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Gotta get me some Ting!

Stop and Shop in Dorchester (Allstate Road in the mall) has it in the International Food Aisle. I've also bought it at Tropical Foods in Roxbury.

Jul 25, 2008
DarkRoux in Greater Boston Area

wedding locations and caterers

Congrats! I got married at the Codman Estate in Lincoln last year, and it was beautiful. The ceremony is held in a gorgeous hidden Italianate garden and the reception was tented at the The Carriage House.Prices are very reasonable- we only paid $1400 for the day and the tent was extra (about $1000). They say that you can only use approved vendors, but they had no problem with us using our own. We had catering by East Coast Grill and can't recommend the highly enough. Ours was a bit more per head, about $45, but we really went nuts with options (buffet, all made to order on huge grills- no sternos!) and had Cuban Mahi, pulled pork, short ribs, veg, salad and passed apps. They could definitely work with any budget. Alcohol we only paid about $600 total- 4 types of wine, beer and 2 mixed drinks (Rasp. Lime Rickeys and Dark and Stormys) for 100 people. Good luck!

Jul 15, 2008
DarkRoux in Greater Boston Area

Best Vietnamese, Dot, Lynn, etc. ?

I think you're thinking of Sunrise on Dot Ave, just past Rite Aid, near Savin Hill?

Oct 23, 2007
DarkRoux in Greater Boston Area

Decent Dorchester Pizza

I'll certainly patronize the place! Quite bummed to hear that there really is no decent pizza around here- I'm not really looking for restaurant pizza, just a basic delivery pie. I'm originally from New Jersey and there's pretty good pizza pretty much everywhere. Why is it so hard for anyone around here to make a pizza dough that has even a little bit of flavor? I swear, most dough tastes like it doesn't even have any salt in it. Pfft...

I'll def. give Pat's a call- it's certainly worth a try, thanks! The only other recommendation I got was for Dominic's, but it sounds like that may not be a good choice.

Aug 14, 2007
DarkRoux in Greater Boston Area

Decent Dorchester Pizza

My husband and I moved to Dorchester a couple of years ago and we've yet to find a decent pizza near us in the Savin Hill area. There's some really places to eat near us, but sometimes we really just want to stay in and order a pizza, ya know? Any suggestions? Thanks!

Aug 13, 2007
DarkRoux in Greater Boston Area