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Where to buy Porterhouse steaks in Toronto

Will be moving back down to RH in December so I'll be a lot closer to the "mid-town" shops like White Horse or Cumbrae. Like to see how much better their cuts are than what you'd find at a Loblaws. Though, Loblaws doesn't sell porterhouse steaks. Ever.

Will also try P&H...contacted them. And yes they do sell porterhouse steaks.

First I need to move into my new place then buy a Primo ceramic smoker BBQ. :) Never used or owned one. Always been using propane.

481 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

White Horse Restaurant
294 Tremblay Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G0A4, CA

Jerk Sauce

Correction...when I said "...make marinade from scratch"...I meant to say with ingredients like allspice, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme..etc.

Will go to Wal Mart later this week and see if they carry Walkerswood seasoning. Hope they do.

The Grace's Jerk Chicken marinade was good on the chicken breasts I roasted. Had a nice aroma. Must have made my neighbors jealous. But having said that I don't think it's really that authentic. I think it's a slight variation of the authentic. I had some authentic Jerk Chicken bought at a Jamaican grocery store. That was damn HOT and addictive at the same time.

Next time I happen to walk by a West Indies grocery I'm going in. :)

Jerk Sauce

Walkers Wood Jerk seasoning is available at T&T?? The Taiwanese owned supermarket?? If it is I'm going to have a look at the Steeles & Kennedy location (I think it's Kennedy.

I just bought a bottle of Grace's Jamaican Jerk Marinade from the Newmarket Superstore location. Like the aroma. Hope the chicken tastes as good as the marinade smells.

I'm too lazy (right now) to make the marinade from scratch (e.g. with pimento sticks, leaves, thyme...etc.). Perhaps later. They do sell a $120.00 US kit for Jerk Chicken marinade from a US website. Will order later when I move into my new place and buy a new ceramic smoker BBQ.

Steak - Not Cumbrae's, Healthy Butcher etc....

As I replied to TorontoJo in my other thread I will go check out Bruno's. Used to live just behind the plaza. Never bought meats from them for some reason. Hope their cuts are as good as you guys say.

Btw...where is "Sue's"?

Costco's??? Never would have thought they would carry good quality meats. Always assumed they sold subpar products so I assumed their meats would be so as well. Guess I'll have to give them a try too. Do all locations have NY Strips, T-bones and Porterhouse?

Where to buy Porterhouse steaks in Toronto

There is one in RH. Unless there's also one in Thornhill. I used to live behind the RH location. Hope their cuts are good.

Jamaican Grocery

Can any one recommend some good locations in Richmond Hill, Markham or Scarborough? I'd like to make authentic Jerk Chicken and am looking for shops carrying Pimento wood/leaves and Scotch Peppers (or I think it was called that). I know I can buy ingredients online separately or as part of a kit. But would prefer to buy locally if possible. Suggestions??

Looking for authentic Jerk Chicken ingredients in Toronto

I know we have a decent sized Jamaican community. But unfortunately I'm not familiar with the right Jamaican grocery shops to go to to buy the true ingredients for real Jerk Chicken (e.g. Pimento wood, leaves, etc). Though I do recall this one small shop at the "Peanut Plaza" in North York. Don't know if that is still there. They used to make Jerk Chicken too.

I know I can order kits ( I obviously don't work for them) but would prefer to buy locally. Can any one point me in the right direction?

Steak - Not Cumbrae's, Healthy Butcher etc....

I know this is a "where to find good steak downtown" thread. Seems all the "brand name" butchers are downtown. I am currently living in Newmarket but am planning to move back to Markham or to Richmond Hill soon. Can any one recommend some good butchers located in or near these areas? I'm looking for a butcher shop that offers high quality Porterhouse & t-bone.

Right now I'm only buying from Loblaws. And the quality of meat there is "respectable". but not the best of course. Usually not enough if any marblization in their cuts. And they never carry Porterhouse.

Where to buy Porterhouse steaks in Toronto

Seems all the "best" shops are either downtown or near downtown. :) There has to be a few in the GTA (e.g. Markham, Richmond Hill...etc.). Any recommendations?? :) All I can find uptown are at best t-bones or NY Sirloins. Not that I don't love t-bones. But I do prefer a good Porterhouse.

When I was living in LA (California) a little over a year ago I was shopping at a local supermarket. Vons. They actually sold Porterhouse steaks. Decent cuts too. WIth nice marblization. Shrink wrapped (assume they had more behind the counter too). Was very good. Why can't Toronto supermarket chains sell them? Like Loblaws, Metro..etc.??

If you don't live near downtown or Etobicoke...

Where to buy Porterhouse steaks in Toronto

Thanks for the recommendation. If Im down town I'll stop by. :) Being that I'm living in Newmarket right now...

Did get 2 t-bones today...nice marblization...Loblaws though. :)

Where to buy Porterhouse steaks in Toronto

Can some one recommend "the best" butcher shops or places to buy "the best" porterhouse steak cuts in Toronto? Preferably in the GTA. Prefer not to have to drive downtown. And it would be great if they delivered and had a website so we could order online.