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Keens Steak House, NYC

How could I forget? Seconded.

Apr 15, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan

Keens Steak House, NYC

There are indeed tons of reviews on this site, but I can jump in now to let you know that my experience this past Friday really exceeded my already high expectations. A group of three of us split the mutton chop (really, truly one of the best cuts of meat I've ever had), the porterhouse, tableside caesar salad, and the mushrooms/creamed spinach/and hash browns for sides. Unanimously, we loved each dish, which is to say nothing of the old world, classic ambiance.

I 100% recommend this place.

Apr 15, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan

Louro at the moment: review + photos

Small h, if "skate and salmon aren't exactly the world's most special fish," why did you choose them for your entrees?

EDIT: After posing my question, I realized you and your companion may not eat meat. In any decent, I'm disappointed you didn't love Chef Santos's fish preparations. It's his specialty in my book (along with hus pastas).

Mar 12, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan

Not So loud but Nice vibe

I've recently enjoyed brunch at Tertulia and the downstairs room at Lafayette. Both were quiet and delicious.

Mar 02, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan


I'm heading to All'Onda tonight.

Has anyone been? Thoughts? Recommendations? Although it's gotten a TON of buzz on Eater and other sites (they have some PR spend), I haven't seen anything on CH yet. In any event, the dishes on the menu look interesting, but some of the flavor combinations seem pretty aggressive. I will report back.

Jan 10, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan

What's the best sushi restaurant I can actually get into?

Something to consider -- I tried to make a reservation at Sushi Dojo a week or two ago for tomorrow night, 1/3, and was told that the restaurant would be closed for 10 days because their fish market in Japan was closed for the first week of the New Year. Hopefully, this is not an issue this week at other places in NYC serving top flight sushi.

Jan 02, 2014
Rich D. in Manhattan

Maison Kayser Bryant park is finally open

I grabbed a baguette on the way home from work the other night and it was fantastic.

Has anyone tried anything from the lunch menu? It looks really good and (somewhat) reasonable for the location, price-wise.

Is there a space for a sit-down meal with servers? Or is it more of an order and seat yourself situation. I did not see any seating when I stopped in the other night, but I also wasn't looking.

Nov 20, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Italian in the city

In my opinion, Scarpetta or Maiailino seem to be exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy!

Oct 11, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan


I probably would not have ordered a single thing differently. I need to head back to Tertulia asap.

Oct 07, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Louro -- New David Santos Restaurant in West Village

I'm heading to the Lobster and Suckling Pig Nossa Mesa dinner with two friends tonight. Can't wait! For those interested (I believe there are a few spots left as per Chef Santos's emails to his mailing list), below is the menu and the cost is $75, BYO:

lobster and tete fritter
smoked paprika aoli

lobster ceviche

Cured lardo
lobster and charred scallion crostinis

lobster hash, truffle pudding, poached duck egg

Pork shoulder
hoppin john, butter poached claws

lobster ragu, creamy grits


Oct 07, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

San Sebastian Splurge Meal- Best value

I am finishing my final day in SS as we speak. We dined at Mugaritz, lunch at Akelare, and Asador Extebarri. My wife and I loved the experiences at each and would recommend them all, but, for us, Akelare was tops. The service, food and view were unparalleled. It may have been our favorite meal ever. The pintos are incredible in town as well. The quality of food for the price is incredible I'm somewhat ashamed to admit that I had foie grad for 4 consecutive meals (I don't eat breakfast!). Our best pintxo bars were Zeruko, Atari, Gandarias, and La Cepa. Runners-up to Fuego Negro and Cuchara fi San Telmo. . We found that the best pintxos are the hot ones made to order, selected from the chalkboard/menu. If you feel overwhelmed, ask what's best. The friendly staff at each place will be sure to guide you. Enjoy!

