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Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

Tio Pepe

Help! I'm Afraid Of The Suburbs!!!

Close to you: Go to Bluestone on a Tuesday night, half price wine. Decent food. Get pit beef and pulled pork sandwiches at a place that looks like an old gas station on Falls Rd north of Padonia, used to be Shorty's but now it's his son's, Jake's, maybe? Tark's food is reliably good, not amazing, decent bar crowd on Thursdays. Maria's on York towards Timonium has good pizza, half price Sun & Mon.

A little further: From HV just get on 83 and go down to Hampden area for Woodberry Kitchen or Dogwood. Those are better bets. Best pizza is a further drive, continue down 83 to North Ave and hit JoeSquared.

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD