dish looks good. i'll have to try it out some time this week.

Last minute business trip to SF tonite thru early Monday evening- HELP?!

Also, any thoughts on Mission Chinese Food?
Thanks again!

Last minute business trip to SF tonite thru early Monday evening- HELP?!

Okay, just found out I am travelling to SF (from LA - lived here for a year and a half, native to England and the east coast - DC + Virginia area)

I used to fly to San Francisco all the time for a period of about 4 years or so- but that was six or seven years ago so I'm a bit out of touch. Places I've dined in SF in the past and loved - Quince, Boulevard, Limon, Canteen, Country Station, Minako, the veggie sandos at Atlas Cafe, Bi-Rite Creamery, Tartine and I've been to the Ferry Plaza Market dozens of times for oyster happy hours and to load up on foods from delica and miette for my plane ride home.

I am currently a vegetarian (for a little over a month now- a return to the lifestyle after eight years of meat eating)
I have a tentative rez for Chez Panisse tonite, but am thinking of trying Bar Tartine if I can't get in there.
Also, I am curious about the Balls Deep Arancini pop-up..has anyone tried this? worth giving it a go?

I was going to try Ike's place rite after work (8-3), as the dream of LA getting their own Ike's kind of fizzled and died.
Humphrey Slocombe in the evening as a snack
and Burma Superstar for dinner

Seen Jook Guen at Wing Lee directly after work (10-3)as a snack
And i'm hoping to hit upthe Hapa Ramen pop-up before I leave..

Other than that, does anyone know when Bespoke dougnuts pops-up and where? I tried gleaning info for the next coming days from twitter but I didn't find much information. Also, are they really wonderful?

Also, any thoughts on Cafe jacqueline? If I can't get dinner at one of the other places (Hapa or Burma Superstar) I was thinking about trying this, it's a place that has always intrigued me.

Any other tips on interesting things like hidden gems and especially snacky foods are appreciated.

Thanks ever so much, in advance...I'm excited to eat in this city again.

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

is it one of the dishes you would recommend ordering if you only had one experience ever at lotus of siam?

Jun 16, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

thanks for the information about viva arepas. my boyfriend will love that they have a good mixed grill. will take your advice as well and try a cachapa.

any thoughts on nielsens? i used to eat this frozen custard from this place in virginia that has proved impossible to beat as of yet so my bar is set pretty high. thanks again.

Jun 16, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

haha- yes! i am coming in for edc.

thanks for such a detailed response and for answering directly some of the questions i had. (ie arepas, luv its..) and for the advice about the heat- especially cracking the windows and about putting liquids and heat conducting objects in the sun. i think we're following your advice about the car sunscreen. we park on a rooftop in los angeles and we should probably invest in one anyhow... okay, back to the chow!

i was considering le thai and komol looks good and gets good reviews but i think lotus of siam will be cornering themarket on thai for us but we'll keep them as options just in case. my boyfriend gets cranky hungry if lines are too long.

rincon criolla looks good and ive added it to the list- gold spike, however appears to be closed for good, upon some research. tiffany's will go on the list because 24 hours is always a good thing for a festival that goes until like 7 am. and after a night of partying there is little i like more than a greek omelette.

velveteen rabbit looks cool, as does the beat. i love vinyl!

thanks again for your help! so very much. well tune in to 96.7. plur!

Jun 16, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

okay, great. so, luv its, it is! totally great tip about the arepa followed by some frozen custard. makes so much sense.

thanks for also answering my fish cake quandry. from what i gather, it seems that pretty much everything at lotus of siam is great.

also, the frost bites truck looks great. esp the mango flavour, yum! will try to make a trek out there. love the harp seal graphic on the truck, too. thanks so muchly!

Jun 15, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

so no thoughts on the foie gras app or the nielsens vs luv its debate?

Jun 13, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

first trip to vegas, a few questions.

hello, so this is my first visit to las vegas and i am quite excited as i've not quite experienced the unique culinary culture before. i kind of plan on roaming the strip with my boyfriend and having some snacks and drinks in various places. we're going to a music festival at nights so no long, ceremonious dinners are planned.
we will be in the city from friday afternoon until monday afternoonish. we'll be driving through red rocks on the way in to get some nature in. : )
things i've kind of planned (and this is so loose):
*lotus of siam (obviously?)- any thoughts about the fishcake appetizer with the cucumber salad etc? i liked the idea, but found no reviews online.
*ice pan- im so intrigued by this method of ice cream making.
*luv it frozen custard or nielsens? (maybe both? i lovefrozen dairy)
*viva la arepas
*china poblano
*shaanxi gourmet (should i skip this? we have pretty excellent chinese in the sgv...)

okay, so to begin with, i currently reside in los angeles and so i need some foie gras. what is the foie gras app i need to order, preferably at the bar at an early dinner hour like 5 or 6, nice drinks and a nice view would be a plus. but killer foie gras is key. preferably no tasting menu item recs or entrees, thanks.

also, i would like some really nice views of the city somewhere with reasonable drinks, like not over 15 dollars... and maybe a nice bite at the bar? a couple recs on this? its hard for me to read what's what amongst the cheesy celebrity restaurant silliness.

any other general tips are welcome. thanks so much in advance. can't wait to come see what las vegas is all about.