Sep 06, 2013
Rich D. in Spain/Portugal

15 East without Masa or Ushiwakamaru?

The experiences in front of David and Makoto were very different, but the price points were similar -- approximately 100 dollars per head (there four of us on each trip) for the food. After some, but not a lot of sake and a beer or two, the bill came to approximately 150 per person.

Unlike some places that I've been to, conveying what you want your budget to be for the omakase itself was easy and succinct. I believe the omakase begins at $80 per person pre-tip/tax, and you can specify that. However, on both occasions I asked that the food cost around $100 per person because we were hungry (and because I decided--based on absolutely no info--that I would get more exotic fish that way). On each trip, this included two or three cooked dishes, a series of sashimi plates, umpteen nigiri pieces, and a hand roll to finish.

Jul 19, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Louro -- New David Santos Restaurant in West Village

I debated whether to write a post about my group dinner experience this past Saturday because a) I've already praised Louro on this board enough and b) I'm not sure how often the rib eye steak for two (or more) is available, but I decided to do so anyway.

Long story short -- After two incredible courses spanning 8 or 9 different dishes, the final course, Chef Santos's rib eye for two was absolutely outstanding. A show-stopper. I believe he said that the one group had was 45-day aged (don't quote me on that), and served with an arugula salad and what appeared to be duck-fat fried fingerling potatoes. We had 3 orders of the steak, split amongst 10 guys-- it was more than enough food for these big guys and myself after the earlier courses.

The steak itself had a great sear, just the right amount of fat, was perfectly cooked medium rare, and had the mineral-funk that I seek in a steak dry-aged for a long time. I put it up there with one of the best steaks I've ever had the pleasure of eating, along with Minetta's cote de bouf, Peter Lugar, and Carnevino's bistecca fiorentina for two in Las Vegas.

I hope he makes it a more frequent menu item because it was worth a special trip on its own. As an FYI - I believe the MP on the steak for two was $95.

Jul 19, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

West Village Dinner Suggestions

Excellent choice indeed!

Jul 19, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

15 East without Masa or Ushiwakamaru?

Sushi Dojo is fantastic. If you sit in front of David, it is a very traditional authentic experience (even if he isn't Japanese himself!).

Another itamae at Sushi Dojo, Makoto (forgive me if I've misspelled his name), appears to depart from traditional nigiri by using yuzu, ponzu and other ingredients to add some seasoning and extra flavor to his fish. But the omakase before him is also highly recommendable.

Jul 19, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Louro -- New David Santos Restaurant in West Village

Dave - I went this past Saturday and the truffled pork and clams is as good or better than you described above. A total "wow" dish. I want to head back this week just to try it again.

Other highlights for me and my group (which sampled about 10 things ranging from good (suckling pig) to amazing (the aforementioned clams)); the broccoli in textures was a fun, delicious and most novel salad I've seen in a long time, the special of duck heart gnudi was impossibly fluffy and not-overly-rich, and the octopus bolognese remains one of the best dishes in NYC for my money.

Jun 11, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

5 Days in SF/Napa

I can second Redd, big time. My fiancee and I loved our tasting menu there.

Angele was very pleasant as well, though, to me, not on the same level.

We also loved dining outside at Cindy's Backyards Kitchen in St. Helena for a somewhat more casual meal that screams Napa Valley.

May 31, 2013
Rich D. in San Francisco Bay Area

TANOSHI-New sushi bar on UES @ 74/York

I'm heading to Tanoshi tonight based on this thread. I'm looking forward to it for sure.

Any must haves that I should order on top of the regular omakase?

One thing additional thing to note -- they do take reservations. I was able to call at 1:30 to make same day reservations.

May 30, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Best and Biggest Tournedos Rossini (Manhattan or Brooklyn) ????

I'm no expert in tournedos rossini, but I had La Sirene's delicious version last weekend - it was rich, smooth, and the beef was cooked to a perfect medium rare. My fiancee and I really enjoyed dinner sitting at La Sirene (and their BYO policy).

