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Whole chickens with chicken giblets inside cavity

I think most butchers sell them with the giblets inside. And especially if you ask for them. I haven't seen them in supermarket chickens for a long time.

Joe Beef - Yay or Nay?

I've only been once, but failed to understand the hype. The food was good, but we were definitely made to feel that we were not cool enough for Joe Beef. The waiter ignored us, pretty much, while chatting with obvious regulars. Would not go back.

Cooking classes

Appetite for Books in Westmount offers classes. I haven't taken any, but love the store.

Looking for stewing fowl

It's on de l'Eglise, on the west side, just below Verdun Avenue.

Looking for stewing fowl

I can get a stewing fowl "a poule" at Boucherie Viandal in Verdun. Other nice things, too.

On the hunt for sumac berries

I know a lot of time has gone by, but in case you're still looking, I found sumac today at Les Douceurs du Marché in the Atwater Market. Small container, packaged on April 23. Cost $2 and change.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

I found Liberté whipping cream today at the IGA in.....Pointe St Charles. Organic cream is listed as the only ingredient.

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

Got some today at the Atwater Market - way down at the south end. Very large ones, but yummy.

Biggest food store in Montreal for dried beans?

Branche d'Olivier doesn't have them. I checked yesterday. They aren't available at the bulk food store at the Atwater Market, either.

Place to buy Yellow Eyed Beans in Montreal?

i have been searching for these beans for several years now. My mother, in the Eastern Townships, also used them for her baked beans. I haven't been able to find them in Montreal. I checked at the Branche d'Olivier this morning, but they don't have them either. Perhaps they can be ordered on line.

Whole Nutmeg

Les Douceurs de Marché at the Atwater Market has it.

Where to find non-BPA canned or jarred or boxed tomatoes?

I think I have seen Glen Muir tomatoes at La Branche d'Olivier on Wellington in Verdun.

ISO City Ham Shank End

I should think so. My grocery store is not a big one and it's not in a very upscale neighbourhood, but it usually has the bone-in hams. Not a big selection, though, and you would get a better choice at one of the markets, or a butcher shop, if there's one convenient to you. For a ham, poultry or other special occasion item, I usually go to the Atwater market. The butchers there will be able to identify exactly what you want.

ISO City Ham Shank End

I think we call it something different here. I have never heard of a "city ham". Is it called this in contrast to the "country ham"? I think it refers to a wet-cured ham and I would check with one of the butchers at the Atwater or Jean Talon markets for a bone-in, shank-end ham. I can get bone-in hams at my local grocery store, too, especially around this time of the year. The little process hams you are referring to are the "toupie" hams, available everywhere, all the time.

Where to find juniper berries ?

Les Douceurs de Marché at the Atwater Market has them.

Where can I find mason jar mugs in Montreal?

I know they serve soft drinks in them at Le Garage in Verdun. Maybe you could ask where they get them. They're friendly and helpful. Bistro Café Le Garage275, rue Hickson, Verdun, QC H4G 2J7
We love Le Garage. It's practically our local and has been since my son was a toddler (he's 19 now). It's warm, welcoming and child friendly and the burgers are great.

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

I got some at the Atwater Market yesterday, at a stall near the main side entrance. Made apple rum pie with mixed Honeycrisp and Cortland. Excellent!

ISO - Thai Holy basil

The fruit and vegetable store at the Atwater Market almost always has Holy basil. Sometime's they're out of it, but I can usually get it there. It is the permanent fruit and vegetable place, accessed from outside the market, near the cheese store.