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Japanese ingredients

What an awesome website! Thanks for the tip. :)

Japanese ingredients

This is a pretty specific question, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of somewhere in Australia where I can buy kansui. Or somewhere online. It's used in making ramen, but I haven't been able to find it locally. I've been working with lye water instead, which yields decent results, but I'd like to get the real stuff.

Melbourne Recommendations

I agre with J_A_A, but driving three and a half hours from Melbourne is a big ask for someone only in town for a week.

I'm echoing a lot of other people here, but I'd definitely say you should check out

- City Wine Shop - their Seared Tuna Nicoise is one of my all time favourite dishes
- D.O.C. - best pizza in Melbourne, IMHO
- Either MoVida (Aqui is bigger, so generally easier to get a table at)
- Miss Jackson (for breakfast/lunch if you're in St Kilda)

If you're open to Asian places, the list gets a lot longer, given my personal bias. ;)

Melbourne neighbourhoods

I believe so, but it's only on Tuesday nights.

Melbourne neighbourhoods

The bakery is called Fatto a Mano (made by hand). They do a mean pain au chocolat some days, also.

If you're around Smith St, also drop into Rosamond Cafe. It's of a little side street, which runs off opposite the big pink video busters store, from memory.