May 25, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Louro -- New David Santos Restaurant in West Village

I too am very disappointed in Wells's review. I don't think it reflects the level of quality, inventiveness, and just deliciousness that was reached in the food served at Louro on my three visits. I went on Saturday with a group of friends and, in between raving about our meal, we were anxious for the Times review to come out and give Louro and Dave some of the accolades they deserve. I'm surprised by the review, but to me, it doesn't change the way I feel about Louro-- it's probably my favorite restaurant in the City right now.

Feb 19, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

Ideal Sushi (Omakase) for Group of 4

Tylerchris: 15East has been on my must-visit list for some time now. It appears that your meal was really enjoyable and the descriptions you gave only further cement 15East at the top of my list. If you recall, would you mind sharing how much you spent on the dinner you described above? Did it include sake? Thanks in advance and thank you for your thorough write-up.

Jan 08, 2013
Rich D. in Manhattan

west village restaurant ?

A new restaurant called Louro from Chef Dave Santos, formerly of Griffou, Bouley and Per Se, just opened this week in a prime area in the West Village.

I was there for a tasting dinner earlier in the week and I can say that the food is fantastic, as all of Chef Santos's food is. The prices are also in line with what you've requested here. While I can't vouch for the ambiance and noise level on a Friday night, I can vouch for Chef Santos's food and I can report that there is availability for a party of 2 at 7pm tonight.

Check out the menu and see if it fits your requirements - I think it may!

Dec 07, 2012
Rich D. in Manhattan

Are crabs still in season in Baltimore?

Hey Doc, how about North or Northwest of the City, in the Hunt Valley ara or somewhere on the drive there from NYC near I-95?

Sep 01, 2012
Rich D. in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best Burgers Miami 2012

Unfortunately, according to Eater Miami, Sustain is closing up shop.

May 08, 2012
Rich D. in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Dozzino in Hoboken

With all of that said, I WILL give them another shot, because writing them off would not be right, especially if the owners are as nice as has been shared and the food is as good as has been relayed. Nevertheless, I did feel that I should share MY experience with the place though, and noted specifically in my first post that I could not comment on the food.

May 08, 2012
Rich D. in New Jersey

Dozzino in Hoboken

If you show up at a sushi restaurant on Friday night at 8 and there is no rice, that is inexcusable. If you show up at a steakhouse at 8 on a Friday night, and there is no steak, that is inexcusable. I don't see how you can compare running out of one type of bottle of wine (likely one of many choices of wine or other beverages for that matter) to a pizza place running out of pizza. I'm not criticizing them for running out of a special or an obscure topping. They only made exactly enough pizza dough for the FIRST seating of a Friday night?

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and defer to your glowing recommendations on the food, but I'm surprised that I'm getting so much flack for sharing what I perceived to be awrful service and management miscues. Ttoommyy, growing pains? They opened in November 2010. My experience is from March 2012.

May 08, 2012
Rich D. in New Jersey

Dozzino in Hoboken

I appreciate that. But we are talking about 730 on a Friday night. It is iinexcusable to run out of dough that early on a weekend evening. As for why we waited, because it is supposed to be good, that's why.

May 08, 2012
Rich D. in New Jersey

Dozzino in Hoboken

I can't comment on the food, but I feel compelled to share my experience with Dozzino's

I stopped into Dozzino's on Good Friday a month or so ago, with two friends of mine who had raved about the place. Unfortunately, it was an absolute mob scene-- un-bussed tables, toddlers running through the restaurant screaming, scowling servers-- and we stood for about 20-30 minutes before anyone approached us at the host stand. At that point, I kid you not, we were told that the wait would be another 30 minutes and they could not guarantee that there would be any pizza left by the time we sat down. That's right - 8 o'clock on a Friday night during lent -- and they couldn't promise that there would be pizza to serve.