Jun 11, 2013
monpetitescargot in Las Vegas

any recent red medicine visits?

Looking for menu recommendations or tips. No qualms or food allergies here, everything is fair game.
We're planning on going Wednesday evening.
Is it better to eat at the bar or get the full dinner menu? So many things on both menus catch my eye.
Cheers, thanks in advance.

Bar Ama not what I hoped it would be

sigh! we enjoyed bar ama. we had puffy tacos, which we enjoyed. we also liked the fideo with octopus. the head ham was really underwhelming., drinks were great and the veg side we had was very nice. deep fried potatoes, i think.

American (traditional)

bar ama has some great tex mex so its mexican and american. not super upscale but hip and good drinks and food.

American (traditional)

i recently went to engine co and it was dreadful. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

Farmshop disappointment

what? really? i think it should be the kitchen's responsibility to always season correctly at the get out. if i wanted to season my own food, i would cook at home.

anyhow, this is mainly a review on service and not food. i know both are important but i actually think they offered good service because they did comp your drinks in the end. so they recftified your misunderstanding.

DineLA Returns January 2013

i was just reading the dine la list. any thoughts about the true bargains on this list? i just moved to los angeles a month ago and given the daunting size of the list, im finding it a tad bit overwhelming. i live downtown so i would sort of like to try something that isn't in my living quarters, if you will.

Any Great Turkish Places in Los Angeles?

ima big fan of the place youre talking about, at the back of st. vincent square. it's really nice. st. vincent square is an interesting dtla experience in and of itself. loads of little persian, turkish, armenian men drinking coffees, smoking cigarettes and playing dominoes. we had a the appplatter which had really lovely feta and falafel and the taboullleh which was quite nice. the doner kebab wrap was pretty great. service was excellent. atmosphere was entirely unique.

Need restaurant for group of 20 for 30th bday party - around downtown

or how about starry kitchen? they do family style everything, which can lend itself to being quite cost efficient. also, im pretty sure they would have the space. definitely a cool vibe and not stuffy but with great and interesting food.

Downtown Los Angeles

bar ama is still very new... not sure about the great part yet, but it was quite full last nite during art walk.

Where to buy fresh lemongrass?

Alrite, I live in downtown Los Angeles and I've been to Woori in the Little tokyo Galleria but they don't appear to have any. Or any thai basil, for that matter. I'm new to the area, so I've not much knowledge of its contents. I have been to ralph's a few times on 9th and hope and i've not seen either of those items there, either. Please help! thanks

Sawtelle Corridor - LA Neighborhood of the Month (Oct 2012)

Okay, i'm usually pretty much a lurker but here's my bit on this subject.

I'm actually a VA/DC hound who is relocating to Los Angeles at the end of this month so I have no idea about the city and I think the idea of breaking down such a large city into more digestible bits is a great approach. Especially since this is such a daunting city, given its size. Also, if it were organised and placed into a sticky thread at the top of the LA board, it could serve to diminish the amount of those pesky "I'm going to LA for 2 days and i need reccomendations and I'm staying in 'x' area.." threads that just take up space and re-hash the same things over and over again.

Also, all of us sometimes end up in a neighbourhood we're not necessarily familiar with and it's nice to have some hound-approved places in an easy-to-find place as opposed to sifting through the threads from 2004 and searching through a thread about izakaya all over the city as opposed to what's pertinent to your location. It can also serve as a tool to increase communication between hounds and encourage people to maybe take a day trip to the other side of town to experience some amazing chow you never even knew existed.

anyhow, point is, although it's only an infant of an idea, I'm already finding it useful. that's all. thanks, los angeles hounds.

Mussel recipe with no alcolhol

now that sounds fantastic

Aug 27, 2012
monpetitescargot in Home Cooking

Thousand Kabobs - new Pakistani kabobs and more at 218 N. Liberty in Baltimore

greg, i think the absence of the accompaniments with the kebabs is simply a cultural difference. that is primarily a middle eastern custom, while pakistani kebabs usually come with the peppers and onions you mentioned....

