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Hakka sighting on new menu at Obento Delight

having just arrived back from the Hakka land in Southern Taiwan and eaten Hakka food for a week, yes coriander/i.e. cilantro and chile are main ingredients in Hakka chicken, but it's actually more a Southern Taiwan dish called three cup chicken (and they use wild chickens called Tuji), since chiles and cilantro are grown widely in Taiwan, but I saw chile and cilantro fields in Meinong, Taiwan's Southern Hakka area. There are probably Hakka communities all over Southern East Asia, and the Hakka food in Northern Guangdong and Fuijian (the supposed Hakka homeland where the Hakka language is still strong represented) was completely different from the Hakka food in Taiwan. No cilantro and no hot chile dishes at all.

Dec 30, 2011
foodforyou in Manhattan

Unpasteurized milk in Ulster County, Marbletown/Kingston area

I just found a brand new cow farm that sells legally (and boy, listen to the story how difficult it was to get the licence) unpasteurized fresh milk. The "farmer" will show you proudly his cows which spend most of their outside.

They sell their milk every day of the week from 4PM to 7PM. Bring your own GLASS bottle (they sell glass bottles for 2$ each). Milk is 2$ per half gallon.

F + C Brooks and Sons tel. 845 687-4074
on 285 Togore Road, off Rt.209 (about 10 miles of NY Thruway 87 exit 19) and about 2 Miles from the Marbletown Recreation Center on Togore Road.

The "farmer" told me they will soon sell vegies as well.

new jerk chicken Jamaican resto on 2086 7th Ave. (124th) in Harlem

Treme's restaurant closed last December and left many without the home-style jerk chicken that no food chain can reproduce. So, here is a new restaurant that has a take-out counter. I've tried their jerk chicken and it is superb. Their oxtail looked excellent too. Does anybody know how to get soursop icecream in Manhattan?? Treme's sometimes had it when they weren't sold out. Soursop is best icecream I've ever had.

Oct 14, 2008
foodforyou in Manhattan

Kingston, Ulster County, Hudson Valley, great new Indian restaurant

We are used to the Indian chow in Jackson Heights, Queens. Ate our way through great many buffets there and shopped in Patels Brothers. The Indian Grill on Broadway is more subtle than many Queens restos and doesn't intend to feed the crowds. We went there for the Sunday lunch buffet and five kinds of meat dishes awaited us in addition to wonderful and a subtle okra and spinach dish. Bring your own wine. The chef is from Pakistan and has another restaurant in Poughkeepsie. Bring your friends and help us to sustain this wonderful restaurant in this culinary dessert.

The Indian Grill is located in midtown of Kingston, Ulster County, on Broadway, just before the underpass of the railroad. Parking is behind the restaurant, between the restaurant and the Dunkin Donut store.