I'm not sure if there was some sort of incident with the staff or maybe an emergency situation with the kitchen that night, but the lack of any attention for 20-30 minutes before being seated and the lack of PIZZA DOUGH (!) was pretty inexcusable.

May 07, 2012
Rich D. in New Jersey

Paris Itinerary Help - Primary question Le Cinq or Guy Savoy for lunch

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions! We had a fabulous trip! It also happened to be the trip where I asked my girlfriend to be my fiancee. She said yes :)

On our first day, we had lunch at Le Rimenet, a busy bistro near the Notre Dame in the 5th, with a 50% off discount through TheFork.com. It was a very good meal, with rather complex dishes. We had two preparations of foie gras and john dory, with the latter being the highlight. We were seated in the downstairs "cave" section of the restaurant, which, while beautiful, unfortunately had a bit of a musky smell. All in all, with the discount especially, it was a fine introduction into Parisian cuisine.

For dinner on night one, after I proposed at sunset on Pont Neuf, we giddily strolled to Tastevin, a delightful restaurant on Ile St. Louis. The owner/server greeted us with champagne, and the night could not have been any better. The food was very good, with much simpler preparations than Rimenet of lamb, duck, and St. Jacques (still in their beautiful shells). To drink, we had a wonderful Margaux with dinner, and post-dinner a gentleman from another table bought me a glass of Calvados upon over-hearing our news. Even though the dining room was filled with other Americans (4 of 5 tables), it fit the bill as a romantic and quintessential French restaurant.
I'd highly recommend it for the ambiance and service (and the food and wine...)

On day two, we lunched at Saturne. We LOVED it. It was much lighter fare than the previous two meals, and there is definitely a Nordic influence to the menu. Despite some reviews warning of rude service, we experienced nothing of the sort. The Alsatian white wine (unfortunately I don't remember the name) was recommended by the server after consulting with the bartender to satisfy my request for something unusual. It was crisp and delicious. To eat we shared mackeral topped with sea urchin, a black bass dish with beet puree (delicious) and an extremely generously-portioned chicken dish with frisee and endives. For dessert we had their shavings of comte cheese with their excellent bread. It was a great meal with relatively good value, especially for lunch. The room is not unlike something you'd see in New York City. I would highly recommend Saturne as well.

For dinner, we ate at Petrelle in the Montmarte area (just a bit south actually). While the room was shabby chic and kitschy-romantic and the egg and truffle appetizer was a hit, I didn't love the Burgundy we were recommended, the entrees, or the price-tag at the end of the meal. 25 euros for a small poached egg appetizer with chantarelles was not great value. The lamb was unfortunately a bit overpriced too. I believe it was 45 euros for a small serving with no additional frills. The house tabby cat, though, was adorable.

For lunch on Day 3, we strolled the Marais district for hours and hours until we FINALLY found Le Gaigne. Beware, it is difficult to find as it is on a tiny street and the awning of the restaurant was obscured by scaffolding. We each had the 5 course lunch tasting menu (the lengthier one, which is the only one available on Saturdays). We very much enjoyed each of the dishes, save for the cod in a caramel-flavored sauce. The highlight was likely the egg course. I apologize for the lack of details. I am pretty sure that I dined a few tables over from John Talbott and his group. I believe I recognized him from his website. His reviews on CH and elsewhere
were really helpful to me, and it was pretty cool to be at the same restaurant at the same time.
I'd recommend Le Gaigne for more modernist twists at a solid price point. I liked the meal a lot The restaurant itself is TINY, but I guess that is neither here nor there.

For dinner we ate at Ze Kitchen Galerie. This was likely the worst dining of experience of the trip, in large part due to the service. We literally sat without water or bread for 40 minutes before being approached by our waiter. The bottle of wine we ordered was poured from the bottle itself (which suspiciously was not opened tableside) to a glass jug and unceremoniously plopped on the table. For a Michelin-starred place, the service was absolutely unacceptable. Food-wise, though, it was delicious albeit with precious small portions and a bit of a hefty pricetag. For starters we had the seafood boulliabaise with lemongrass, which was great. Another dish was citrus-marinated slivers of raw fish (the waiter said there was no English translation of the French fish, but frankly, I didn't think he cared to find out), were also very good. I, unfortunately, don't remember what I ordered. I must've blocked it out.

