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Best Sandwich at Subway?

i have work a 3 subways so far its what i do :)
at one point we had the carne asada which was my favorite it was delicious but it was only for promotion.

my favorite sandwich is the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on italian herbs an cheese bread toasted with swiss cheese and onions toasted as well. lettuce,tomatoes bell pepers and jalapenios with sweet onion sauce an a little mayo.

a lot of people choose the spicy Italian for some reason but i have tried every single sandwich and that one is my least favorite it contains 10 salami and 10 peperoni its honestly not the best sandwich

subway has also salads,and pizzas

subway soups: broccoli cheese clam chowder chicken noodle chicken tortilla minestronee and bacon potato

chicken tortilla my favorite


Aug 05, 2010
xtianvane in Chains