Top ten favorite things to eat (and where to get them) in Baltimore

though this is very nearly a year old, i have to ask about the smoked salmon tacos, when do they have them? is this a special? never seen them before.

where to buy really interesting/cute cupcake liners?

does anyone have a good source for adorable or unique cupcake liners? ive poked around in stores and online and havent had success.
thanks in advance.

Aug 22, 2011
monpetitescargot in Cookware

Wendy's wild berry stuff - berry-licious

you rock. glad to hear this. they advertised on television in virginia that they were using local berries in that salad....

Aug 04, 2011
monpetitescargot in Chains

chicken fried in lard in miami?

where in the world can i find this? a google search revealed nothing

Heathsville/Northern Neck of VA

i actually live in the fleeton/reedville area. sadly, most everything is a hike around here. however, there is a great little seafood deli and lunch spot off of fleeton road, in the reedville area, where a lot of the seafood is brought in right off the boat. ifs a seafood dive with fried rockfish sandwiches, etc. i find the fried sugartoads to be a treat whenthey have them. they have a view of carter's creek and picnic tables ourside. nice.
the ice cream place sells gelati celesti from richmond which is really amazing gelato. esp the pralines and cream flavour.
im actually the chef at one of the 2 restaurants in reedville that had been primarily a fried seafood place, for about a decade. however, both of the owners' sons fish the bay and we get in some awesome fresh sugar toads, soft crabs and some fish like mahi from virginia beach. i dont know, i do some pretty awesome food there that is really fresh and local. which can be hard to find around here.
there is newsome's in burgess, which is between heathsville and reedville and you can get things like softcrab sandwiches and homemade pie there, theyre usually only open for lunch. the owner, betty sells eggs from her chickens and her homemade jams and preserves there. there is also a little veg stand next to the restaurant that sells mostly local veg/eggs/preserves, as well.
the heathsville farmers market is the third saturday of every month but theres really not much there, sadly.

farther out, about 20 or 30 minutes away in kilmarnock and irvington there is the trick dog cafe ( htpp:// ,irvington), which can be quite delicious. (i recently had the pork belly and the chicken dish and enjoyed both) some good breakfast at the carwash cafe (kilmarnock), which is a breakfast and lunch spot inside what used to be a shell station. there is decent (not totally amazing) bbq at smokin joe's. there is a meat and three, old style, from the 50's (or late 40's?- cant rememver) called lee's in kilmarnock which is no frills southern food- fried chicken, roast beef, etc which can tend to be underseasoned. but its fun and old homemade, southern food culture.

History of microwave-cooking?

i believe this link is pertinent:
voltaggio making bread in the microwave

Restaurants en route from Washington, DC area to Northern Neck, Virginia

im not sure when you were last in the northern neck. but white fences isnt really operational.i think their last weekend of being open was.. last weekend? and now their wine sales are all online. also, i would skip the trick dog. skip the tides, too.
if youre over near urbanna, definitely check out something different. they have great bbq and smoked salmon. they make their own bread for their sandwiches, etc.
cafe mojo is a dive bar type place, they sometimes have good food. depends on what you order.
in port royal, hornes is sort of a cool stop for a classic diner type thing. 24 hour breakfast and all that jazz.
in kilmarnock, i always thought that the carwash cafe did good breakfast, but ive been dissappointed the past couple times, but it may be worth a shot for their fluffy omelettes or blueberrypancakes. carried away cuisine does some good take away soups and veg salads if youre looking for something to eat on a boat or for a picnic.
fredericksburg...paul's bakery does great doughnuts....there's a little restaurant called foode that is great,from what ive tried. allman's bbq is cool- more for the nostalgia factor than mind blowing bbq.
in gloucester, va- not too far from mathew's- tere's a homemade icecream place called shortlane.. theres a little coffee shop called wild rabbit which has some good little paninis and coffee and that sort of thing.
and also, theres a pretty good seafood shop over in deltaville. i cant remember the name. it is shad roe season, almost sugar toad season and definitely blue crab season. also, look out for rockfish and flounder... etc. any seafood place you go to.. whether it be cocomo's or whatever, ask for something local and fresh and simply prepared. for whatever reason people around here love crappy prefab food and au jus made from powdered mixes. ugh.
also, check out your local farmers market while youre here, too. if you have access to a kitchen.

i actually live over in northumberland, so kind of on the opposite side of the northern neck from where you are, so here are some places ive never tried but have heard are good from reputable sources over in mathews: southwind cafe, seabreeze, and i went to toby's in deltaville a long time ago, which i remember being fun and quite food, but as i said.. that was awhile ago.