Thankfully, our next meal, lunch on Sunday, came with arguably the BEST service I've ever experienced-- Le Cinq. The room is absolutely beautiful, the sommelier was patient with my questions and nailed each pairing suggestion, and the waiters were as accommodating as could be. For example, the main course options on the lunch pre fixe were pork and john dory. Being that my fiancee and I like to share our main courses, and I was not in the mood for fish, I asked our table captain if Chef Briffard (who was indeed in the kitchen on a Sunday) would mind making me a meat dish, any dish, any style, to substitute for the pork and fish options. Upon inquiring, the server told me that that would be absolutely no problem and I would be having lamb. THAT is great service and the lamb, incidentally, was excellent. The cheese cart was exceptional, the wines were great (I believe I had 5 glasses throughout the meal), and the amuses were great as well. Needless to say, after our amuses of raw blue shrimp topped with basil olive oil, fried shrimp heads, fried calamari, olive oil and focaccia, and a pea puree topped with caviar, our entrees of pork and lamb, the delicious cheese cart, and dessert cart, I did not have dinner that night. This was the best meal of the trip and maybe the lengthiest (3 plus hours) and most enjoyable I've ever had.

For lunch on our final day, we picniced at the far-western tip of the Ile de la Cite under the Pont Neuf. We picked up a bottle of wine from a wine merchant on Rue St. Germain in the 6th, cheese and fruit from the grocery store, and a baguette from Eric Keyser. It was great.

Dinner on our final night was at Le Regalade St. Honoree. What a feast. For our appetizer we had the scallops and an egg dish. Again, I apologize for the lack of details. For entrees, we had the famed pork belly and a steak entrecote special with a 10 dollar surcharge. The meal was delicious, filling and the price was absolutely reasonable. Service was expeditious and pleasant and the rice pudding and souffles were as good as advertised. I highly recommend LRSH as well.

Thanks again for all of the suggestions! Paris is an amazing city and this was a trip I won't ever forgot.

Apr 27, 2012
Rich D. in France

Paris Itinerary Help - Primary question Le Cinq or Guy Savoy for lunch

Does anyone know of any romantic restaurants near Pont Neuf (on either bank) that would be suitable for a Thursday, relatively late lunch (1 or 1:30)? I am slated to go to dinner at Le Gaigne that night. As for Guy Savoy, after much debate, I've opted to cancel my reservation. I want to keep Friday daytime open for sightseeing and exploring. I thought of moving Guy Savoy to Thursday lunch, but it seems rather out of the way location-wise for my purposes.

Currently, I am booked at:

Thursday dinner: Le Gaigne

Friday lunch: either Ma Bourgogne or Laduree

Friday dinner: Le Petrelle (as per the advice in this thread, thanks! Is it a nice walk from in the evening Sacre Couer to Petrelle? I've read mixed reviews of the area)

Saturday lunch: Picnic at Parc Luxembourg or Place se Vosges

Saturday snack: Huiterie Regis

Ze Kitchen Galerie for a late Saturday night. (I am amenable to doing something else here. Saturday nights seem a bit tricky to find something worthwhile)

Sunday lunch: Le Cinq for lunch

Sunday dinner: Something light: crepes from Little Breizh perhaps? Any other suggestions for a very light dinner post-Le Cinq lunch?

Monday: Versailles

Monday Dinner: Regalade St. Honore (thanks again!)

So, I have open Thursday lunch, Friday lunch (maybe), and I am seriously considering swapping out Kitchen Galerie dinner.

Mar 22, 2012
Rich D. in France