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Great Eating in and Around Lexington

Very dissapointed with Jonathan's
The food and service were both big misses. When 30$ entrees are on the menu, customers expect quite a bit. I found the pork chops to be over seasoned and inedible and presented in a tired bland fashion. Many of the dishes that came out of the kitchen were cold. In an effort to expedite the dinner I chose not to send my plate back. When everyone was finished with dinner I handed the server my full plate and told her it was inedible. She made no effort to assuage my feelings and failed to comp the 30+$ entree. The menu presentation was weak and for the most part of the dinner we sat with empty glasses. If a restaurant wants to charge in the 30$'s. The quality of the food and service has to be greatly increased.

Coming to Chicago Area in May... where to eat?

By staying downtown you limit the amount of value dining available. Seeing as it is your first visit to Chicago, I would keep my visit to the downtown area as well. The best dining option downtown for someone not looking to spend a lot of money is

Frontera Grill .
Should be able to get a full meal with drinks under 150$

Bongo Room is a great breakfast spot in the South Loop
Try a Chicago Style Dog with everything
Deep-Dish tends to be overated.
Little Italy on Taylor and Greektown on Halsted are both close to downtown both are well priced and both have solid food (no fine dining or mind blowing experiences
)Check out and click on restaurants. There are many search and limiting options. It will give you a good idea of how much things cost too. Chicago has some incredible avant-garde restaurants, consider saving up and splurging. Alinea, Moto, Trotters, Everest, Schwa, and many more. Reservations are always required downtown unless you are eating during the week or at 4:30 or 10:00

Apr 10, 2008
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Republic Pan-Asian

Has anyone been too Republic recently? Everything I read about them says their service is horrible. Just wondering if anything has changed.

Feb 04, 2008
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Chicago Restaurant Week

Chicago tourism department is putting together the 1st annual restaurant week, where there will be 3-course pre-fixe for 31$ (dinner) at a dozen or so quality restaurants. One such restaurant being David Burke Primehouse. Seeing as the cheapest steak on their menu is 37$, this sounds too good to be true. I fear that some restaurants might take the same approach they do with brunch (leftvovers). Can anyone attest to whether or not this will be great value or creative leftovers. The link is below

Jan 23, 2008
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

I only like meat and potatoes

Does anyone know how you go about expanding an adult's pallette. This is mostly a psychological issue. I know that hypnotism has worked for some. I'm looking to do some reading before embarking on any sort of psychological experiment. Please help, my wife doesn't like vegetables and the only proteins she eats are chicken, beef, and pork this is troubling for a foodie when cooking and dining.

Oct 04, 2007
selliot1958 in General Topics

Cuban Sandwich?

I am no cuban sandwich expert, but I know what tastes good, and I have enjoyed a sandwich cubano many times at Habana Libre around 1350 W Chicago. Their appetizer sampler is delicious and cheap also, but not very healthy.

Mar 14, 2007
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Irish Breakfast

I'm looking for as close to an authentic Irish breakfast in the city. Suggestions or experiences?

Feb 15, 2007
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Top 3 Hot Dogs

I must confirm all the praise for Hot Dougs. I finally had my first experience and the lines are for real, especially brutal in the middle of winter, but once I bit into my rabbit sausage topped with big chunks of foi gras, I forgot all about the long wait. I also need to give a shout out to Wrigleyville Dogs, on Clark just north of Waveland. They do the toppings right and it is a good neighborhood for tourists.

Feb 03, 2007
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Best value food in chicago

Joey's Brickhouse 1258 W Belmont
15$ All you can eat and drink Sat. brunch
Irresistable and girthy menu with unique presenations and tasty preparations. All you can drink microbrew, creative long-islands, bloody marys, the list goes on.

Nov 29, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Exceptional Place for a Picky Eater

I'm looking for a high end memorable experience, not the highest though (under 200/person). The catch is my wife doesn't like seafood, lamb, and most things that are delicious. Chicken and beef and limited vegetables basically. Any suggestions for places that have accomodating prix fixe or outstanding chicken or beef dishes.

Oct 20, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Wrigleyville dinner

Ricks and Yoshi are some of the nicer upscale places in the neighborhood. Good food and decent service but nothing out of this world in that neck of the woods

Oct 20, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Cairo Closes?

Does anyone know if Cairo, great priced italian grocer, is planning on reopening in a different location or any heads up as to the joint that is replacing it.

Sep 11, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Fish Tacos

Where could I find some traditional fish tacos, anywhere in the city?

Aug 11, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

good bbq?

A big endorsement for Fat Willy's, try the pulled pork or the brisket, enough food for a horse

Jul 19, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area

Best Butcher Shop for Aged Beef

I don't know whether or not these two places age their beef, but they both sell prime. Paulina meat market and Gepherdt's (spelling?)on Halsted and Armitage. The variety of hard to find items is huge, and the staff is polite and helpful.

Jun 25, 2006
selliot1958 in Chicago Area