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Pre-theater kid-friendly for memorable meal

We are travelling with our 7 year old daughter to see a show in a few months. I am looking to narrow down the choices of pre-theater restaurants. We are curious what is recommended for a well behaved little girl with a bland pallet but with a dad with an adventurous one.

We are staying in times square and seeing Cinderella, if that helps at all.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you.

Jan 07, 2014
daddycrack in Manhattan

Barritt's ginger beer

Thank you. I will check them out. Looks like a place I should try for their Beer selection too.

Nov 21, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Barritt's ginger beer

Does anybody know a place to find Barritt's ginger beer in the Glen Burnie Area?


Nov 21, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Good Family Friendly Place close to the National Zoo

I am looking for a place to take my wife and daughter (5) after a visit to the zoo. I was thinking Bucks Fishing and Camping (that we have never been to), but wanted to get some other recommendations.

Any and all cuisines are welcome. Thank you

Oct 25, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Meals for less than $5 in Gaithersburg/Germantown/Rockville area

There is a Sunoco station in Germantown next to Bob Evans that sells homemade shawarma, kibbeh, baba ghanoush, and tabouleh. Surprisingly good.

Pho House in Germantown Square has banh mi for 3.50. Pretty good. Homemade mayo, great baguettes. Bubble tea as well. It is by the Roy Rogers over on Wisteria drive. The Pho is good also, not a phan of the Hue style beef though (these are over 5.00).

Good luck.

Mar 17, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Kebab restaurant on Ritchie Hwy in GB @ old Krispy Kreme location

Yeah, I eat here at least once a week. Everything on the menu is awesome. Chicken and seekh kabobs are good. The beef is a throw away, but better than most places.

The lawand dishes (lamb and beef) are great. The stew they are served in with the mushrooms is SOOOOO Frigging good. Served with cumin scented rice, szabzy and tandoori bread. So good.

My new favorite dish is the kabuli. Stewed leg of lamb with pallow (cinnamon rice with raisins and carrots). Lots of flavor here.

The afghan ravioli, aushak, is awesome. The meat isn't stuffed in the ravioli, it is in the sauce. Yogurt sauce under, meat sauce over. Very interesting.

Dopiaza, stewed leg of lamb with split peas, didn't have the depth I expected from it but was really good.

This place knows what they are doing. This is afghan comfort food. So good.

Mar 02, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best place for udon or ramen in Howard County area?

Katana in clarksville is the only place i am aware of for udon. They have soba, but no ramen.
I would suggest the grilled hamachi jaw, I am a big fan of that dish.

Mar 02, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

If I go to Baltimore, MD what kind of foods are the known for other than crabs and crab cakes? Thanks.

What about the old favorite of grape jelly meatballs? I am definitely not an enthusiast, but I have never seen them anywhere else.

Jan 14, 2011
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Buy Whipped Lightning in DC Area

I know it is a hike, but they have had it at the Spirit Shoppe in Frederick for over a year.

Nov 30, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

New Frederick Restaurant

Anybody been to the new Shab Row Bistro in Frederick? Looks interesting.

Nov 18, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Team Dinner Recommendation? Rockville, Bethesda

You could do worse than Mama Lucia's. Across from shady grove hospital. Fontina grille isn't bad either. Close to the shady grove metro in the king farm area of N. Potomac (used to be south gaithersburg).

Nov 01, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Pho House - Germantown

Tried a couple of Banh Mi subs at the pho house in Germantown today. I like the housemade mayo. I do wish that they would tell you exactly was on the house special sub, but it was very good.

Tried the house special, and sweet roasted pork sandwiched. Bread and pickled veggies were very nice as well.

Will definitely go back for the Hue style beef and other entrees.

3.99 a sandwich is a bargain.

Oct 11, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Chum Churum Ellicott City

Anybody ever eaten at Chum Churum. Just curious. Is it Korean BBQ?

Oct 04, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore


I agree on the lunch. I tried the pork belly burger. Adding another item is only another 5$ too.

I had brunch there as well. Tuna tartare was incredible, followed by a marinated hanger steak with a bernaise foam and a sous vide egg. Wow. Brunch is a deal as well.

Sep 28, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Where can I buy white miso in DC?

I have gotten it at My Organic Market.

My Organic Market
11711 Parklawn Dr, B Rockville, MD

Sep 25, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Day trip to Chincoteague.

AJ's isn't too bad. As the others have said woody's barbecue is no joke. Love the Pittsburgh (pulled pork, slaw, and french fries ala primanti's)
The Captains Cove Marina Club in Greenbackville has some good things on the menu. Seared scallops, fried chicken, and fish have all been nice.

Sep 24, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Restaurant in Frederick

I like Acacia, but it is a high volume (both people and noise level) restaurant. Barley and Hops, well not the best menu on the planet, will allow for some lingering.

Mexicali Cantina doesn't have anything mindblowing. Good margaritas, quail fajitas, and a very surprising duck (skin isn't crisp though).

I know I am missing a bunch, especially on Market street.

Barley and Hops
5473 Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

Mexicali Cantina
467 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Sep 24, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Pasadena/Glen Burnie Treats

Thank you for the great suggestions. I will give them a try.

Aug 03, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore

Pasadena/Glen Burnie Treats

I have been working in the Curtis Bay area outside of Pasadena for 4 years and am still looking for some more stable go to's for lunch. Some of the places that are in my rotation are:

1) Pit Stop Pub - surprisingly good fish and chips and fish sandwich. Crabcake is better than anne arundel seafood.
2) Tokyo Sushi - chicken liver teriaki, katsudon, and sushi.
3) Qdoba
4) Dar Kabob - newly opened. Kafta kabob was a treat.
5) Perchis - peruvian rotisserie
6) Miss Saigon - Pho (not great, but good)

Can't really find a good chinese food joint, or authentic mexican.

Looking for anything good.

Tokyo Sushi
60 Mountain Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

The Pit Stop Pub
8111 Ft Smallwood Rd Ste 202, Curtis Bay, MD 21226

103 Crain Hwy N Ste B, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Aug 02, 2010
daddycrack in Washington DC & Baltimore