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Any Live music with good food in Portland?

Thank you everyone!!! I'm still searching. I may just take some Salsa lesions.

Any Live music with good food in Portland?

Any Live music with good food and dancing in Portland? I cannot find any place to go with my husband where its either lots of 20 somethings, really bad music or really bad food. Any reggae anywhere? i just moved up here from NY less than a year ago and have really no clue where to go. Help please, anyone???

Anywhere to go besides Standard, the cookie jar and two fat cats?

I recently was at Micucci's on India street grabbing some cold cuts and over heard the wife of the owner, raving about some cannoli she had. I usually Always buy the Micuccis cannoli because, so far, I think they are the best in town. So, after thinking how good the cannoli at Micuccis is and to hear her say that the cookie jar has the best one, I thought this cannoli must be pretty special if it beats out theirs! So, naturally I took a trip on down grabbed a napoleon, a cannoli, a cream horn, a croissant and a ham and cheese with mustard. Place was cute, the staff super friendly and the food looked good.. BUT the pastry I tried wasn't. I was really sad to taste the flavor of all of the stuff I bought, the ham and cheese was the exception.

The cannoli wasn't bad but it tasted like a Hannaford cannoli with some kind of weird stabilizer added in. The napoleon was basic and didn't taste authentic, not impressive. The croissant I could not even eat after smelling it, (I spent a few years with a Parisian chef and our croissants didn't smell or taste like this one). I finally mustered up the strength to taste it and it tasted like it smelled, like chemicals not like butter, maybe it was the display case it was in? :(
The cream horn had what tasted like a cheap wedding cake frosting in it and just didn't fit the bill.

I'm not sure why anyone from Micucci's is eating the cannoli from this bakery when they pretty much have one of the best and most authentic cannoli in town. To each their own. I was really sad that my pastry was not good but I didn't try everything at the bakery, so, I will give it another try. I am sure some of their other items are delicious.

I am always looking for good bakeries and delicious homemade breads etc... Anyone have any suggestions on where to go besides, Standard, the cookie jar and two fat cats? I am just looking for some place new. Thanks!!! Olive- new Portland resident just moved here from New York

Where is the love for Macuucis in portland??

You can order the pizza by the box too. keep that in mind. a half sheet is one pizza box and a whole sheet is two pizza boxes full! They do not specialize what slices you get and only make cheese. My office orders from Micuccis for lunch sometimes..

cheap ethnic eats in Portland

Boda- Authentic thai street food. Cheap and delicious.

Cheap eats in Portland

Definitely Stephen Lanzalotta's Sicilian slabs in the back of Micucci's. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this buy and its really clean and the dough is hand made. Actually everything he makes is from scratch. Anyways, there is a thai place called Boda on congress. it is SO inexpensive and Delicious-try the beef skewers- really great and cheap.

Cheap eats in Portland

That's too bad but i have to agree. I have had great experiences there but it is a hit or a miss these days. Give it another try if you can, it may be worth it. :)

Last Minute Trip to Portland... Help!

Everything listed below is great but for lunch or for the road....-Micucci's Sicilian slabs. The baker there is the one who owned Sophia's on market street and his treats, breads and pizza are amazing. Micuccis is on India street.